First person Cox tribute: Royals GM Dayton Moore

Royals general manager and former Braves scouting and minor league executive Dayton Moore on retiring Braves manager Bobby Cox:

“When you were trying to sign players through the draft or internationally, everybody knew who Bobby Cox is and we’d you’d say, ‘If you’re going play for Bobby Cox, you’re going to run balls out.’ “If you’re going to play for Bobby Cox, you’re going to get runners over.’ ‘If you’re going to pitch for Bobby Cox, you’re going to have to throw strikes.’ ‘If you’re going to play for Bobby Cox, you’re going to have to worry about being a good teammate first.’ It was all centered around being a good teammate and being professional and managing failure. That’s how you had to do it.

Moore (left) with long-time Braves scouting executive Paul Snyder

Moore (left) with long-time Braves scouting executive Paul Snyder

“Everybody knows the story and it’s true, (coach) Jim Beauchamp and I – it was during the draft – Kelly Johnson was really struggling up here, and I walked in the clubhouse and saw Kelly and Kelly looked like he was about ready to jump. And I said, ‘How are you doing?’ He said ‘I’m not doing good. I’m just trying to get better.’ I went in with Jim Beauchamp to Bobby’s office and I said, ‘Bobby do we need to send Kelly Johnson down?’ And Bobby’s like ‘No, he’s going to be fine. I’ve got him hitting in the No. 3 hole tonight. He’s got a great swing.’ The confidence Bobby Cox had in players gave you a comfort level in recommending players to come to the major leagues because you knew right away Bobby was going to believe in them. And when a guy like Bobby Cox believes in you, it gives you a lot of confidence as a person and as a player.

“Bobby wanted guys that were baseball players. He wants guys that respect the game and the people in it. Because of that, it kept it simple: how to evaluate players and how to motivate players. I remember Bobby when I was a young scout, doing scouting and stuff with the Braves, Bobby spoke in our meeting and he said ‘Guys we’ve got to scout the players with tools, but if we want to win championships, you better not forget about the Mark Lemkes and the Jeff Blausers of the world.’ Not that those guys don’t have tools, they do, they’re major league players, but winning make-up, and the guys that are going to add to the chemistry of a baseball team over the course of 162 games.”

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September 25th, 2010
4:15 pm

Thanks for the memories BOBBY. Remember PARKER FIELD.


September 25th, 2010
4:54 pm

Lowe is showing some grit down the stretch.

where is Rowland Office?

September 25th, 2010
5:08 pm

oh man…goose bumps. I really nhope we get someone that continues to do the same things: respect, play hard, do things right (but not burn out the bull pen)…


September 26th, 2010
10:02 am

I honestly think we will get a manager that does that. IF the new one comes in he would be crazy to try to change the whole thing. THe players are going to be used to bobby and stuff so the new coach will have to be patient like bobby. “You have to be patient” Bobby said. I think they will understand how things are around here heck the have seen it for 20 years lol. We all know that Bobby has had success doin this, so why change. Several young players to teach the right way to play baseball. With Chip and Mac there i think the braves tradition will live on through heyward and Freeman.

I just, on a side note want to thank Bobby and Chipper for teaching me the right way to play baseball, I learned to play like chipper, respect the game and everything. In turn it not only helped me but I changed the lives of other players around me too. We worked hard but respected the game. Even though it makes little since them two did really help me and I am very thankful for that. Growing up I would always pretend to be chipper. I cant thank them enough but I owe you guys everything! Thanks for being my heros and mentors growing up. Im gonna miss you guys.

Chipper you are welcome at Weaubleau Creek Outfitters any time you want to hunt, its the least i could do.

[...] Royals GM Dayton Moore [...]

[...] Royals GM Dayton Moore [...]

Tater the FORMER Bobby Hater

September 29th, 2010
10:41 am

I have been one of the most militant of Bobby’s critics over the years and I have always been quick to point out when his stubborn loyalty to his players cost the team wins. (I still shudder when I remember how he let Charlie Liebrant to pitch to Kirby Puckett.)

Lately, however I have come to the conclusion that maybe Bobby has been right all along. After all aren’t loyalty, kindness and patience toward a fellow human being more important than a few numbers in the win column? So I would like to apologize to you Mr. Cox for all of my judgemental remarks. Thank you for caring for your players. Good bye and good luck in your retirement.

[...] Royals GM Dayton Moore [...]

[...] Royals GM Dayton Moore [...]

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