Another cortisone shot for ailing McCann

Brian McCann received another cortisone shot in his ailing right shoulder Saturday night as he continues to try to play through what’s been diagnosed as a frayed labrum and cyst.

McCann sat out his second consecutive game Monday to give the shot time to take effect. Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said he could return to the lineup on Tuesday against the Rockies, depending on how he feels.

McCann has his second shot in less than a month after receiving one in Philadelphia on Aug. 7.

“Hopefully this will get him over the hump,” said Gonzalez, who said he will try to pick spots to rest McCann going forward. “I think he’s a lot closer. His at-bats are good, but it’s bothering him. It bites him.”

McCann has hit only .171 (13-for-76) with no extra-base hits and two RBIs since Aug. 1.

Backup catcher David Ross has been nursing a sore side muscle since the Braves series last week in San Diego. He has told Gonzalez he can play through it. Now with the addition of J.C. Boscan to the roster, Gonzalez has a little more insurance at catcher and can pinch hit for Ross as needed.

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September 3rd, 2012
3:23 pm

B. Mc Get’r Done Son. GM Wrenn may not sign that option. l would not. lt is a lot of money. Money needs to paid to someone producing.


September 3rd, 2012
3:35 pm

I had a labium problem and McCain will not get any better. Might as well put him on the DL and go in and fix the problem with surgery. If it is not too much damage maybe and that is a very small maybe he can come back for the playoff’s but at least he will be ready for next year. Our next best catch in the minor league will be better than a hurt McCain.

Dawgdad (The Original)

September 3rd, 2012
3:38 pm

Bad luck for Medlen on his scoreless streak. Better defense and he eclipses Maddux. He deserves better.

“PDG for a guy, who gives us a lot of options in the bullpen.” (Wren/Fredi)


September 3rd, 2012
5:06 pm

Put McCann on the DL.

Mark (another one)

September 3rd, 2012
5:28 pm

This time of year the Braves won’t use the DL. They have plenty of space with the expanded rosters. Let the shot do its thing. I also think with surgery and rehab after the season, McCann could be good as new. I had a torn labrum and other shoulder issues, and three months after surgery, the shoulder was so good I wanted to have them clean up the other one. When it hurt, it was discouraging but all the pain went away with a good surgeon. And modern rehab was much less pain than people describe.


September 3rd, 2012
5:30 pm

Just a suggestion! Why don’t the Braves put McCann on waivers and then trade him to a A.L. team for a D.H. I feel that with his pending salary next year and shoulder problems that he would probably clear waivers. dd Hanson in the deal and get a major league ready catcher in return.

derek k

September 3rd, 2012
6:11 pm

DId you really say he will be back tomo please no!!!!!! well if he is im sure we will lose! oh well mayber not it migth be a 50 50 chance since half the prob is on the bench…uggla! so we may have a shot tomo

Slammin' Helmets and Breakin' Bats

September 3rd, 2012
6:13 pm

Our saving grace is J.C. Boscan??? Well, that’s not disheartening at all. What’s he hitting for his minor league career? .200? .220? Yeah, he’ll surely help this club’s offense. *sigh* I just don’t understand this move from management; why would you call THIS GUY up? He’s absolutely useless! Will someone please explain to me why the Braves are unwilling to call up some fresh blood? Why not call up Gattis? Yeah, he’s been playing in LF lately, but I’m sure the guy can still take a squat behind home plate and call a game. We have other players like Mejia as well– he would provide more depth at 1B, and give us another right-handed bat off the bench. These two players really have nothing more to prove at the minor league level. Both possess the ability to mash the ball, and that’s what this club needs most right now. Or am I missing something here? I mean, where’s the logic in bringing up players that provide little to no value to the team? Of all people, why bring up Boscan?

Lemke's Knuckler

September 3rd, 2012
7:41 pm

After Ryan Zimmerman had shot for a shoulder issue on June 23, he has put up these numbers…

63 games, .340 avg, .405 obp, 20 doubles, 14 homers, 48 RBI, .990 slg


September 3rd, 2012
8:22 pm

After Ryan Zimmerman had shot for a shoulder issue on June 23, he has put up these numbers…

63 games, .340 avg, .405 obp, 20 doubles, 14 homers, 48 RBI, .990 slg

While I hope McCann has that kind of success, you did read that he’d already had a shot on August 7, right? That one didn’t help.

Teddy B

September 3rd, 2012
8:28 pm

Something tells me this is bad news for McCann, and he might need his shoulder worked on eventually. I think he’ll hit the DL in a week or so and might never be the same player if he does get surgery.

