Next for Braves: Philadelphia Phillies

Series preview: vs. Phillies

When (TV): 7:35 p.m. Friday (WPCH), 7:10 p.m. Saturday (WPCH), 1:35 p.m. Sunday (FSSO)

Radio: 680, 93.7, 100.5

Probable starting pitchers:

Friday: Braves RH Ben Sheets (2-0, 0.00 ERA) vs. LH Cole Hamels (11-4, 3.23)

Saturday: 7:10 p.m.: Braves LH Mike Minor (5-7, 5.49) vs. RH Joe Blanton (8-8, 4.70)

Sunday: 1:35 p.m.: Braves RH Tim Hudson (9-4, 3.71) vs. RH Roy Halladay (4-5, 4.32)

About the Braves:

Batting: Chipper Jones is hitting .320 (8-for-25) while on a seven-game hitting streak, including one double, two home runs and seven RBIs. After hitting .193 with two home runs and seven RBIs in 22 games in June, Brian McCann is hitting .309 with seven home runs and 16 RBIs in 16 games in July. Dan Uggla is hitting .115 (15-for-130) with two doubles, two homers, 53 strikeouts and a .177 slugging percentage in his past 40 games.

Pitching: Sheets has pitched six shutout innings to win each of his first two starts with the Braves, returning after two years out and two elbow operations. Sheets is holding hitters to a .171 opponents’ average, while walking four and striking out 11. Minor has three straight quality starts, while allowing five earned runs in 19 1/3 innings (2.33 ERA). Reliever Jonny Venters has pitched three scoreless innings since returning from the DL with one hit, no walks and four strikeouts.

Miscellaneous: The Braves swept the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park July 6-8 for the first time since 2007 but also lost shortstop Andrelton Simmons to a broken hand in the finale.

About the Phillies:

Batting: The Phillies have won four in a row in their final at-bat, and three via walk-off. They averaged 6.25 runs per game in those four wins. Jimmy Rollins had two of the walk-off hits, with RBI singles in the 10th inning Wednesday against the Brewers and Sunday in the 12th against the Giants. Ryan Howard is hitting .304 (7-for-23) with a double, three home runs and eight RBIs in the past seven games. Over that same span, Chase Utley is hitting .333 (7-for-21) with two doubles, one triple, two home runs and six RBIs.

Pitching: Hamels pitches for the first time since signing a six-year, $144 million extension. He’s gone six straight starts of seven or more innings, dating back to June 14, while going 2-1 with a 3.02 ERA. He’s faced the Braves once this season, going seven innings and allowing two runs in a 4-2 win on May 1. He’s 11-6 with a 3.69 ERA against them in 25 games (24 starts) for his career. The Phillies have won five of Hamels’ six starts against the Braves in the past two seasons.

Miscellaneous: The Braves will face Halladay for the first time since early May. He spent six weeks on the disabled list with shoulder soreness. He’s 2-0 despite a 6.55 ERA in two starts back.

-Carroll Rogers

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jake lopez

July 26th, 2012
3:12 pm


July 26th, 2012
3:13 pm

2nd bored waiting 4 trade


July 26th, 2012
3:25 pm

Will there be another 18-12 or 16-15 game on Sunday with Halladay pitching?

Dreading the trade deadline

July 26th, 2012
3:25 pm

third, hopefully where the Braves won’t be….

The Real Brave

July 26th, 2012
3:33 pm

Teddy B

July 26th, 2012
3:44 pm

Series Preview: at Nationals (???)

Anyway, GL Braves! Hope we get a pitcher and Heyward keeps winning the games for us with his clutch hitting.


July 26th, 2012
4:17 pm

I wonder if Sheets will get stretched out a little more. Did he tire out his last start or was Fredi just trying to maintain the positive vibrations.


July 26th, 2012
5:39 pm

Why are we the Braves playing the Phillies at the Nationals?


July 26th, 2012
10:34 pm

obviously Chipper is on prednisone…doesn’t this count @ MLB steriod use??

(Hold on…I’ve been on awhile, that ‘puffy’ face look you can’t hide.) Hardly performance enhancer btw


July 26th, 2012
10:37 pm

eskippy…they are really in Montana


July 26th, 2012
10:52 pm

This promises to be a tough series for the braves. The phillies appear to be back.

Can Of Corn

July 27th, 2012
12:07 am


Please show some trade deadline restraint Frank. The Delgado for Dempster trade was truly a bad idea.

Be wise — and hold onto the Braves top pitching prospects. The team will be much better for it — both now and in the future.

In fact why not try both Delgado and J.J. in the bullpen, while starting Medlen — to echo what many are saying?


July 27th, 2012
4:34 am

Teach your kids to hunt with a camera and they will develop a strong bond with animals and nature. God created a beautiful world for the kids to love and enjoy, show them the way.

mid wicket

July 27th, 2012
7:49 am


July 27th, 2012
8:03 am

Statement Series! Bet we Wet the Bed in these Pitching Matchups against the Phillies like we did Last year

Amber Girl

July 27th, 2012
9:44 am

Good morning Y’all Miss ignoramus is her. I SMELL A BRAVES SWEEP.


