Braves’ Medlen repeats as NL Pitcher of the Month

PITTSBURGH – After winning the National League Pitcher of the Month award for August in his first month in the Braves’ starting rotation, Kris Medlen underscored his run of remarkable pitching by winning the award again Tuesday.

Medlen was named NL Pitcher of the Month for September, becoming the first to win the award in consecutive months since Colorado’s Ubaldo Jimenez in April-May 2010, and the first Brave since Greg Maddux in June-July 2001.

He is 9-0 with a 0.97 ERA in 12 starts this season since moving from the bullpen to the rotation on July 31, and Medlen was 4-0 with a 1.26 ERA in six September starts, collecting 46 strikeouts with only five walks in 43 innings. He had a career-high 12 strikeouts in a five-hit complete game against the Rockies on Sept. 3, then beat that mark with 13 strikeouts in seven innings against Washington on Sept. 14.

“Obviously he’s well deserving,” Braves general manager Frank Wren said of the repeat NL pitcher award. “He’s been just that good. It’s hard to imagine anyone pitching better than he has been.”

Medlen will start for the Braves in Friday’s NL Wild Card game against St. Louis or Los Angeles, with the winner advancing to a best-of-five Division Series that would start Sunday. The Braves have won 23 consecutive starts by Medlen going back to the 2009 season, a major league record for the Live Ball Era.

“How about that?” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said of Medlen’s back-to-back awards. “That’s unbelievable. He’s been terrific for two months and he deserves it. I know we had two other guys [in consideration] in [Mike] Minor and [Craig] Kimbrel. We’re here because of our pitching, really. We’re in this position because of our pitching, and hopefully that continues for another month or so.”

Three of the six pitchers who received votes for the NL pitching award in September were Braves, including Mike Minor, who went 4-0 with a 0.87 ERA in five September starts, and Kimbrel who went 3-0 and converted all 10 save opportunities in September while racking up 25 strikeouts with only two walks in 12-2/3 scoreless innings.

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October 2nd, 2012
6:23 pm

Way to go Medlen!


October 2nd, 2012
6:38 pm

If only we had Mad Dog in 2011


October 2nd, 2012
7:05 pm

What were Maddux’s stats last season? I can’t find them anywhere. :/


October 2nd, 2012
7:23 pm

do you think he will get any Cy Young award votes?.kinda like in 1984 rick sutcliffe won it after getting traded to the cubs and making only 20 starts going 16-1


October 2nd, 2012
7:23 pm

Congrats to Kris. He absolutely deserves it although Minor and Kimbrel had outstanding months as well. If the offense can get it going just a little bit, we have a chance to go deep in the postseason. Keep it up Kris! Go Braves!

Brave New World

October 2nd, 2012
7:46 pm

Ron H

October 2nd, 2012
8:35 pm

LOL, would love to have had Maddog!


October 2nd, 2012
9:01 pm

Congratulations to Kris Medlen !!!

It is a well deserved honor for a great young pitcher.


October 2nd, 2012
9:17 pm

think he meant 2001 about maddux


October 2nd, 2012
9:21 pm


Ken Stallings

October 2nd, 2012
11:01 pm

There is that Maddux comparison again! After awhile, you have to stop being afraid to make the compairsons. If Medlen can perform this way consistently, he will be the next Maddux for Atlanta!

His closest competition for Pitcher of the Month in September was his teammate Mike Minor!


October 2nd, 2012
11:56 pm

Between Medlen and Kimbrel, almost a shame neither have a chance at the Cy Young. THey have been Cy Young like for sure.



October 3rd, 2012
12:01 am

“Mike Minor, who went 4-0 with a 0.87 ERA in five September starts”

…wait what!


October 3rd, 2012
2:01 am

Medlen and Kimbrel!
“The Best!” Oh 4gotten Minor!!!!!!!

Sumpin to build a pitching staff around?!!
For quite sometime.!!!!!

JCB in Dunwoody

October 3rd, 2012
6:47 am


October 3rd, 2012
7:21 am

Time to ship Hanson off while you can possibly get something for him……


For next season… the prospects one more year to get ready….

Ship Hanson somewhere for a LF….then you have Prado for Chipper….Fransisco to backup, put Prado at 2B some games to give Uggla a break when he slumps (inevitable)…..Simmons and Nicky at SS…..

This team has no REAL holes……and with a low payroll to boot…..scary. May just be able to sign a big bat LF this off season….that is all we need. Someone to hit in the cleanup spot for the next 4 years…..

Quack Quack

October 3rd, 2012
9:16 am

Congratulations Kris Medlen!! So glad you are a Brave.

Lets keep this thing rolling…..



October 3rd, 2012
10:58 am

I would love for Medlin to get the award for October as well.


October 3rd, 2012
11:27 am

Beachy won’t be ready to pitch until about July/August of 2013. I think Atlanta’s rotation could look more like this: Medlen, Hudson, Minor, Maholm, and then Delgado or another prospect out of the minors as our number 5 starter. If those four can produce next year like they did the second half of 2012, then we’re in good shape. And in 2014, you add Beachy but probably subtract Hudson as he’ll be close to 40. But either way, a 2014 rotation of Medlen, Beachy, Minor and Maholm, with equal balance of lefties and righties looks downright scary to the rest of the league!


October 3rd, 2012
11:36 am

This team has a lot of holes that I fear will be soon exposed. First and foremost, they cannot hit! BA’s of catcher, 2B, lead-off hitter are among the worst in MLB. Others have trouble with consistency: due, I think, to poor technique. Uggla has a horrible stance, swing, and approach; Heyward’s preparation continues too late into the AB; Freeman curls the bat behind his ear for some reason; Bourn is not selective in his swings which is terrible for a lead-off hitter and the result is way too many Ks; McCann appears to be hurt and/or having eye problems and is hopeless at the plate; Chipper is old and slower to react, not his fault, just a byproduct of 40 y.o.; the bench is the worst in MLB. The only “non-holes” I see is Simmons, whose swing and approach are close to ideal; Prado, who is the MVP; and the pitching which we all knew would be good but has become outstanding. Our hope in the play-in game is that Medlen is pitching and we score 1 or 2 runs early. Other than that, as long as our pitchers are hurling shut-outs we’re in every game (sarcasm intended).


October 4th, 2012
2:07 pm

You are so right nashvillewill, that’s why they only won 94 games… With your expertise, I guess the Braves should have been undefeated…

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