Chipper: “I never wanted Yunel to leave”

He was petulant and pouty at times, but the Braves would not have traded Yunel Escobar if the shortstop played in the first half last season like he has for Toronto this season.

Escobar is back in town with the Blue Jays, his first trip to Atlanta since being traded along with left-hander Jo-Jo Reyes to Toronto at the All-Star break last season for shortstop Alex Gonzalez, shortstop prospect Tyler Pastornicky and since-traded lefty prospect Tim Collins.

Reyes will start Wednesday’s series finale for the Blue Jays against his former team.

Escobar hit .280 with a .357 on-base percentage, eight homers and 26 RBIs in 67 games before Monday, including .309 with six homers and a .395 OBP in his past 36 games. He signed a two-year, $10 million contract extension last week.

In his final 135 games for Atlanta, he hit .259 with three homers, 38 RBIs, a .358 OBP and .320 slugging percentage (.678 OPS).

If he had performed better, the Braves might have lived with his attitude and some on-field incidents that upset some teammates and coaches almost as much as they irked opponents.

“I’ve got a good relationship with him,” Braves left fielder Martin Prado said. “But probably other people didn’t think the same way I did. The thing for me is, he was quiet in the locker room. He’s not a guy who’s going to talk to you every day. But when the time came to play, he played hard every day. I’m not the right person to tell you [what went wrong].”

Some have assumed that veteran Chipper Jones pushed for Escobar to be traded, but the third baseman actually was one of Escobar’s most outspoken supporters for most of his career with the Braves.

“I think it probably worked out good for both sides,” Jones said. “I think maybe he might have needed a chance of scenery, may have needed to go somewhere where there were some influential Latin players who could, you know, show him the way and how it’s done.

“It worked out good for him. He got an extension with Toronto. But I never wanted Yunel to leave. I’ve been a big fan of Yunel all along, because the guy’s a good player. You figured if if he maybe turned the corner maturity-wise, that he could be a perennial All-Star. I really felt that way. It’s unfortunate how it worked out, but maybe it worked out for the best for both sides.”

Prado said, “I’m glad he’s doing well, and I know for sure it’s going to be like that for a long time. Because he works hard. I’m happy for him. When it seems like he’s feeling better with that team, that’s all that matters. If you feel fine, you feel good with a team and around people, you take advantage and you can succeed.”

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June 20th, 2011
8:21 pm

what about that dumb standing O gonzo got? too bad that doesn’t win baseball games
would kill to still have yunel’s OBP

Tired of being sensored

June 20th, 2011
8:24 pm

Just play bal;l; Chipper and stop talking.


June 20th, 2011
8:24 pm

It was an even trade.

Redneck Jones

June 20th, 2011
8:27 pm

Me tu I’m dun glad he went tu dat ferun team and pley’d wif dem other ferners, her n atlnta we spek amercan!


June 20th, 2011
8:28 pm

chipper most of these guys would boo the iro horse


June 20th, 2011
8:35 pm

It was a good trade. Hot dog players such as Escobar are bad seeds…I would trade him for a bag of chips….I would take Dallas type players over Miami players anytime….Chipper needs to stop talking and play….


June 20th, 2011
8:38 pm


In no way was this an even trade. We sold about as low as we could on Yunel and bought as high as we could on AAG.

Yunel’s numbers this year are a lot better than AAG’s, and he’s a lot younger. I will take an above average defensive player who can produce at the plate over an excellent defensive player who has an atrocious career .293 OBP. Put Yunel at the top of our order this year and we have something that resembles a major league line up.


June 20th, 2011
8:47 pm

Escobar was lazy like Andruw Jones. They were not team players in ATL.

Los crackers

June 20th, 2011
8:50 pm

If he was such a “cancer” why did we have a better win % with him here last season?


June 20th, 2011
9:00 pm

well this article kind flies in the face of your last one about yunel!

