5 things to improve the Falcons pass defense


Will Washington's Jason Campbell become the 4th straight QB to pass for 300 yards or more against the Falcons defense on Sunday at the Georgia Dome?

THE BRANCH – After the last three quarterbacks have thrown for 300 or more yards against the Falcons, the pass defense ranking has dropped dramatically.

The Falcons give 256.4 yards passing per game, which is last in the National Football Conference and 31st overall in the league. Jay Culter passed for 300 yards against the Falcons. Tony Romo hit them up for 311 yards. On MNF, Drew Brees passed for 308 yards.

The Redskins are passing for 202.6 yards per game, which is 20th in the league. Their yards are so low because Jason Campbell won’t throw the ball down field. Some folks are starting to call him “Check Down Charlie” because he checks it down so much and too quickly.

“Jason (Campbell)  has completed 66 percent of his passes and they have a good group of receivers led by Santana Moss,” Falcons defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder said.  ”For us, we’ve got our hands full. We’ve got to be ready to do what we do, well.”

One move last week was to insert Tye Hill into the starting left cornerback spot against the Saints.

“He played pretty good football,” VanGorder said.  ”Obviously, down in the redzone he could have done better in that situation. (Marques Colstons 18-yard TD grab was over Hill). But for the first time going on the field in our system, I thought he handled it pretty well.”

Free safety Thomas DeCoud is coming along nicely. He had the big hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees off a blitz.

My little cousin Gerald got to meet Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burgess at the Pizza Bar in Mableton. He's an intern with the Detroit Red Wings.

My little cousin Gerald got to meet Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burress at the Pizza Bar in Mableton. He's an intern with the Detroit Red Wings.

“He’s playing fast and that’s a good thing,” VanGorder said. “The more he sees plays, the more confident he’s going to be. There is a lot of work (to be done) there, but he’s done a good job up until this point.”

So we asked coach BVG  to give us five things that would improve the Falcons pass defense:

  1. “A good pass defense starts with a good pass rush. So we’ve got to keep working that.
  2. “The mechanics of coverage need to sound and solid.
  3. “We’ve got to make plays on the ball, too. When we got opportunities to make plays, we’ve got to be able to make them. That’s what we are kind of looking for as we move forward.”
  4. (Since coach only gave us three, then means I get to fill out the rest of the ballot). Proper drops in zone coverages.
  5. You all can  gave give us the 5th item.

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Your Kidding

November 6th, 2009
3:53 pm


November 6th, 2009
4:15 pm


November 6th, 2009
4:19 pm

5) Mixing up the coverages in the secondary to disguise blitzes and assignments.

Matt "Choke" Ryan

November 6th, 2009
4:36 pm

Get a quarterback that can help the defense from staying on the field so long!


November 6th, 2009
5:00 pm

When you keep rotating CBs, that means we dont truly have an answer. Hopefully someone will step up soon.


November 6th, 2009
5:04 pm

5) Ask for NFL Referees that will actually throw a flag on the all the holding from the O-linement that block for “protected” NFL Star Qb’s such as Tony homo, Jay Cutester and Drew Breezy.


November 6th, 2009
5:07 pm

Thankfully – Chris Cooley is out for the season. He’s one of the best Tight Ends in the league and we won’t have to deal with him!


November 6th, 2009
5:10 pm

I’d say not having Grimes on the team is a start…

Matt "Choke" Ryan

November 6th, 2009
5:13 pm

I “choke” on Matt Ryan.


November 6th, 2009
5:14 pm

“Choke Ryan!” Are you that clueless??? Do you not know anything about NFL football and quarterbacks? You must be a “Til death do us part” Vick fan?

Matt "Choke" Ryan

November 6th, 2009
5:14 pm

I never ‘choked” on Vick. If you know what I mean. Vick may have a cannon arm but he lacks in other areas.

poppa falcon

November 6th, 2009
5:17 pm

play physical with rcvrs off the line off scrimmage

here's a thought

November 6th, 2009
5:32 pm

Hold their offense to under 20 points so our offense has a chance to outscore theirs.


November 6th, 2009
5:38 pm

Bring Deion Sanders out of retirement. Also try John Rocker in the secondary. He’ll get physical with the receivers. He’ll give them a good screamin’ too. He’ll be good on special teams also.

D. Orlando Ledbetter

November 6th, 2009
5:54 pm

NativeBird: Like your No. 5. Rotating coverages might confuse Cambpell.

real fan

November 6th, 2009
5:56 pm

Line Bierman and Abraham on rhe same side and overload blitzfromthe line.