July 27th, 2012
10:04 am


O'flarity's water bottle

July 27th, 2012
10:40 am

It seems to me that sheets does not care if he is a brave.

Holy Sheets

July 27th, 2012
10:56 am

Sheets is a “Real Southern” man and approached the Brave’s about playing for them and does care about his new team……….if you go to or watch all the games like I do you will see him always standing up and watching the action and if he didn’t care he would be warming the bench like alot of the other Brave pitcher’s do………….Hudson and Sheets are always into the game and Sheets deserves a new contract if he continues to pitch well………….Sheets is the best move the Brave’s will make this season……….I guarantee it!………….Soo Mr Water Bottle……Sheets Cares…… seems you don’t!

Trade for Josh

July 27th, 2012
11:02 am

The Brave’s should trade for Josh Willingham……….that way he can take Prado’s place and Prado can play his “real position”2nd Base and Uggla can pinch hit or fill in until he gets his head out of his azz and starts hitting again!

Whipper Jones

July 27th, 2012
11:12 am

Hey Boston Bravo……………if you were playing Major League Baseball at 40 you would need some prednisone too……… might inflame the face but it shrinks other areas too including swollen knees….which results in a Swollen Batting Average!

Big Johnson

July 27th, 2012
11:14 am

Why not trade for me and the other Josh who does not want to be a Twin!

Carry on My Heyward son!

July 27th, 2012
11:19 am

As long as the Brave’s have Jason Heyward,Freddie Freeman,Martin Prado and Andrelton Simmons I will continue going to the games.even if they are losing.

Ready Freddie

July 27th, 2012
11:21 am

60 RBI’s and counting…………keep up the good work young man!

And Uggla Strikes Out

July 27th, 2012
11:22 am

Regarding the current Braves’ staff and whether one or more of our prospects should be sacrificed for another overpriced rental player, I think the Beatles said it best: Let It Be.

Ted M

July 27th, 2012
11:25 am

Who is the best available relief pitcher for a trade?

Amber Girl

July 27th, 2012
11:39 am

Hey guys miss ignoramus is back. Does any one agree on a Brave sweep.


July 27th, 2012
11:43 am

Another name stealer. :roll:


July 27th, 2012
11:55 am

Seems everybody is making the trades, right and left, that they need to, EXCEPT THE BRAVES, of course. Why is this? Must be a reason.


July 27th, 2012
12:28 pm

Big series, need to finish off the Phils, force them to sell, and make this division a 2 team race. Miami is selling, Mets are sinking, last thing we need is the Phillies lingering around getting healthier.

Braves 2B is UGGLy

July 27th, 2012
12:50 pm

I am against throwing away our prospects for the pitchers left. Dempster? Give me a break. Greinke? The guy can’t keep it together in pressure situations, and is awful on the road, also his contract is up after this year. If Teheran and Delgado are the uber-studs they are supposed to be, don’t do it. Maybe take a flyer on Liriano if you can get him for very cheap.

Doubt we can get Willingham, the Twin want a ton in return. Not sure what other OF bat we could pick up without an exorbanant cost.


July 27th, 2012
1:11 pm

The Braves cannot win with this staff. The Phillie series will show the Braves need a Greinke bad. Heres to another good game by Ben Sheets.


July 27th, 2012
1:56 pm

Miguel Batista?! really?!?!? is that what we have been waiting around to hear?!


July 27th, 2012
2:02 pm

Hope nothing is in the works about a big trade. The last few were not too good. Kawakami, Derrik Lowe, Dan Uggla. Please don’t “improve” us any more.


July 27th, 2012
2:38 pm

The Braves need to pony up and trade for Josh Johnson. He is worth the price. Greinke is not the solution.

Amber Girl

July 27th, 2012
2:38 pm

Who is Miguel Batista and why do we need him?

No Flag Since Lemke

July 27th, 2012
3:16 pm

When you factor in team control, ability and the intangible of being a gamer (over six innings per start), the choice is simple – James Shields of Tampa Bay. Easily worth any one of our “big three” young pitchers plus some.

Teddy B

July 27th, 2012
3:23 pm

Well we got Miguel Batista so we’re good at this trade deadline thing. Y’know who Miguel Batista? Formerly of the New York Mets’ garbage can, staight to Atlanta. Another genius move, guess we automatically win it all now.

See you in Sept.

Teddy B

July 27th, 2012
3:25 pm

Miguel Batista is our trade deadline deal. Don’t need anyone else he’s like Nolan Ryan but with more strikeouts. or something.


July 27th, 2012
7:50 pm

Grienke to the Angels…drats


July 27th, 2012
7:51 pm

Greinke to the Angels…double drats

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