Let's Go

June 20th, 2011
9:08 pm

the lackadaisical attitude he had at times really rubbed Bobby the wrong way and there were times last year when he would do some of the dumbest things and you got the feeling he was doing them on purpose just to tick Bobby off. Also, you got to remember he wasn’t hitting anything last year when they traded him, zero home runs prior to the all star break.

Let's Go

June 20th, 2011
9:13 pm

Los crackers

You can’t be serious to think that Yunel had anything to do with the better record during the 1st half of last year. More ovious reasons would be Troy Glaus carrying the team in May, Chipper going down, Martin going down, pitching staff was much better 1st half than 2nd.

La bala

June 20th, 2011
9:20 pm

Ben you are a T-T.

[...] antics, Chipper Jones told David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today that he was actually one of his biggest supporters. “I think it probably worked out good for both sides,” Jones said. “I think maybe he might [...]

Will Jones

June 20th, 2011
9:41 pm

Wonder if Chipper’s ever going to “turn the maturity corner?”

DE Braves Fan

June 20th, 2011
9:43 pm

mswerli….. I would say it was an equal trade. While Escobar has been doing it with the bat Gonzo is FAR better defensively. On top of that we got Pastornicky who is hitting .304 in AA with 14/21 SB

tempe Zac

June 20th, 2011
9:48 pm

Don’t blame Chip for talking; he is just giving DOB something to work with. It isn’t like he is recovering from a voice injury

Rafeal Ramirez

June 20th, 2011
9:50 pm

DOB get over it.

northbeach Scott

June 20th, 2011
10:02 pm

I cannot believe we get to face Jo-Jo the dogfaced boy on Wednesday. Hard to believe he is still pitching in the majors. Hope the Braves just destroy the ‘tard.

Remove the DH!

June 20th, 2011
10:10 pm

I am Tim Hudson and I still this message.


June 20th, 2011
10:16 pm

Tired of being sensored

Tired of spelling, too, I see.


June 20th, 2011
10:30 pm

Escobar was a terrific riddance…the guy had the worst attitude going…what a waste of a career, much like andruw jones…

Another Clueless Braves Blogger

June 20th, 2011
11:01 pm

phil June 20th, 2011 10:30 pm Escobar was a terrific riddance…the guy had the worst attitude going…what a waste of a career, much like andruw jones…

Much more like Phil.

David O'Brien

June 20th, 2011
11:04 pm

Rafeal Ramirez: You spelled your name wrong.


June 20th, 2011
11:25 pm

yeah Phil, what a waste he only makes 20 million over the next 4 years.


June 20th, 2011
11:25 pm

Ok, so Gonzo doesn’t exactly tear the cover off the ball with his bat, but how many runs has the guy saved us with his glove? He makes plays every day that are amazing.

George Jung

June 20th, 2011
11:27 pm

Escobar is a crazy dude man dont double cross him.

Just Wanna Say

June 21st, 2011
12:00 am

I loved Yunel. I was also a huge Andruw Jones fan. Next, the Braves will trade my new favorite player, Prado. Ok, that obviously won’t happen, but still.

Linebrink for Cy

June 21st, 2011
12:16 am

“Yunel’s numbers this year are a lot better than AAG”

YE: 8 homers / AG: 7 (does not qualify as a lot better)
26 RBI / 22 RBI (does not qualify as a lot better)
42 Runs / 32 Runs (qualifies as slightly better)
2 stolen bases / 1 stoles bases (does not qualify as a lot better)
72 hits / 68 hits (does not qualify as a lot better)
8 Doubles / 12 doubles (does not qualify as a lot better)
3 triples / 1 triple (does not qualify as a lot better)


June 21st, 2011
12:35 am

Linebrink for Cy
You have accomplished posting the dumbest comment to date. Can you tell me what stat is the most important to score runs? I bet you think it is homeruns. To your suprise it’s actually OBP. Yunel OBP is .356;compare that to Alex’s .286. So yes, Yunel is having a much better year and will continue to outproduce Alex in the coming years. The Jays knew that and the Braves surely knew that too, but we made a win-now move that was brought on by the retiring manager. I’m not mad at Bobby or the front office but I certainly wish the trade never happened.


