Minor optioned, Kimbrel recalled for temporary bullpen help

The Braves optioned left-hander Mike Minor to the Gulf Coast League Friday in a strategic roster move to bring in an extra bullpen arm for the next couple of days.

Minor will make his start as scheduled Tuesday against the Mets, but in the meantime the Braves recalled Craig Kimbrel to add to the bullpen.

Because the Gulf Coast League season ends on Saturday, Minor won’t have to wait the requisite 10 days to return to the major league roster.

Kimbrel was recalled from Triple-A Gwinnett for his third major league stint this season. He went 2-0 with a 1.08 ERA in eight games out of the Braves bullpen.

Kimbrel has gone 3-2 with a 1.74 ERA with 22 saves for Gwinnett in 44 games. He has a .153 opponents’ batting average.

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Oh Nah!

August 27th, 2010
6:11 pm

Hoh! Mean da strategy!! I hope da boy t’row good bumbye he walk plenny hitta’s! Hawaii, what!!!

Tim Tebow's Tears

August 27th, 2010
6:12 pm

cut farnsworth

Tim Tebow's Tears

August 27th, 2010
6:12 pm

obvi i’m on the wrong blog. Sorry Oh nah


August 27th, 2010
6:18 pm

The only guys i hate are Ankiel and Farnsworth. I would take Blanco over both of them. Ankiel closes his eyes when he swings. “Looks like a lumber jack chopping down a tree” -signs. and Farnsworth has yet to make a good outing.


August 27th, 2010
6:23 pm

After that meltdown the other day aginst the rockies, I hope there was a team meeting after the game. Contenders don’t blow 9 run leads. I know that its late in the year and most of the regulars are getting fatigued, but now is the time when players need to step up and take things to a new level. We should be running away with the east, fortunately in our case, the Phils are playing as poor as we are. If you look at the standings, the Phils are no longer leading the wild card. Which translates to…We HAVE to win the division or go home.

Owl Hunter

August 27th, 2010
6:29 pm

The Reds blew a nine run lead.


August 27th, 2010
6:32 pm

Good move, if Bobby uses him in crucial situations when other arms need a rest. (or anytime he would have used Farnsworth). Since Minor last pitched in Washington, why wasn’t this move made 3 days ago? I would much rather see Kimbrel pitching to Tulo the other day than Farnsworth.


August 27th, 2010
6:44 pm

Thank Goodness Sept soon over and we can bring up some arms from the farm. How about that Freeman (Future) Kid ? Has Moylan’s arm fell off yet ? Now I can why Lee cleared waivers to fall to Bravo’s. Rick and Derrick our new Whiff Kids. At least Phillies are playing bad recently and we haven’t lost ground. Go Braves !!!


August 27th, 2010
6:46 pm

I can’t find my contenders handbook, but I will take it under advisement.

Matt the Brave

August 27th, 2010
7:03 pm

I know the Braves blew a 9 run lead, but we didn’t get swept by a cellar-dweller in four at home. We honestly have one of those games about once every five years. It’s a poor time to have it, but we’ll rebound and do well for the rest of the year.


August 27th, 2010
7:17 pm

We should’ve brought Kimbrel up a long time ago. Kyle Farnsworth was a bust the first time he was here. The guy throws 100, but it’s straight as an arrow…..and gets hit as hard as he throws it.

And, I’m not that excited about Freeman. When was the last time the Braves developed a decent 1B? Frank Wren’s prognostications about his minor leaguers is hit and miss. Heyward, when healthy, is great. Tommy Hanson, not so great. Jordan Schafer? Awful.


August 27th, 2010
7:20 pm

Glad to see the young Kimbral back. Wish we had DFA’d Farnsworth


August 27th, 2010
7:30 pm

KSU, surely you don’t mean you hate someone playing a game just because they disappoint you. Come on man, lighten up. Hate is a very bad word.


August 27th, 2010
7:44 pm

guys and fellow brave fans,these are the “dog days”,we qwill have to fight for every win,20 more wins will get us in the post


August 27th, 2010
8:11 pm

Here we go again, more than likely to loose four in a row, MR big Bobby leaves the so called pitcher in to long, they can not hit with any consistency, and the pitching as of late as been dreadful, what are we to do Mr. WREN, do you have a answer, probably not.
Hope i’am wrong, but i doubt it.


