Braves sign supplemental first-round draft pick Lipka

The Braves didn’t waste any time signing their top pick from this week’s draft, signing McKinney (Texas) High School shortstop Matt Lipka to an $800,000 bonus.

The amount was right at Major League Baseball’s slot recommendations for the supplemental first round pick, taken No. 35 overall. The Braves announced Thursday that they had signed both Lipka and seventh round pick Matthew Suschak, a right-hander from the University of Toledo.

Lipka will report to the Braves complex in Orlando on Monday to prepare to play for the Gulf Coast Braves rookie league team. Suschak will report to the Danville (Va.) Braves rookie league team.

“It’s exiting to be drafted and then (to sign), it hits you even more,” said Lipka, who made signing early a priority. “Especially coming in as a high school shortstop, I want to learn the system and get reps with the wood bat.”

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Goose Creek Brave

June 10th, 2010
1:41 pm


Rowland Office Worker

June 10th, 2010
1:47 pm

Obviously Mr. Lipka doesn’t use Scott Boras as his agent. Nice to get the deal done, now let’s see what the kid can do.


June 10th, 2010
1:48 pm

DOB: How does this kid compare to Gordon Beckham?

Chocolate Jesus

June 10th, 2010
1:51 pm

I’m exited, too.:)


June 10th, 2010
1:52 pm

Refreshing to see a player not hold out and split hairs over $$$.


June 10th, 2010
1:57 pm

Joe Stanislau

June 10th, 2010
1:57 pm

This is really great news. A kid out of high school who was going to play college football for the Crimson Tide of Alabama University decides to go pro in Atlanta Braves Baseball. This is great that he has roots to the state of Georgia and the Deep South. This is the prototypical kind of player teams have to go out after.

Next to the list Todd Cunningham, and Andrelton Simmons as first trio to sign then they go after my ex-rival pitcher from high school, Evan Danieli the kid out of Seton Hall Prep who pitched with Nick Christiani (Vanderbilt University), Rick Porcello (Detroit Tigers).


June 10th, 2010
1:59 pm

How much did the 7th Round pick get….anyone know???

Bobby Coccyx

June 10th, 2010
2:18 pm

Can he play centerfield and hit? Not that we need to do anything with the team as currently configured since we are doing so well, but I was just wondering…

Bobby Coccyx

June 10th, 2010
2:19 pm

Oh yeah – he’s another good kid, too.

Michael Procton

June 10th, 2010
2:26 pm

Good stuff. A mil had been thrown around, so that’s more money for some of our mid-round underdrafts.


June 10th, 2010
3:02 pm

Factor in the MLB college plan for his Alabama scholly thats not included in Lipka’s signing bonus, and he’s sniffing a mil easy.


June 10th, 2010
3:20 pm

Good move, i agree with Bobby Coccyx/ put him in center and let him learn. Bring up Schaefer.


June 10th, 2010
3:37 pm

Is he available now to pinch run?????


June 10th, 2010
3:58 pm

He’s “exited”?

Oh, I understand. He’s exited Texas on his way to Florida…

Art H.

June 10th, 2010
4:02 pm

How on Earth does Angel Hernandez still have a job calling balls and strikes as a MLB ump????

Yogi 2

June 10th, 2010
4:41 pm

Now maybe we can release McLouse


June 10th, 2010
6:49 pm

Cunningham has agreed to terms too.


June 10th, 2010
7:19 pm

the guy that needs to be released is the strike out machine haystack the not so magnificent lol


June 10th, 2010
7:44 pm

i hope he can play right field lol


June 11th, 2010
11:53 am

hal is a idiot period…………………………………..:)


June 11th, 2010
10:01 pm

Need more players like Lipka who wants to play asp. Looking forward to watching his progress.

Just heard Schafer had been called up to take Nates DL place.

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