June 21st, 2011
1:53 am

Maybe DOB should have asked these players before his blatantly biased hit piece on Yunel that showed the usual lapdog mentality that EVERY AJC sportswriter shows regarding the Braves.

Prado is the best player on the Braves and has more class in his pinky than Chipper will ever have. Prado could have lived with Yunel here but the immature “standing O” players and lapdog media couldn’t. Then again Prado had to ride the pine for almost 2 years behind a far inferior player (Johnson) only to make the allstar team as a second baseman only to lose that position to Mr. .170 Dan Uggla the great guy who hustles.

Still waiting for ANY AJC writer to ask Chipper why it was ok to call out Heyward publicly but not ok when Chipper THOUGHT Smoltz was calling him out publicly. Oh sorry that’s called objective honest media not hey I’m cool because i get to kiss the Braves collective hiney and report exactly what they want everyone to believe.

David O'Brien

June 21st, 2011
2:37 am

You tell ‘em carlchamblee. You’ve got your finger on the pulse of the whole situation.


June 21st, 2011
2:50 am

As Chipper said”if YE had been hitting and driving in runs in the 6(six)hole like he did the previous two seasons because our three and four hitters were not”.As I have said from day one,Bobby traded YE for Gonzo because Gonzo had hit twenty hrs and YE had only one.Prado is telling it like it is and if he is not careful he will be gone.Maybe that’s a good thing if he is to be paid the Mony he deserves.It is crazy that Kelly Johnson is better paid than Prado,Escabor and Gonzo.Yeah,you can add Infante to that list also.That was a stupid trade the Braves made to Toronto and it is no way an even swap.We had a Cuban manager in waiting but BC got his revenge and really hurt the Braves because with our present CF’er hitting leadoff and YE hitting second with Heyward taking over for Chipper in the near future we were set at the top of the order for I believe years to come.Thanks Bobby and GO BRAVES


June 21st, 2011
3:04 am

The question is why do or why have so many of the players that have come through the Braves system or are acquired via trade and who initially exhibit a great deal of promise more often than not fizzle out completely so routinely?

I mean, this just keeps happening but it is seemingly never addressed.

How does the guy go from being the clutch performer on the team in 2009 to having zero home runs for the remainder of his time with the Braves in 2010? Literally, no home runs in the entire first half of the season not to mention a drop in several other offensive categories.

But of course he goes to Toronto and promptly hits his first career grand slam. I mean, it’s not a direct cause and effect but what the hell?

Why people continue to deflect criticism away from the Braves hitting instruction or instructors is just, I don’t get it. All we continually see are players devolving offensively under the guidance of Terry Pendleton and now Larry Parrish. And you can’t sit there and talk about Martin Prado and Brian McCann. They are a cut above the rest. Chipper obviously was as well, in his prime, and got help from his dad when he needed it. The vast majority though in recent years fail to develop or mature but nothing is ever done about it except we just end of trading people and starting over and the whole thing itself starts over.

The Braves might have had their reasons to want to part ways with Yunel but I still feel personally that it is they who failed him.

Darryl Blackberry

June 21st, 2011
3:23 am

We helped Andruw mature over the years, but we couldn’t do it with Yunel. I have to wonder how much of that is due to the language barrier.


June 21st, 2011
5:56 am

chip what the????????????? shut the hell up and play ball

Bobby Bobby

June 21st, 2011
6:26 am

Would have rather kept Escobar and traded chipper ATL has influential Latin players as chipper calls them. This is what happens when you do not go to college and then become a spokesman. Shut up chipper. Play ball or retire.

[...] Atlanta Braves [...]

