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Brooking says farewell to the ATL

Keith Brooking wanted to say one last good bye to the football fans of Georgia.

He broke down several times during his press conference, but managed to crack a joke at the end.

You have to give Brooking credit for not wanting to burn any bridges in Atlanta like a certain Braves pitcher did when he signed with a certain Major League Baseball team named the Boston Red Sox.

Brooking and his agent Pat Dye Jr. took the high road.

They didn’t let it get out that the Falcons offered him a bag of peanuts and a few programs to stay with the team. Brooking clearly values the relationship he has with owner Arthur Blank and didn’t want to breach it.

He chose to take the best offer and move on. Brooking is set to No. 51 for the Cowboys.

On another note, the Falcons will entertain a pair of free agents Thursday, tight end L.J. Smith and center Brett Romberg.

Brooking from DLed's cell phone at Wednesday's presser

Both are unrestricted free agents. Smith played last season with the Philadelphia Eagles and Romberg with the St. Louis Rams

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Finally, some FA action in the ATL!!!

While not exactly on the same level as the Michael Turner signing last season, the Falcons have made a move.

Drum roll please!!!

Defensive end Chauncey Davis is in.

Defensive end Michael Montgomery is out.

Monty was set to visit today, but the Falcons and Davis’ agent, worked into the night to hammer out a four-year, $14 million deal.

I was working on “The Book on Montgomery” for the blog.

Since we don’t want let some good work go to waste, he’s what we
had on the would be visitor.

Three executives in personnel for NFL teams were asked by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to evaluate the Packers restricted free agent and here’s what they had to say about Montgomery:

“Can he make a team? Yeah. He’s probably a No. 4 end. You like his effort and all that stuff. He’s not a real talented kid. At one point I thought he might have an opportunity to go somewhere. But he’s just been OK. I haven’t been overly excited about him. He’ll get backup-type money. He’ll get decent money as …

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All is quiet on free agency front

All is quiet on the free agency front.

Over the first weekend, the Falcons lost three starters – Keith Brooking to Dallas, Michael Boley to New York Giants and Domonique Foxworth to Baltimore.

Safety Lawyer Milloy and defensive end Chauncey Davis are still out there.

The Falcons are clearly taking a low-key approach to free agency.

GM Thomas Dimitroff told us at the combine that the Falcons would not be major players in free agency. They are clearly not going after any top of the line free agents.

We’ll just keep working the phones and see what’s shaking this week.

Eagles’ tight end L.J. Smith’s name keeps coming up, but his agent Brian Mackler hasn’t confirmed anything on him. Mackler was busy getting Foxworth’s deal done. He also has former UGA and Cleveland Browns safety Sean Jones, who had a quiet weekend in the free agency game.

A couple of other names to keep an eye on are Colts linebacker Freddy Keiaho and Buffalo linebacker Angelo Crowell.

It’s been …

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