If Howard’s worth $25 mill per, what about Pujols?

St. Louis – As news spread Monday of Phillies slugger Ryan Howard’s five-year, $125 million contract extension, one question kept popping up at Busch Stadium.

How much could Albert Pujols’ next deal be worth?

“$50 million a year – at least,” said Braves manager Bobby Cox, and it wasn’t clear whether he was being facetious or really meant it.

Pujols is in the final season of a seven-year, $110 million contract, but the Cardinals have a $16 million option for 2011. He’d be a free agent after that, unless they sign him to a new deal first.

“I’m sure the Cardinals will do everything they possibly can,” Cox said. “He’s the best ballplayer in all of baseball. He does everything, too. He’s great defensively, he runs the bases great, he’s smart, and he’s the best hitter there is.”

“I don’t know how you [put a price tag on it, compared to other players]. He’s the best, let’s put it that way.”

Howard’s mammoth new contract kicks in with the 2012 season, after his current deal runs out. The Phillies slugger has put up arguably more impressive numbers against the Braves — .337 average, 32 homers, 89 RBIs in 87 games — than even Barry Bonds or Pujols, and now Howard is signed through the 2016 season.

“The Phillies have shown that they’re going to tie up their core guys as long as possible,” Braves third baseman Chipper Jones said. “They’re willing to spend a lot of money as far as a yearly salary.”

What does Jones think Pujols could command, considering Howard’s new contract figures?

“Judging by what Howard has done, winning the MVP, hitting 40 [homers] and leading the league in RBIs every year, Albert’s got a couple more MVPs, a batting title, and put up all the same numbers that Howard has, maybe a little better, I’d say that Albert is going to get a little more than that [$25 million a year figure].”

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April 26th, 2010
9:22 pm

First phillies will regret that


April 26th, 2010
9:29 pm

Braves would be happy if “Phillies will regret that”


April 26th, 2010
9:40 pm

50 million…sounds like Bobby.


April 26th, 2010
10:09 pm

Doesn’t matter whether the Phillies regret it or not… they’ve got the money to spend. Even if Howard doesn’t “earn his paycheck”, it’s not going to affect them that much.


April 26th, 2010
11:04 pm

“maybe a little better”???

are you serious Chipper? The overall numbers that Pujols puts up destroys what Howard has done. I’d say his numbers are a lot more than just “a little better.”

Marvel Goose

April 27th, 2010
12:42 am

How many million does it take to buy a Brave who can hit?

Marvel Goose

April 27th, 2010
12:43 am

Obviously, 12 million is too little


April 27th, 2010
4:32 am

Pujols should get around 30 million a year. He’s that good. The free agent class for 1st basemen is about to be stacked after the 2011 season. Adrian Gonzalez, Albert Pujols, and I believe Prince Fielder will all be free agents after 2011. If the Red Sox trade for Gonzalez like many believe he will then that will give the Cardinals a better shot at resigning Pujols because Gonzalez will be in Boston and Tex is in New York. It will probably leave only the Mets, although they have Ike Davis and the Angels, who also have Morrales. So I still think Pujols will stay with the Cardinals.

Gary O

April 27th, 2010
1:00 pm

Why not wait until this offseason when Howard only has one year left, before doing the new contract?

In my opinion, Howard does not deserve $25 mil. Isn’t the Twins Catcher only making $23 mil?

As for Pujols, I think he will get more than A-Rod ($27.5 mil), so I wont be surprised when he signs for $30 mil per year, for 5 years.

Old Pro

April 27th, 2010
2:27 pm

COntracts are ridiculous nowadays. The best thing MLB could do is put a salary cap in place. COntracts are way out of control and the same 5-7 teams compete every year while the rest go unnoticed. Sad that a team can spend half a billion dollars on FA and then be heralded as if they did something great when they win it all.

Meanwhile the economy sucks, education is going down the toilet, and teachers are losing their jobs right and left.

[...] being asked to comment on the new extension Ryan Howard received from the Phillies — Cox had the following to say: $50 million a year – at least. I’m sure the Cardinals will do everything they possibly can. [...]

Greg Robinson

April 28th, 2010
2:14 pm

What about puholes or however you spell his name. Where is his rings.


April 28th, 2010
10:13 pm

Greg Robinson first get off your lazy a** and google albert so that you know how to spell pujols. Second, you can search world series winning teams and find alberts ring from the 06 world series. Have fun, you might also find all of his mvp awards and gold gloves. But i guess you should probably google those also and find out what they look like since howard doesnt have too many.

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