Braves winning and watching scoreboard


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Paul Lentz

September 28th, 2009
12:07 pm

Anders…………..While Chipper Jones isnt playing like the Chipper of old, he still contributes. His ability to draw walks combined with his presence in the line-up still puts fear in the opposing pitcher (stressful at-bats do have a wear and tear on a pitching, especially from a mental standpoint)……….has softened the blow of his struggles in the power numbers.

The point in having a “balanced line-up” is that not one person is solely depended on to carry the team. Chipper is still a threat and pitched accordingly by the other team.

Lou Vales

September 28th, 2009
12:09 pm

Dear Doc Holliday, The STIFF that IS Jeremy Hermida has been informed he has had his last AB as a Florida Marlin. I was hoping they would have had a Jeremy BOBBLEhead giveaway on Sunday. It would have shown doll taking the wrong route on a flyball. I CAN’T STAND Hermida to such a level of disdain that I vow to put one of my famous hexes on any organization that signs him. If it was a just world Hermida would be consigned to getting an Associate’s Degree to enable him to teach Driver’s Ed at Wheeler H. S., BUT it’s not a just world so the clown will get a one year deal from a club silly enough to believe they can turn the oaf around. My disdain for The Wheeler Whiffer stems from watching the WORST corner outfielder of last 30 years compile “Emilio Bonafacio” numbers while following the NL Batting Champion and a very good Jorge Cantu for much of the year. I was going to drive to Atlanta and bring a count down poster for his time as a Fish, but I figured why bother. A club STUPID enough to keep this STIFF on the roster the entire year does not deserve any more time.

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to the Braves for a GREAT RUN–AND I don’t care who they are playing–This is exceptional and they are still going 7-0 to close so the Rockies better plan on going 4-2 against the Dodgers and brewers just to force a Playoff. Hate To Say It–But the Braves are all the way back with that pitching depth. I’ll be cheering like Hell for the Rocks but I really am not feeling it.

Hey, why don’t the Braves sign Jeremy in the off season. They need 13 HR’s and 48 RBI’s from a corner outfielder ONCE projected as an NL Batting Champion—UNBELIEVABLE!!

As to my Hexes, I put one on the Dolphins after Baldy broke up the Marlins after the 97 Season. i made it for 50 years, a nice round number, and I didn’t take it off even after he sold majority ownership.


September 28th, 2009
12:10 pm

DOC, Matt Kemp already is the only Dodger to have 100 RBI, 25+ HR’s and 30 SB’s in one season. The .300 average will just add a 4th stat to the mix.

Paul Lentz

September 28th, 2009
12:11 pm

Doc Holiday………….the reason why Bobby keeps trotting Norton out there is because Bobby is loyal to a fault. I would love to see the media really question Bobby as to why he keeps putting that BUM out there in key pinch hitting situations.

Yet, because the Atlanta media has a love fest going on for Bobby Cox, no one questions him on it. All Bobby has to do is say “we hit them right at them” and that is satisfactory enough for the media to print and use as an excuse for losing.


September 28th, 2009
12:12 pm

I still can’t believe there are people here who defend Bobby Cox. This season has been in my opinion one of the worst performances by a future Hall of Fame manager in recent memory.

This is not exciting, this wild card race of ours. It’s nerve wrecking. It’s gut wrenching and we’re playing the worst teams in baseball. Bravo Bobby for finally beating inferior opponents.

We’re better than the Rockies but why do we trail them in the standings? Because they fired their manager for not getting the job done and having a losing record, replace him with somebody who’s hardly been relevant in any of the cities he’s coached but who suddenly brings a winning attitude and turns the team around. But hey, 2 out of 3 is good enough for us.

I can’t put into words what a disappointment it would be to not make the playoffs at this point. That’s not to say we had much of a reason to consider ourselves a playoff team on opening day, except maybe for the vast improvements made to the pitching staff in the offseason, the number of players returning from injury and the hope that Jeff Francoeur might actually not suck.