Its hard enough for pitchers to come back from shoulder surgery but a guy who’s supposed to hit and play catcher where he’s always throwing the ball everyday and taking the occasional hit like Buster Posey, I don’t feel good about this. Hope the Braves have someone else in mind long term rather than J.C. Boscan lol

lee maye

September 3rd, 2012
9:52 pm

Braves will not be calling up Mejia or Gattis. No room on the 40 man roster and the Braves and Wren will not release the veteran deadweights on the team like Overbay, Hinske, and Home Run Baker or the 41 year old pitcher. It was a miracle they decided to bench Uggla and that probably won’t last. He will continue to get chance after chance and Constanza/Johnson will get minimal chances.

Fredi just doesn’t want to quit on Uggla. Hopefully, Fredi’s stubbornness will get him fired. As for Wren, very poor evaluator of whom deserves long term contracts. IE, Uggla, Lowe, KK, and some bad trades. It is not money holding the Braves back. It is Wren and his poor decisions. Rookies in the system are seldom given a chance. And, we continue to go with old bums like Lyle Overbay, Home Run Baker, Bautista, Jack Wilson, and Hinske. And, Ben Sheets.

And, we continue to trade or not give the young ones a chance: Durango with 50 steals; Gattis; Cunningham; Terdo; Delgado; Teheran; Gearin; Mejia. The only exceptions were/are Simmons, Pastornicky, Minor, and Avilan. We have talent in the minors. They just don’t give them a shot.

Bill Donohoo

September 4th, 2012
12:59 am

McCann much like Uggla has forgotten what made him a good hitter. When he was hitting in the 280s to 300 range he was hitting to all fields. Also it just appears that lasik surgery has really affected his eyesight. Additionally he just gets beat up behind the plate. Lose some weight and play LF some, if Yogi Berra can play LF then McCann should be able. Perhaps if McCann only caught 80 to 90 games a year his hitting would not suffer. Its worth a try, this is two years in a row McCann has deterioated at the plate. The Braves could insist McCann get a personal trainer and get down 20 to 25 lbs., he’s approaching 30. The best example I can give is Joe Torre, he was an overweight catcher who got his weight under control and became decent defensively at 3rd.

As for Uggla I agree with the decision, long overdue. Perhaps Uggla will find himself, I just don’t think this is the time for him to keep looking.

As for Wren, give him credit for Janish and Sheets, no way anyone would have predicted Uggla and McCann’s decline.


September 4th, 2012
8:23 am

Labrums do not heal on their own. McCann will have to have surgery if the fraying gets worse. The cortisone shots only help to reduce inflammation and pain so he can play through it. Fact is, he’s probably not going to help the Braves the rest of the way this season.


September 4th, 2012
10:02 am

Brian go to Wall Mart and get a bottle of MSM 1000mg. all it is is Organic Sulfur. It worked for me, along with light work outs. of course it will not cure you, but will help you get through the season.

Denny Lemaster

September 4th, 2012
10:37 am

The Braves back up back up catcher is playing as a starter with the Red Sox and has 20 dingers.

Old Time Fan

September 4th, 2012
2:14 pm

McCann has a history of poor diet and fitness. This all adds up and you start to see the body break down. He has never dedicated himself to the sport as one would hope. There is just too much knowledge out there now to have a pudgy athlete, especially at that salary. Not worth long term commitment at this stage. As far as the Yogi comparison…Yogi had more talent in his little finger than McCann. There is no way you could put a guy THAT slow in the outfield.

war daddy lightfoot

September 4th, 2012
4:01 pm

Stick a fork in his Fatass he is done!

war daddy lightfoot

September 4th, 2012
4:01 pm

Stick a fork in his Fatass he is done!


September 4th, 2012
4:05 pm

That’s strange. Use to have bone spurs when playing softball. Sometimes both feet at the same time. Would get a cortisone shot and go play 3-4 hrs. later. Those things take effect pretty quickly. Something else going on here?


September 4th, 2012
4:12 pm

When did McCann have Lasik surgery? If that’s true, then THAT explains his HITTING COLLAPSE. Never fool around with your eyes. Never.


September 4th, 2012
4:55 pm

Take it from the cortisone king. The shots are just a fix not a cure.


September 4th, 2012
5:47 pm

Mac wears contacts…McCann WILL be resigned. Left handed power hitting catcher with a good arm, calls a great game AND has the top offensive numbers of all catchers the last few years even with the last 2 years…will get a semi hometown discount too due to the numbers the last 2 years. McCann is not going anywhere…..haters.. He will get fixed after the season and coem back with a vengence next year. Whats going on here is letting the shoulder rest and letting the cortisone get in deeper, like a marinade so to speak, before putting the injured area under duress…..this will get fixed after the season if he can make it that long….its killing his swing currently

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