D. Orlando Ledbetter

November 6th, 2009
5:57 pm

Poppa Falcon: Like this one, too. Smash receivers in the contact zone.


November 6th, 2009
6:15 pm

Hehe – Mark, you just had to respond. It’s fuel man, it’s fuel. Stop the hook swallowing will ya?

5. Agree with Real Fan, on a few plays we should stack one side of the line and I’ll bet one of those guys gets a smash hit or at least force Campbell to throw it early, as he is so well known for doing. Clinton Portis will be the only real deal to watch.

Let’s get that Lambert soccer girl from BYU on the field – girl is a bish, but a damn fine hitter.


November 6th, 2009
6:15 pm

Rush the passer, plain and simple. If you give the quarterback time, it doesn’t matter how many guys you drop back, someone will get open.


November 6th, 2009
6:28 pm

1. More Sidbury at DE or OLB.
2. How about a screen play once a game?
3. Where’s Chris Owens? Isnt he the future?
4. Bierman at OLB too.
5. Move Big Chauncey around.

The Grinch

November 6th, 2009
6:30 pm

There isn’t going to be any fixing of the secondary this year. Grimes isn’t going to get taller. Huston doesn’t appear smart enough to learn to play for the ball. Hill doesn’t appear smart enough to be on the field at all. Don’t know what’s up with Owens. Moore can’t even run a straight line in practice without tearing his hamstring off the bone. Jackson isn’t going to get faster. Abe and Biermann are good pass rushers, but undersized and don’t have a single DT to help them out.

HOWEVER, we have the makings of a very good offense; if we could get it clicking we can still win 10 games this year. And next year we’ll have Jerry and Douglas back, and can aquire another DT and Corner(s) through the draft and FA. We’ll be fine, folks; don’t worry. We’re still only in year two of a completely new regime; you can’t completely gut a team and expect to go straight to the super bowl.


November 6th, 2009
6:37 pm

Ask “Choke”. He knows it all.


November 6th, 2009
6:41 pm

Insert Ty Hill and be patient with him, then cover 2 like never before.

Otherwise, blitz, blitz, blitz!

Greene Hornet

November 6th, 2009
7:17 pm

5. Keep them guessing by dropping a lineman back (not often but every so often) in passing situations to take away the short pass and to knock the ball down. I’m not saying to have him cover a WR or TE, but it keeps the QB guessing, thus he doesn’t know if they are rushing him or if he’s gonna make a mistake and throw a pick cause he didn’t rush and is in the passing lanes.


November 6th, 2009
8:19 pm

Get Chris Houston to turn around and look for the ball….

Jim of Hiram

November 6th, 2009
10:15 pm

Simple….PUT MORE PRESSURE ON THE QB!!!!!!! If we can’t do that more often, just about ANY QB in the league, will pick us apart.
They didn’t get to this level, by picking their nose! They got to the “big show” by being accurate enough with their throws, to hit their man.


November 6th, 2009
10:42 pm

5. Move Chris Houston to nickle (he has the proper skill set & technique for this position).

6. Decide between Owens & Jackson to replace Houston at starting CB. (Safety help using Cover 2)

7. Replace Brent Grimes with Tye Hill.

8. Blitz using one or more linebackers more often.

9. Show pictures/videos to referees prior to each game of the consistent & obvious holding (offensive linemen using arms & hands around his throat from behind!) against Abraham to increase likelihood of a flag every now and again!

10. Bonus sugesting to improve special teams play: Since Grimes is no longer a starting CB, use him as the primary punt returner and one of the two deep kick return specialists!!

Go Falcons!


November 7th, 2009
2:17 am

statistically chris houston is not producing nearly enough stats. this guy is almost being beat by brent grimes who wasnt even a starter half the time and plays on special teams as well. grimes may not have as many tackles but he does or did have more PDs which is embarrasing to houston who has no excuse whatsoever. i dont c y the falcons are toying grimes side of the football field and not sendin a message to houston who isnt a rookie and still hasnt learnt to turn his head around. he should take a good share of the blame. 3 inches literally keep everyone from blasting him like they did grimes who is 5ft 8.


November 7th, 2009
2:41 am

They both aren’t the solution, Houston is a # 2 at best & Grimes is a # 3 at best. Hill is our best hope & i believe he’ll some on as we go forward if he can stay healthy. Hopefully he does & this time around the franchise pays him & keeps him & then also going & gets a coplement to him in the 1st round in the draft next year! A CB WITH SIZE! 6-0 would be wounderful!!! but if not, at least 5:10 with some muscle.

