Braves single tickets to go on sale March 5

Braves single tickets for the 2012 season will go on sale Monday, March 5 at 10 a.m. on, the ticket office at Turner Field, the Braves Clubhouse Store at CNN Center and all Publix Ticketmaster outlets, or by calling 1-800-745-3000.

The team will also hold a pre-sale for season ticket holders of packages of 20 games or more from Friday, Feb. 24 through Tuesday, Feb. 28. The team will hold a second pre-sale on Thursday, March 1 and Friday, March 2 for fans who register at by Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Some dates of note include the Braves home opener on Friday, April 13 against the Brewers (magnetic season schedules courtesy of Georgia Power will be donated to the first 45,000 fans Friday and Saturday nights of opening weekend, April 13-14). Sid Bream Bobblehead night is June 9 vs. the Blue Jays, Craig Kimbrel Bobblehead night is June 13 vs. the New York Yankees and Chipper Jones Bobblehead night is Aug. 16 vs. the Padres.

The Braves are home against the Cardinals on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 and on July 4 against the Cubs. The Braves host Major League Baseball’s Civil Rights weekend for the second consecutive year, Aug. 17-19, with a three-game series against the Dodgers.

Lynyrd Skynyrd is scheduled to play a postgame concert following the Braves-Phillies game at 4:10 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Under the Braves new variable pricing, tickets range from $6 to $70 for an “F Level” game or $12 to $95 for an “A Level” game. For more information, go to

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February 21st, 2012
5:49 pm

Thanks for the info Carroll!

kevin chop

February 21st, 2012
7:18 pm

And most Braves fans don’t care! People will not waste their money on this piss poor product. Spend some money and we might spend some money to go to some games. Otherwise the television can be turned off when we fall apart again this season.

anti- Kevin chop

February 21st, 2012
8:35 pm

Boo You kevin chop. We DO care Braves!


February 21st, 2012
9:13 pm

Management has some huge gonads to use flex pricing after that collapse last year. Gouging home fans for the sake of the pretty penny when teams fans that travel will pay $90 for a bseball game? Are you kidding me?

tired of the spin and deceit

February 21st, 2012
9:28 pm

I love how we’re supposed to believe that payroll didn’t drop even though the Kawakami, McLouth, and Gonzalez contracts all came off the books (Gonzalez didn’t make much but the other 2 obviously did). Not to mention the fact that the Indians are paying us 5 million to cover part of Lowe’s contract. All total that adds up to around 20 million dollars. Where is this money being spent? We added NOBODY. And don’t give me some baloney about how arbitration and raises ate up all 20 million dollars.

This organization (and the lemmings who cover it) must think the Atlanta sports fan is really, really stupid.


February 21st, 2012
9:29 pm

braves will need to get these youngbucks going 6-7 inng’s a game, to get the bullpen more rest headed into the stretch. the lineup needs to produce, uggla/j-hey/prado and hopefully chipper will be healthy enough to give his usual. if not, well the marlins/nats might be a threat. dont even think about beating out philly again….


February 21st, 2012
9:42 pm

wow…a seat could be over TWICE it’s normal value depending on the visiting team and day. Until they get an owner who give a damn I’m never going back to the Ted except for the KP Run/Walk.

Bobblehead Bobblehead

February 21st, 2012
10:09 pm



February 21st, 2012
10:09 pm

I love how people are whining about the Braves not doing anything major this offseason and won’t spend tickets on them because of it. It’s not like the Braves were selling out during their lengthy run in the playoffs despite putting a winning team on the field. Atlanta sports fans are a joke.


February 21st, 2012
10:58 pm

I will not be buying any tickets also. Opening day is an experience in any other city but Atlanta. Why is opening day a night game? This also was a night game last year. I have talked to many ticket holders who are not happy with this.

Michael Procton

February 21st, 2012
11:29 pm

LOL…Steve, you’re really bitching and moaning over $6? It seems as though you should be focusing on things other than baseball blogs to turn your life around.


February 22nd, 2012
8:22 am

Understanding basic business concepts and being a sports fan do not have to be mutually exclusive. See you in April.

worst baseball town in america

February 22nd, 2012
12:11 pm

Fire Dave O'Brien!

February 22nd, 2012
4:29 pm

Dave O’Brien is a joke.

stop crying

February 22nd, 2012
4:40 pm

For being a city with a lot of sports teams the people of Atlanta seem pretty sappy and petty from the comments, I’m going to the Blue Jays series in June from outta town. Hopefully non of the grumpy saps in this blog aren’t sitting by me during the game.

Mark (another one)

February 22nd, 2012
4:47 pm

There was an article that explained where most of the money saved from KK, McLouth and Lowe ends up going, and I don’t remember the details. There is money left over but not enough to sign a proven power hitting outfielder.

It went something like this:
McLouth to Bourn is about a wash, especially since McLouth still gets a $1.25 million buyout.

The $5 million saved on Lowe covers the raises to JJ (over $2 million) and O’Flaherty ($1.5 million) and the $2 million for Diaz.

KK is gone but even part of his old salary ends up getting used for arbitration raises. The Braves state they have money in their budget but they didn’t see anything worth spending it on. Their focus is the team they have, and they want to see what becomes available during spring training.

Let’s face it. The Braves believe their starting lineup is set, and they aren’t going to splurge several million for an unproven backup. Upgrades will probably come from trades, if at all. By having some salary in reserve, they can trade youth for a proven player, straight up. They just need to see a trade possibility they like.


February 22nd, 2012
9:14 pm

We paid Bourn for half a season last year AND we paid McLouth. Not really sure how it’s a wash to now pay another half a season for Bourn while taking the entire year of McLouth’s salary off the books.

Add that to the majority of Kawakami money that isn’t being used for raises plus the 2-3 million from the Gonzalez contract and you’re probably looking somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million unused.

But whatever, keep trying to pull the wool over the fans’ eyes and hope they get dumber instead of smarter.

Adam E

February 24th, 2012
2:55 pm

I went to about 20 games lsat year. I will go to less than 10 this year due to rewarding the fans with the same product at more than double the price of last year. Wake up!

Marteen is a Ballplayer

February 29th, 2012
7:36 pm

Did anyone get an e-mail from the Braves Beat for pre-sale tickets tomorrow? I have been on the Braves Beat for a while now and never did receive an e-mail. I called the only customer service number on the MLB/Braves site and they had no idea what I was talking about. Looks like I won’t be buying tickets tomorrow afterall.

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