McCann still day or two away; day of rest for Prado

Brian McCann is still likely at least a day or two more from returning to the lineup because of tendinitis just inside his right knee. McCann said he first tweaked it on the Braves’ recent road trip and then felt it Saturday when he first went into a squat to warm up Tommy Hanson.

“It never loosened up,” he said.

McCann came out in the top of the third inning. He said Sunday afternoon it was feeling better but not to the point where he could squat yet. He was going to take some batting practice and thought he would be available to pinch hit.

“It’s still hard to move around in the squat position to block balls and to throw the ball to second,” McCann said. “That’s the only place it affects me is when I’m behind the plate.”

The Braves have a third catcher with an expanded roster in September, so J.C. Boscan is available to back up David Ross, who was in the lineup Sunday night against the Nationals.

“Definitely at least a couple more days before (McCann) can actually squat, but if he’s OK swinging the bat, we’ll use him,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

Prado rest

Gonzalez sat Martin Prado Sunday night to give him a day of rest, something he’s been doing all of his regulars recently.

“We talked about every once in a while just giving somebody a day just to try to keep them fresh,” Gonzalez said. “(We did it with), Mac, (Michael) Bourny, Chipper (Jones), Prado, (Freddie) Freeman, just to keep them a little fresh.”

It was Prado’s first game out of the lineup since Aug. 11 and only his sixth all year.

With the ESPN game Sunday night and a late flight to Miami, Gonzalez was thinking about resting Jones Monday against Marlins left-hander Wade LeBlanc and starting Prado in his place at third base.

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September 16th, 2012
7:03 pm

Gotta get the bats working tonight boys! Need this win!

Ebenezer Snerdberg

September 16th, 2012
7:19 pm



September 16th, 2012
7:50 pm

Ebenezer: DH

carney johnson

September 16th, 2012
8:53 pm

fredi needs to figure out a lineup to face LHP. we’re starting 3 lefty bats and minor tonight against gio gonzalez. that aint gonna cut it. and whoever we face in the wild-card playoff game is gonna put up a lefty. so fredi has about 20 games to figure this out. i’d have started baker and reed johnson instead of j-hey & bourn just to see what the lineup does.


September 16th, 2012
10:39 pm

I’m sorry Carney, but you just don’t sit JHey right now. Dude is hitting like 400 over his last 7 games vs the Nats and has been one of our few consistent performers on offense this year.

lee maye

September 17th, 2012
12:12 am

Wouldn’t hurt to rest Danny too. Prado should have been rested against a rightie, not lefty. Most teams simply don’t rest their best player in games that mean something. I am sure Florida won’t rest their best hitters against us.

YoungerThan ThatNow

September 17th, 2012
1:58 am

Yep… three lefties started tonight, and all of them got base hits. The lefty/righty thing is a base to go by, but it doesn’t always work. Some of these lefty guys don’t see any difference in which side of the mound the pitcher throws from. Good result tonight and a great game!



September 17th, 2012
7:28 am

Where are the Fredi haters? Did we just beat the cy Young winner? Grind him up w 30 pitch innings? All you haters realize we have the 4th best record in the bigs with an 85 million salary cap put on by the owners? Didnt you want Minor benched in June when Fredi said he was gonna keep runnn him out there. Best stats of any Lefty in the second half. Maybe this guy is doing pretty awesome?


September 17th, 2012
8:48 am

Go get ‘em, Clydesdale! They deserve it. I still worry about our inconsistency at times (dropping three to the Brew-crew, then sweeping the Nats. What!?) but, if we go into the playoffs playing like we did this weekend, nothing is impossible. I’m dreaming of one more World Championship for Chipper before he exits. Go Braves!


September 29th, 2012
1:38 am

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