No fan of Larry Wayne

June 21st, 2011
6:34 am

I have really grown tired of Old Larry Wayne running his tater trap or pie hole, first he is telling Heyward to suck it up and play while he is injured and then he sits out claiming he’s hurt now he’s saying he never wanted Escobar to leave.Man shut your trap and play or retire.Las time I look Frank Wren was in the gm chair the only thing you run Larry Wayne is your mouth.

Willie Coyote

June 21st, 2011
7:05 am

The trade was necessary for both sides. I think there was plenty of fault to go around from the Braves management to Escobar. It was a net loss for Atlanta though.

The trade of Escobar really set this team back because, remember, Andrus, not Escobar, was included in the infamous Texas trade for Teixeira. The combination of these two trades stripped us of a significant amount of talent at SS. Therfore, both trades, from a Braves perspective, were complete losses that they are still trying to recover from.

Mama Cox

June 21st, 2011
7:25 am

I tried to make Yunel one of Mama’s boys. He just wouldn”t do it. He wanted to be a Man. He interfered with the Lovey Dovey atmosphere. He had to go.


June 21st, 2011
7:58 am

Gimper Jones is such a f’ing liar.

Mike McDonald

June 21st, 2011
8:12 am

DOB did a 180 on his vitriolic tirade on Yunel yesterday. He repeated himself ad nauseum in ripping someone who, in my opinion, is a top talent and who played with flair and skill. I suspect that Dave was told he went over the top in his criticism, which he certainly did. Martin Prado continues to be a class act on and off the field.

I’m glad Chipper spoke out although I didn’t understand his reference to needing some Latin players to help Yunel, especially with Prado and the always reliable Infante on board at the time.

On a related subject, the 180 degree turnaround of former front office smart moves beginning with the Yexiera trade has been baffling..


June 21st, 2011
8:39 am

Escobar is a great SS, and I highly dought anybody here knows what really happened when he was with the braves. Cox was a loyal coach aslong as you played by his rules. Escobar was not like everybody else so COX got rid of him…is pretty simple.

DR. Oz.

June 21st, 2011
8:40 am

Chipper has a right to his opinion. After all he was around the guy a lot more than you critics . I think he has first hand information having played with Escobar for several years.

Frankie Wren

June 21st, 2011
8:51 am

Yunel a top talent, please. Steady player but never a allstar and chance he never will be. Guy missed his calling in life. Should have been a basketball player. NBA filled with guys with ton of talent and lousy attitudes.


June 21st, 2011
9:03 am

I think it worked out well for both sides. I haven’t forgotten the team’s and the fans’ frustration with Yunel last season. If Yunel would have communicated his frustrations and feelings better, perhaps things could have been worked through rather than him “acting out”. I definitely agree that a change of scenery was needed. Gonzo has done well defensively since taking over, and occasionally surprises us by having a great game offensively. You know he wants to up his game with his predecessor in town, though. I thought he got off to a great start last night.

vermont 39

June 21st, 2011
9:10 am

We lost nothing valuable. One has to look at the whole picture. His attitude was cancerous…you can pout when you hit 35-40 HRs 130 RBI and bat .330…Ted Williams like…otherwise bye-bye

Lost Cause

June 21st, 2011
9:39 am

I beleive the description of Alex arriving at the club house was … “a standing ovation” … I doubt anyone was sorry to see Escobar go. Now if we can just get rid of Gonzo. I am ready for Pasternicky or … Reyes?


June 21st, 2011
9:40 am

” I didn’t understand his reference to needing some Latin players to help Yunel, especially with Prado and the always reliable Infante on board at the time”

What Chipper inartfully was trying to say was that the manager of the Blue Jays, Tito Gaskin, is latin and could probably relate better with him than Cox, who was the real reason he was traded.
The guy is a player who played with his emotions on his sleave. He was also immature and needed hands on guidance from his manager.(to tell him that when he struckout or made an error, that his sulking because of it affected the whole team not just him) Cox was not that guy. Tito may be that guy because of his ability to speak to him one on one without the aid of an interpreter.

