Resop claimed off waivers by Pirates

Right-hander Chris Resop was claimed by the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday, ending his short stay in his second go-around with the Braves.

Resop had earned a mid-June call-up from Triple-A Gwinnett and a shot in the Braves bullpen but strained his oblique muscle warming up for his only appearance. He gave up five runs in two relief innings that day (June 15) against Tampa.

The Braves had requested outright waivers and sent him back to Triple-A as he came back off the disabled list Monday. Even if he had cleared waivers, he could have declared for free agency.

Outfielder Brent Clevlen cleared waivers and was sent outright to Gwinnett. Clevlen had been designated for assignment Saturday when the Braves recalled Gregor Blanco and ultimately traded him to Kansas City in the five-player deal that brought Rick Ankiel to the Braves.

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August 4th, 2010
6:53 pm

Good to have O’Flaherty coming back. Perhaps the Braves should give Wagner a few days to rest up and use Venters in the closer role. Gonna be a long stretch run.


August 4th, 2010
6:55 pm

Good to have Eric O’Flaherty back. Hope he feels better.


August 4th, 2010
7:01 pm

David…who wrote your headline on the Kawakami story. I did not read anywhere in his comments where he said he was “unhappy” with his role. That me obvious….but he did not say it. I hate sensational headlines that don’t make any connection to the truth. He did say he didn’t come her to be a relief pitcher but based on how the team is performing he is going to make the best out of a difficult situation. Sounds like the guy is a competitor…but a team player. You guys made him…with your headline…..not to be one. That is not fair in my opinion…or GOOD JOURNALISM. The interview was a good one. The headline totally sucks and should be changed in my opinion…if for nothing else…for good journalism…that is hard to find anymore.

How about….Kawakami misses being a part of Braves success.

Oh…that is true and postive….doesn’t sell does it.


August 4th, 2010
7:07 pm

So KK is unhappy with his role. “Delta is ready when you are.”


August 4th, 2010
7:10 pm

extremus….using Venters as the closer (if you get inside the mind of Bobby Cox) is not good for the clubouse culture…and winning in the clubhouse and in the dugout is far more important to Bobby Cox than winning on the basefall field.

By the way….has anyone noticed how well the clubhouse upsetting Rafel Soriano is doing with Tampa Bay. He is a shut down closer in Tampa. But he wasn’t good enough for Bobby (and Chipper Jones based on his negative comments about Soriano after the trade). Sorry….maybe he just wasn’t country enough for Bobby. By the way…the Tampa Ray players just love the guy…and so does the manager…but in Tampa…no player has to be approved by Chipper Jones to be on the team.


August 4th, 2010
7:13 pm

I agree with TampaGator… time to treat KK with the respect he deserves.


August 4th, 2010
8:43 pm

TampaGator, read between the lines. He is either happy or unhappy. And if he did not come here to be a reliever, he’s probably “not happy” about it. This blog is for Braves fans. If you want to blog about the Rays, try the Tribune or Slant Pete Times.


August 4th, 2010
8:49 pm

TampaGator, The Mariners loved Soriano, too, for the 1st 2 years. Then ATL loved him, the 1st 2 years. Now Tampa loves him his 1st year in Tampa. If he stays in one place too long, he gets too comfortable. He comes into the game looking like he just woke up. Why you hate’ing on Chipper…did he take your girl?


August 4th, 2010
9:33 pm

@ Tampa Gator

Agree totally about KK, I was thinking the same thing. He comes across as a humble competitor IMO, give the guy some credit instead of trying to make him look like he is pitching a fit and crying about his role.


August 4th, 2010
9:34 pm

see where Resop claimed by Pirates —- good to see.


August 4th, 2010
10:05 pm

TampaGator is correct and I think most braves fans are not real pleased with the headline after reading the article. It is very poor journalism and the comment about TampGator allegience is as small minded as the headline. And, I really don’t want to see KK pitch anymore. Seems like he always finds a way to make the bad pitch at the wrong time. Now, what about Medlin?

peter nincompoop

August 4th, 2010
10:42 pm


Soriano is only good when its a contact year for him. And eff the gators.

Brian O'Blivion

August 4th, 2010
11:43 pm

Losing Resop could come back to haunt us next year. Stay tuned.


August 5th, 2010
2:14 am

losing resop could come back to haunt the braves,,,,,,,,,wtf,,,,taking a wild stab,,,brian,,new ball fan,,,,

taxman kenneth

August 5th, 2010
1:15 pm

Has any of the dumb braves brass noticed the stats of Andrus and Feliz since they gave both of them to Texas. Feliz has 29 saves and more strikeouts than innings pitched and Andrus is a good lead off hitter and has 27 SB. Just think where the braves would be with both of these former braves in Atlanta. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they had got anything for them plus the other players they gave Texas for a Tex rental. They knew when they made this dumb trade that Tex was not going to stay in Atlanta because he turned down a huge contract offered by Texas and the braves couldn’t come close to that and players have no loyalty to any team. They are only interested in the $$$$$$ they are going to get. They say they want to win a ring. Baloney. What is a ring to most of these underachieved multi-millionaires? This trade has to rate as the most lopsided trades in recent baseball history. The Adam Wainwright, Marquis give away was almost as bad. How would him being in the rotation look to the braves?

Milt Famey

August 5th, 2010
5:29 pm

The Braves got Texeira in one trade and J D Drew in the other. Both trades were designed to help them reach the playoffs with a chance at the WS. One trade worked and the other failed. Since the Braves don’t have a crystal ball, they were taking a chance much like Texas and St Louis were. That is the nature of trades. Unfortunately other teams will send us a superstar for a package of borderline players who are just average.

Milt Famey

August 5th, 2010
5:30 pm

should say “Not send us …

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