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McLouth, Chipper and Mac in 3-4-5 spots?

   WetLanta, Ga. _ A day later than expected, and only if the weather cooperates, we’ll get to see center fielder Nate McLouth’s Braves debut tonight, and the return of Chipper Jones to the cleanup role, however permanent or not the move might be.
   Again, if the weather allows. Because the good thing about our weather in Atlanta is that, even though we still have water restrictions and can’t wash cars, we don’t have to wash them because it rains every day or two and takes cares of that.

McLouth's Braves debut tonight ... weather permitting


   Not just rain, but torrential downpours have been the common occurrences lately, like last night, when we had yet another two-hour rain delay before it turned into our second rainout of the season.
  If there’s another rainout involving a team that’s not returning to Turner Field, they might have trouble finding any remaining mutual days off between the Braves and whatever team that is. They’ve already used two such mutual days off to reschedule games with the D’backs on Aug. 17 …

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Rough way for Glavine to go



  I don’t necessarily believe the axiom that everything ends badly, or else it would never end. But in the case of John Smoltz and, now, Tom Glavine, things certainly ended badly with the Braves.
  Considering these are two absolute franchise icons who will presumably go into the Hall of Fame as Braves, the bitter breakups between them and the club does seem more than little unusual.
  Let me make it clear about the Braves releasing Glavine: They were perfectly within their rights to do so, and I don’t disagree with the move – just with the timing of it yesterday, the day after he threw six scoreless innings for Class A Rome in what was supposed to be his final rehab start.
  This after he’d gone through nine months of rehab from surgeries on his pitching shoulder and elbow, including a second round of rehab starts after his setback in April.
  I don’t dispute GM Frank Wren when he says gun readings (83-84 mph, topping out at 86 mph a couple of times) on the …

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Will Braves build off thrilling win?

  Every once in a while you get a game that feels like it could possibly have lasting impact, a game that features a galvanizing rally or dispiriting meltdown, or a single game-changing moment so dramatic that the shift in momentum seem to linger for days, or even turns the season itself.
  For instance, Kelly Johnson’s dropped popup with two outs in the ninth inning of a series opener against the Phillies last season. Shouldn’t have been such a big deal, right? Just one play, one loss. But the Braves went on to get swept that weekend, and whether logical or reasonable or not, that moment, and that weekend, seemed to set a new course for a disappointing season.
  Or take Jeff Francoeur’s homer in his first day up with the Braves as a midseason callup in 2005. It not only propelled him to a dream-like first couple of months in the majors, including a famous Sports Illustrated cover along the way, but also seemed to spark the so-called Baby Braves — man, I hated that nickname — …

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Boys are back in town, Cubbies too

   Welcome to my re-emergence. DOB is trying to recover from his trip out west, and I’m trying to figure out if I can remember how to cover a baseball game.

   It’s been that long, and I’ve been way, way out of touch. Holden Beach, NC is not a place where you get Braves games on TV, I was determined not to take my laptop on vacation, and short of driving around in the car and listening on the XM, I was going to be in a total blackout. So I was.

   Then my best friend got married on Saturday in Pawley’s Island, SC. Reception in a tent at Brookgreen Gardens. Lovely, dream wedding and so fun, but no, um, real keeping up with the Braves outside of scoring updates on the blackberry.

The Trip that Was:

   So, after some cramming yesterday, this is what I surmised happened on the Braves 2-5 swing through San Francisco and Arizona:

   Chipper Jones and Yunel Escobar were hobbled and that didn’t help matters, Matt Diaz actually played center, the outfield woes continue, except for …

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