Coach (2011 Fredi G. a go!)

June 21st, 2011
9:43 am

Yunel had one half season of horrible production combined with his bad attitude, equaled a trade to Toronto.

So if Dan Uggla continues to use one -third of the diamond to hit for the rest of the entire 2011 season, will the Braves trade him?

I don’t think so but then again, Uggla isn’t Cuban and doesn’t speak Hispanic.

Frankie Wren

June 21st, 2011
9:56 am


Don’t care to mention anything about the way Uggla plays the game and despite how difficult of a season he’s having? C’mon you know better.

Frankie Wren

June 21st, 2011
10:00 am

Coach playing the race card, nice.

longtime braves fan

June 21st, 2011
10:01 am

Living away from atlanta, Iwas a yunel escobar fan. the guy is a good player.I just can not wait until this team starts to hit.Maybe they can start today.


June 21st, 2011
10:34 am

what did chipper say that was so wrong. does anybody remember andress thomas.


June 21st, 2011
10:43 am

DOB, Could you start every comments section with the following:

- Chipper is a 10 and 5 and can’t be traded without his permission.
- Uggla is untradeable with his contract.

Carry on….

space monkey

June 21st, 2011
10:47 am

It’s amazing how people have some rose-colored memories of this jerk. He killed rallies. He booted plays. And he was so ga ga stupid that a pitcher would walk the bases loaded and then this idiot would swing at the first pitch and hit into an easy DP. Yunel has a 10-cent head.


June 21st, 2011
10:55 am

The only thing I regret about Yunel not being on the Braves is that we didn’t capitalize and trade him when he had his “breakout” year and led the league in hitting with RISP. The Red Sox were rumored to offering a pretty sweet deal and wanted him as their main player targeted in a trade…too bad we didn’t capitalize and trade his a&& then.

Yunel will be a serviceable ML SS, nothing more. Get over it. You are allowed to have an attitude if you are a perennial All Star player, which Yunel is not and will never be.

Just damn…some people need to get a fraking clue.


June 21st, 2011
10:56 am

I’ll go Chipper one better. I never wanted to see Elvis traded.


June 21st, 2011
10:59 am

Still remember the game in Miami when he hit a HR and then flipped his bat showboated and pointed to the crowd…then a Braves player got hit later in the game for his antics…No thanks…good riddance and there was no room on the Braves for his persona.


June 21st, 2011
11:01 am

I guess we can add Escobar to the ever-growing list of young players who “escaped” Atlanta and found success.


June 21st, 2011
11:38 am

We love Yunel here in Toronto. Moreover, we have great faith in Alex Anthopoulos making the trade in exchange for a stop-gap player and prospects, not to mention including Jo-Jo, who has been maturing well in our rotation.

And honestly, what’s Chipper going to say? I couldn’t stand his show-boat whistling?


June 21st, 2011
11:41 am

It appears that the majority of the comments on this blog are by people who don’t watch this team play.
Agon has not been super with the bat but his fielding has been outstanding if not gold glove level.
Agon does not pout, sulk, or lollygag throws to first that may get our 1st baseman killed.
Agon shows up and plays everyday and does not develop mystery ailments that keep him out of the game 3 or 4 days at a time.
Agon DOES NOT have frosted tips. (Sorry not baeball, but WOW, really?)

Chipper will go down as one of the top 5 Braves of all time.
Chipper has said almost nothing in his career until the last couple of years when he became the old man on the team.
Chipper has done everything he can to be on the field and play every game he can this year. Damaged knee, strains be da*ned. He is in his last couple of years and airing it out.
Chipper never complains.
Chipper gets called out and he has SOMETHING to say about it. He does not run off in a corner and pout or play bad baseball because his feeling are hurt.
Chipper is still one of the best hitters on the team and we suffer when he is out of the lineup.