Blind side block

November 7th, 2009
5:40 am

Our corners are too small, they can’t cover guys that are 4 and 5 inches taller than them. We also need tackles that can put consistent pressure on the quarterback.


November 7th, 2009
8:08 am

I told you in July to chalk up a “W” when the REDSKINS came to town. Book it, it’s a lock. The o-line of the ‘SKINS is a mess with THOMAS and SAMUELS both down for their careers. You’ll never see either on a football field again. The back-ups couldn’t even make most NFL rosters. LG with DERRICK DOCKERY and C with CASEY RABACH are the only stable positions on the line, and they are only average players. Your d-backs get a week of practice with all out blitzs making JASON CAMPBELL run for his life, and no one blocking for CLINTON PORTIS.

Life Long Bird

November 7th, 2009
8:40 am

With all the talk about Grimes and Houston I find myself wishing D-Hall was still a Falcon. No, wait…I would rather take my chances with what we have.

The glass is half full, not half empty.

Go Birds!!


November 7th, 2009
8:48 am

How about get the Saint’s rules?

On a pick 6, Roddy White was weigh-layed by JVilma while the ball was in the air. On a dropped TD, Roddy was tackled by the defender while the ball was in the air. NUFF SAID.


November 7th, 2009
9:08 am

Houston has to go. I’m so tired of seeing him chasing a play from behind. He’s as much of a bust or more so than Jamal Anderson. Watching Chris Owens on special teams, he seems to have a lot of speed and quickness, lets give him a shot in Houston’s place. Can’t be much worse and maybe has a tremendous upside. Tye Hill at the other corner spot and as much as people don’t like Grimes, the guy is quick and can sky for his size. Let him try the nickle position. No other corner on the roster would have been able to get up that high for the interception he made against the Saints.

And the biggest thing that would help the Falcons defense is for O. Ledbetter to get another job!!! Why is it he feels like we give a crap about his ‘little cousin’ and the housewives of Atlanta??????? Nor the frequent rap lyrics he inserts in the middle of his sorry reporting. Surely the AJC can afford better. I know we deserve better!!!


November 7th, 2009
9:25 am

Falcon 57 – Just because you dont lilke, doesnt mean it doesnt have to be.

Brian Hunt

November 7th, 2009
10:09 am

The pass defense is about as good as it can be until the talent on defense is upgraded. DeCoud is an up grade, but we still need another dominant pass rusher and a true cover corner. Houston should be able to play better. He often has good coverage, but for whatever reason, he never locates the ball once it’s in the air.

Matt "Choke" Ryan

November 7th, 2009
10:14 am

Let’s see………..

Since the Dallas game, the CHOKE has been getting sacked and pressured on a regular basis, and we all know when you put pressure on him, he is like a deer with headlights flashing in his eyes.

Now comes the most intensed lineman in the league – Mr. Haynesworth.

A beast that commands double teams on a regular basis, yet he consistently disrupts the running game and frees up the other lineman, making the path to the qb much easier.

I still remember how he broke through a double team by the Patriots and SLAMMED Brady to the turf. This may be the game when the CHOKE gets sent to the IRL.

Better watch your blind side :)

Matt "Choke" Ryan

November 7th, 2009
10:16 am

The biggest bust is someone who post consecutive 68, 66 & 46 QB RATINGS.

Does that sound like someone you know :)

72-million dollar…………….B.U.S.T


November 7th, 2009
10:26 am



November 7th, 2009
12:08 pm

5) Work on time of possession. The pass defense was hurt by Dallas and NO recievers making fantastic catches – so keep them off the field.

Row 3

November 7th, 2009
12:08 pm

STOP THE RUN FIRST! The Falcons need to put this game on Jason Campbell, if we make them play from behind, and get away from the run, our secondary will be fine. I thought T. Hill had good position on the touchdown catch at NO, He had his arm in there, it was just a great catch by Colston. Look for Tye to start.

First D Hall calls out TD, now Haynesworth calling out Clabo and Dahl. The Falcons won’t have any problem getting up for this game. Don’t look for emotional let down after last week.

J. Turner

November 7th, 2009
12:19 pm

Sidbury definitely needs to be in the picture more.

He has 4.53 speed, weighs 250+, and is at least 6′2″. They should let him be a strong safety.
He could line up on a wide receiver, jam them (or a TE) on the line, and then rush the QB. The idea about lining up Beirman & Abraham on the same side. The guy is a computer scientist. I am sure he has the ability to learn the SS or OLB position. Cut him lose. He could be the BIGGER version of the Colts’ Bob Sanders.