August 27th, 2010
8:12 pm

I just checked the game, we’re behind 4 – 0 in the 2nd inning. If we lose tonight it will be 6 of the last 8 games. We can’t win with bad starting pitching, so so bull pen, bad defense and very spotty offense.


August 27th, 2010
9:22 pm

Two more home runs off Hanson (4 tonight). I keep telling these people he’s giving away his signs.


August 27th, 2010
10:51 pm

if braves president does not fire terry pendleton and roger mcdowell forgetthe post season ,frank wren has to go he is giving away our players and the minor leagers and getting nothing in return


August 27th, 2010
11:03 pm

the Yanks get Kearns for AAA prospect with a 5 ERA (Mc Allister) and we have to give up 3 prospects for Lee ? His best days are long gone.
Ankiel and Farnsworth have been totally useless. is Ankiel better than Mc Louth ? they both can’t hit and strike out constantly.
Marek at AAA can’t pitch any worse than Farnsworth.
Braves scouts have to find extra guys so Wren can give them away every July and Aug.


August 28th, 2010
7:30 am

the lee guy stinks


August 28th, 2010
8:13 am

The Braves’ right-handed relief pitching has been average and inconsistent for most of the year, and since the all-star break, it’s been much worse. That’s why the Braves traded for Farnsworth; they were hoping he would elevate the rh relief pitching. Instead, he’s looked worse than jesse Chavez and has performed worse than the mop-up pitcher, Christian Martinez. I hope bringing Kimbrel up will help, but his high number of walks really scare me.


August 28th, 2010
8:17 am



takashi saito's dad

August 28th, 2010
8:32 am



August 28th, 2010
9:13 am

Bullpen help? How about starting pitching help?1

[...] Minor was demoted to the Gulf Coast League, but will make his next start on Tuesday. The move was only made by the Braves to give the Braves another arm in the [...]


August 28th, 2010
11:16 am

Cox has better get Glaus back and send Lee back to where ever he came from. He only got three or four hits in about ten days and he strikes out about as much as Glaus


August 28th, 2010
11:21 am

The braves are a joke. Defense is terrible and mental lapses are worse. If you want to see how baseball should be played, watch the Little League World Series games. Those kids have their head in the game.

C R Mac

August 28th, 2010
11:37 am

Man, I really wish you doom and gloomers would go root for another team! Did anyone really expect the Braves to do this well this year? They were picked to finish fourth in their own division! Braves have given us a great year and if they run out of gas, I have enjoyed the ride. I will always be a Braves fan and it will hurt a lot sometimes, but we will never have the best team in baseball the way things are run now. We will never be able to spend Yankee or Red Sox money. Have fun with these up seasons. Stop complaining so much!


August 28th, 2010
1:46 pm

We should have never traded Gregor Blanco. He’s still hitting and stealing bases with Kansas (.280 avg, 8 for 8 steals); while Ankiel and Farnsworth are stinking it up. That trade was made just for show.


August 28th, 2010
3:53 pm

Kyle “jesse Chavez” Farnsworthless, oi knew when trade was made braves would regret.


August 28th, 2010
5:18 pm

I strongly dislike the attitude most of these bloggers seem to have. We’re still in effing first place, unless we lost two magical games after we lost that one last night. Calling a team that is in FIRST FREAKIN PLACE out of it is worse than a bad attitude, its PI$$ POOR. How bout you all get on the bus instead of trying to blow all the wheels off.


August 28th, 2010
5:40 pm

I thought before the Marlins came to town, that we could get mad and play great, or be down and play poorly, because of the loss in Colorado. Tommy is not having a Sophmore slump, he pitched great in several games without any run support and so has no win to show for those effort. I know his job each outing is to keep his team in the game regardless of whether he is getting run support, but he is human. Who to tell that he would not be feeling better and so perform better, if he had won 2 or 3 of those games that he should have won. This is his second year and he will grow from all the setbacks. The Braves will win more games they should not win before the season ends, just like how they lost a game in Colorado that they should never have lost. This is Baseball a great game with several highs and several lows in a season for players and teams regardless how great they are.

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