For the record on the Teixeira, it was a win now mentality and Teixeira hit better then McGriff did on becoming a Brave. But the pitching sure didn’t keep it’s end up.

If Tex had hit at all the start of the season where we traded him, we would have been in the play off picture. He hit for bupkis!

Who Cares What Chipper thinks

June 21st, 2011
11:49 am

Who really cares what Chipper thinks, about anything !

Does he really sound like somebody you’d take advice from? His father has to give him batting tips.

Chipper says this, Chipper says that.

Considering how much time Chipper sits out, he still had the gall to tell Jason Heyward, who is under a medical physician’s care, to “man up”.

With clowns like Chipper “leading” the Braves, its no wonder the Braves haven’t won a World Series game in 15 years.


June 21st, 2011
11:53 am

space monkey were you talking about alex gonzales or escobar? Because those scenarios sound a lot like Gonzo


June 21st, 2011
11:59 am

The fact that Gonzalez is 5 years older and a free agent after this year puts the Braves in the perpetual rent a player mode with no apparent fill in for the foreseeable future. Toronto just like Texas got the better younger players.

What is Uggla Thinking Now?

June 21st, 2011
12:10 pm

As he arrives at the ballpark: Darn, I forgot my favorite jock strap…the one I bought at the Dollar Store.

David O'Brien

June 21st, 2011
12:12 pm

Nick: you 10:43 is a good suggestion. And we could add a couple more, such as, the Braves aren’t going to be the team that gives Reyes a contract worth well over $100 million, but there will be at least one team that makes him such an offer.


June 21st, 2011
12:17 pm

Escobar and Gonzo are decent players yes, however ten years from now neither will be household names. Chipper kinda sounds like he is doing some damage control, sometimes the more you say the worse it sounds.
Who knows Pastornicky could turn into a fine shortstop and be in the majors for years? Time will tell on this trade, either way “most” SS are slick fielding average to light hitters and alot of players coming up fit that mode. Now sending Andrus to the Rangers… that was a major screw up.

David O'Brien

June 21st, 2011
12:18 pm

DOB did a 180 on his vitriolic tirade on Yunel yesterday. He repeated himself ad nauseum in ripping someone who, in my opinion, is a top talent and who played with flair and skill. I suspect that Dave was told he went over the top in his criticism, which he certainly did. — Mike McDonald

You suspect that I was told I went “over the top” in my criticism, huh? Well, let me assure you, let me make it perfectly clear, no one told me I went over the top in my criticism, other than a few blog/Twitter readers who don’t have any idea what transpired away from public view between Yunel and teammates.

I tried to show in my news story, as opposed to my opinion blog, that Chipper wasn’t the reason he was traded, and that he was not viewed as some evil guy in the clubhouse. Just an immature guy who’d become too much of a distraction to too many folks. To their credit, they took the high road because there was no reason to throw under the bus a former teammate who has moved on.

And now that the Braves have played the Blue Jays in a regular season game for the first time since the trade, most of us writers will probably move on, too. I know I will. It needed to be addressed one time, and one time only. It has been.

Braves' fan

June 21st, 2011
12:55 pm

Chipper, its time to retire as both player and face of the Braves organization. You were not an integral part of the Braves’ glory teams of (1991-1996). Your leadership skills and tact are questionable. The Braves need your salary to acquire much-needed offense in the form of someone in their prime, that can play every day and contribute.

Ride off to your Texas ranch and don’t look back.

Damon Dingle Barryhill

June 21st, 2011
12:56 pm

bigbrave: “Andruw Jones was not a team player in ATL” — Do you know how disreSPECTFUL that is???

He’s probably the greatest defensive player the Braves have ever had, and amassed some great numbers here. You’re a total D-Bag, and shouldn’t be reading DOBs blog, because you’re clearly not a Braves fan if you’re going to bash Andruw Jones. Go sniff Cliff Lee’s jock.


June 21st, 2011
1:27 pm

I love when DOB rips you idiots.