J. Turner

November 7th, 2009
12:22 pm

Corrected & coherent version
Sidbury definitely needs to be in the picture more.

He has 4.53 speed, weighs 250+, and is at least 6′2″. They should let him be a strong safety.
He could line up on a wide receiver, jam them (or a TE) on the line, and then rush the QB. The idea about lining up Beirman & Abraham on the same side is a good idea, too. Sidbury was educated as a computer scientist. I am sure he has the ability to learn the SS or OLB position. Cut him loose. He could be the BIGGER version of the Colts’ Bob Sanders.


November 7th, 2009
12:44 pm

Brian Hunt- U got it -Houston is in good position but has trouble locating the ball………Thats a recipe for disaster-as a CB you have to be able to play the ball in the air. Dimitroff said it as well you have to touch the ball to be a sucessful cb in this league…….. Houston stinks….Charles Dimry part deaux

Decoud is my favorite falcon -dude plays fast and seems to always come up with a big play. If Coleman stays William Moore might not ever see the field.
I thought Chris Owens would come in and get significant minutes but i guess he needs more time-the 09 class is looking a lil crappy right now.
I dont post here much but why does Choke Ryan always look forr the negatives in a situation….Get a life dude
Ryan will be okay he is still yung and has alot more growing to do…..With that said -He does throw the ball away a little too much for me-he needs to go down field more.

"Charles", The Original

November 7th, 2009
2:13 pm

Last year, the National Football League, NFL, was like a man stunned after the Atlanta Falcons consistently showed they could win football games despite turning the football over four times. This year it is incumbent upon each opponent of the Falcons to show they have what it takes to master the “adversity test”, four turnovers or more, and win.

So far, the record shows that the New England Patriots refused to take the adversity test and defeated the Atlanta Falcons, 26-10. The test will be administered at a later date, February 7, 2010, Land Shark Stadium, Super Bowl XLIV. The Dallas Cowboys took notes from the New England Patriots and abstained until a later date, the playoffs. The Cowboys won, 37-21. But we must tip our hats to the New Orleans Saints. Unlike Dolphins, Panthers, 49ers, and Bears, the Saints took the test and won, 35-27. It was the first legitimate loss the Falcons has suffered this season. But December 13th is just around the corner.

If The Atlanta Falcons are to stay on course for a 13-3 regular season record, they must run the tables, nine consecutive wins, starting Sunday at the Georgia Dome. It doesn’t matter if they are at the Georgia Dome or on the road, we will be watching. Below is my prediction before the start of the season.

Bradley’s Buzz: A Kudo-worthy off-season for the Falcons, 6:53am July 7, 2009, by Mark Bradley.

“Charles”, The Original
July 7th, 2009
9:16 pm

“During the 2008 regular season, our Atlanta Falcons defeated Detroit, Kansas City, Green Bay, Chicago, Oakland, New Orleans, Carolina, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and Saint Louis.

Our Atlanta Falcons won a total of 11 football games during the regular season.

During the 2009 regular season, our Atlanta Falcons will defeat Miami, Carolina, New England, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York Jets, and Buffalo.

Do the math. Thirteen is not an unlucky number.”

Again, the New Orleans Saints win was the first legitimate defeat of the Falcons this season. This week, we predict that the Atlanta Falcons will administer the adversity test and defeat the Washington Redskins 28-16. As you can see, there is no room for error. The Falcons must win out to post a regular season record of 13-3.

Lets Go Falcons!


November 7th, 2009
2:23 pm

5. or 1a. Hurry up and allow offende to reach our 20 yard line; seems that’s when the real defense begins. Will save time for the offense to get multiple possessions. Trade TD’s for FG’s.


November 8th, 2009
8:58 am

BVG said it. First thing you gotta have on defense is a pass rush. Without that, well, no secondary can cover forever.

Lil Larry

November 8th, 2009
12:33 pm

You can’t defend the ball if you never look for it. If you’re watching the WR he can keep it hidden until the last minute when the ball come…by then it’s too late for you to defend it.

For God Sake…turn your head and look for the ball, use your body (while looking back) to force the WR to the sidelines. It’s all about technique.


November 8th, 2009
1:01 pm

Mitch, get a life!!!

the hideing of Matt ryan( Patty melt with cheese)

November 8th, 2009
4:49 pm

Remove Turner and see what you have at QB. This guy is only as good as his team mate. Turner you are the man!!!