I realize there are those who will point to the Braves record in the second half as evidence of his supposed managerial genius, worthy of recognition and acclaim by baseball writers but those people are mostly wrong. His decisions alone have cost this team at least a half dozen games and that’s just being forgiving. And it’s not like that was in the first month of the season. This is ongoing. How can anyone possibly justify allowing Greg Norton to be on this team let alone using him as the go-to pinch hitter?

Why did we get Javier Vasquez if we weren’t go to let him do what he does best, pitch deep into games and eat up of innings? Wait, what am I talking about, he has two complete games this year… in September. About freakin’ time.

Why do you take your starters out of games in the 6th inning with a ten run lead instead of saving the saving the bullpen the work? Why is our worst hitter batting third and our homerun hitter batting 8th?

I’m glad he makes all his players feel good about themselves. I guess that makes up for being a third place team at best the last four years.

Go Braves.

Greg in TN

September 28th, 2009
12:13 pm

Late Morning/Early afternoon to the denizens…

Folks, winning three in the beltway over the weekend was huge for any chance of post-season baseball. First sweep of this team in their home place since moving from Montreal and this denizen is looking more at what has happened in the past few days and taking pride in what has been accomplished rather than looking back and playing the “what if” game.

Braves have three tough games ahead against the fish, against whom the club has been 2-4 at home in the 2009 campaign and 7-8 overall. Have to be pleased that the man toeing the rubber for the beginning of the series is Jurrjens, who is 1-0 with a 2.77 ERA and 1.000 WHIP against those aforementioned fish.

The scheduling now really swings to the advantage of the Rockies for the next three days. While the Braves host the Marlins, the Rockies play host to the Lads of Lager. Colorado traveled to the land of Laverne and Shirley in June and came away with a sweep. Brewers look to send Narveson, Suppan and Manny Parra up against the Rocks. Narveson and Parra both pitched well last week against the phillies, Suppan? Not so much. However Suppan does have four pretty decent starts at Coors (3-0, 3.75 ERA, 1.375 WHIP).

It’s nice to be in the conversation for October again, denizens.


September 28th, 2009
12:15 pm

Mitchell and his far superior resume/record to replace COX in 2011!!!

(Please note the sarcasm)

Lou Vales

September 28th, 2009
12:15 pm

I wonder IF Hermida’s family and friends even made the trek to Turner when the Punch and Judy guy was actually playing?? You guys HATE Norton. NOBODY ever expected great things out of Greg Norton and his AB’s –even though bad—were not thrown in your face to the tune of 4 a day for MONTHS. Jeremy Hermida is the Poster P–NO!!, I won’t say PUNK, Boy for scouting being an art and not a science.


September 28th, 2009
12:17 pm

I like your comments about Javier Vasquez being the MVP.

I also like the fact that, if the Braves DO have that one-game playoff, Vasquez is scheduled to be the starter!

Jurrjens4NLCY - Fight Like A Perpetual Moving, Counting, Believing Brave { UNTIL THE END! }

September 28th, 2009
4:45 pm

VJ and CB:

I’ll remove it when the Braves are mathematically eliminated from the season. Secondly, no one else was on the blog when I posted “Enter your comments here,” so you don’t have a right to complain. I was trying to center the “Until the End” part…

Jurrjens4NLCY - Fight Like A Perpetual Moving, Counting, Believing Brave { UNTIL THE END! }

September 28th, 2009
4:49 pm

Vazquez – .221/.261
Hanson – .227/.301
JJ – .241/.303
KK – .257.320
Hudson – .294/.336
Lowe – .299/.346 :roll:

Haha. Yeah Lowe does suck…
But JJ has pitching more innings and more consistently than Hanson…


September 28th, 2009
6:29 pm

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe just said on PTI we’ll go 18-21 and get in the playoffs…

doesnt mean much… but hey… i was surprised…


October 2nd, 2009
10:25 pm

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