June 21st, 2011
2:03 pm


Chipper could quit today and go into the hall of fame in 5 years. Stop being jealous about people who have accomplished more than you ever will in your life. If he wants to talk about another player he has the right to, especially when Dave brings it up. What would you rather he just said, “No Comment” every time?

Anthony Weiner

June 21st, 2011
2:43 pm

Does Chipper advise Frank Wren on player moves?

His opinion is so much in demand around here.


June 21st, 2011
2:53 pm

which one of those 9 ground balls A-Gon effortlessly fielded yesterday would Yunel have booted, killing Huddy’s rhythm and opening the door to a big inning?


June 21st, 2011
3:01 pm

scott – what an inane thing to say – “you’re jealous”.

Never ever doubted Chippers HOF credentials as a hitter. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a giant d-bag and he gets a free pass from the Braves publicity dept, er, I mean local media.

Chipper cried and moaned publicly and called out Smoltz just a few years ago when he THOUGHT he was being singled out for not playing hurt. He later went on to say the whole thing should have been kept in-house and never brought to the media. So flash to now and he does the very thing to Heyward that he said should NOT have been done to him. Yet during this whole recent episode not ONE local publicity agent, er, I mean local media, brings up the hypocrisy or asks Chipper about it. And believe me they knew well about the previous episode it was a big deal at the time. But be da*n sure if it was a guy they weren’t assigned to protect they’d have been all over it.


June 21st, 2011
3:08 pm

FYI – Since he joined the Braves I’ve seen AGon loaf, not run out a ball off the wall and thus only get a single, throw a fit after yet another strikeout, and show selfishness and lack of discipline at the plate.

He has been fantastic defensively but he is nowhere near as good as Yunel is or will be offensively. But to run down Escobar we have to make Gonzales out to be Mother Teresa I get it.

And for the record Yunel was the team’s best overall player in 2009 and due to a real injury and slow start in 2010 he had a below average first half which obviously didn’t last. But I guess only Mclouth and Uggla can survive extended suckage to try and justify unnecessary and questionable trades.


June 21st, 2011
3:11 pm

carlchamblee (June 21st, 2011 1:53 am): “Maybe DOB should have asked these players before his blatantly biased hit piece on Yunel . . . .”

What you fail to realize is that DOB is still massively torqued that he was so wrong three years ago about the effect that the Braves’ unconditional release of fellow Cuban Brayan Pena had on Escobar’s attitude and adjustment, so DOB is simply taking it out on what he sees to be the most proximate cause of his embarrassing lack of insight and analysis.

(The Braves kept Corky Miller instead of Pena. Supes knows about it — he was there at the time. Pena had a .690 OPS when he was released — Miller wound up with an OPS of .285!)

Like Mitchell said at June 21st, 2011 3:04 am: “The Braves might have had their reasons to want to part ways with Yunel but I still feel personally that it is they who failed him.”


June 21st, 2011
3:26 pm

People forget that Cinn Reds traded Gonzo to Toronto for the same reasons The Braves say they traded Escabor to Toronto.They can sell it any way they want to but YE was traded because Bobby thought Gonzo would come to The ATL and hit homeruns as he was doing in Toronto.That is the same reason he gave Kelly the starting job over Prado and he traded for McLouth and the guy that is playing CF in Washington.It was all about the HRs with Bobby and until that thought process leave this organization,they will continue to struggle at the plate.GO BRAVES

Marvel Goose

June 21st, 2011
3:42 pm

Last night AG had nine assists. Yunel tossed the ball into the dugout to let a runner get on base — who then scored on the HR. I’ll keep AG, thank you.l

Bill James

June 21st, 2011
3:54 pm

jj @ 3:26PM:

I could not have said it better !

You are a kindred spirit who can see through the clouds and haze generated by the Braves’ spin machine.

If it hadn’t been for Kelly Johnson getting hurt (hitting in the .220 range at the time), Prado would still be a part-time player. Bobby liked the solo HR’s over everything else.

Bobby’s presence is still felt. How else do you explain a .177 hitter starting at second base?


June 21st, 2011
4:10 pm

“Braves’ fan

June 21st, 2011
12:55 pm

Chipper, its time to retire as both player and face of the Braves organization. You were not an integral part of the Braves’ glory teams of (1991-1996). Your leadership skills and tact are questionable. The Braves need your salary to acquire much-needed offense in the form of someone in their prime, that can play every day and contribute.

Ride off to your Texas ranch and don’t look back.”

You do know he hit 3rd on that ‘95 team, right?

Braves' fan

June 21st, 2011
4:37 pm


Key word used is “integral”.

Also, he was not hitting 3rd in 1995-96


June 21st, 2011
4:38 pm

People kill me: do you really want Yunel back here in a Braves uniform? I sure don’t, he wasn’t happy here, he made it obvious to everyone ’til they had no choice but to ship him off. Alex is a great defensive SS who is a consummate professional, I will take that over YE’s petulant attitude every single time. I think it worked out great for all sides, why the constant rehashing?? Move on, people!


June 21st, 2011
5:04 pm

yep. that was the big deal then. Rookie hitting 3rd in the order. He’s hit 3rd almost everytime he’s played, with the exception of hitting 4th sometimes. Do me a favor and if you can find box scores from then, look them up and see that I’m right before responding.


June 21st, 2011
5:07 pm

I looked it up for you. Chipper batted 3rd 135 times in 144 games in 1995.


June 21st, 2011
5:07 pm


June 21st, 2011
5:17 pm

A little more history about the 1996 team. Chipper finished the year playing SS. Pendleton played third base. Chipper hit 3rd 151 out of 162 games that year. :-)


June 21st, 2011
5:34 pm

I don’t know why this YE situation and comments brings to my mind the DAVID JUSTICE trade!!!!!


June 21st, 2011
6:42 pm

This was such a great trade for the Jays!! They are prob still laughing about how the stole him from the Braves!!! WAY TO GO WREN!!!

Mike McDonald

June 21st, 2011
6:51 pm

@ DOB:

“To their credit, they took the high road because there was no reason to throw under the bus a former teammate who has moved on”.

So the players had the class to take the high road and you, as a priviledged member of the fourth estate, took the low road with an ad homminen hatchet job the likes of which i’ve rarely seen.

Further, you go on to say that it “needed to be addressed one time and one time only”. It was not the first time that you have dumped on Yunel since the trade; nor was it professionally done in its extreme-ness, in my opinion.


June 21st, 2011
7:21 pm

Nobody gives a damn what u think Chipper, just get on the field or retire!


June 22nd, 2011
3:02 am

I call BS on this one Chipper.


June 22nd, 2011
10:25 am

Good stuff, Leumas.

Braves Fan

June 22nd, 2011
12:35 pm

I am very glad Yunel is gone. He used to warm up on deck by facing the crowd and taking practice swings – never ever watching the opposing pitcher. He was – and I believe – a head case. Much happier with Gonzales! Yunel is in a better place now – the land of no TV coverage to see what bone head he can be and will be under his long-term contract. Why so tough on him? Because he is a gifted player who is like a 10 year old.

Hey treeeeesss moron

June 22nd, 2011
6:33 pm

Yunel #1 Fan

June 24th, 2011
5:03 pm

I love the way Yunel plays. Great hands and range and the best arm in MLB. I really miss him. I have to say i enjoy watchin Gonzalez play but Yunel is way better and younger.

And BLACKCRACKER shut the f up. Chipper is the smartest player i have seen in my 30 years as a braves fan. Have some respect you are an AHOLE

[...] and will make the occasional head-scratching play. Meanwhile, former teammate Chipper Jones once suggested a strong Latin clubhouse presence may help him resolve some of those issues. In Tampa Bay, Escobar [...]

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