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Best things to buy in February

With our mild winter and two holidays in February, it’s an excellent month to buy a variety of goods and services.

Outerwear: Lindsay Sakraida, features director at, says many retailers are stuck with an overstock of heavy coats because this winter has been so warm. “It hasn’t really inspired people to go out and buy,” Sakraida says. “February is always a pretty good month to be getting a great deal on a coat, but especially this year. It sounds like retailers are really trying to push them out the door.” She suggests stacking a coupon on top of a Presidents Day sale.

iPad 2: When the iPad 2 was unveiled, the DealNews team saw deep discounts on refurbished original iPads. Now, “There’s a lot of rumors that iPad 3 will be released at the end of February, which means it will probably be a great time to start looking for deals on the iPad 2,” Sakraida says. If the buzz turns out to be real, sales might spill into March as well.

Ski trips: “We’ve …

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Best things to buy in January, and for 2012


Home sales at the end of January can be a good time to jump on early savings on gifts you want to give to brides.

If the holiday hoopla has you all shopped out, you’re not alone.

“January is really, truly the slowest month of the year for retail sales,” said Dan Butler of the National Retail Federation, “but there is some activity.”

If Santa didn’t get you everything you wanted, or you’re on a mission to stimulate the economy, here are a few best buys this month, plus a look ahead at this new year:

Home decor: People are taking down Christmas decorations, rearranging furniture and reassessing the state of their homes this time of year. All that spurs white sales by month’s end, Butler said.

“The other thing that helps to drive sales all through the spring season is people who got engaged over Christmas or New Year’s often will register at the stores,” Butler said, “so the home sales can be a good time to jump on early savings on gifts [people] want …

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Toys among best deals this month

Just in time for the holidays, you’ll see deals this month on toys, Blu-ray movies and other potential gifts:

Bikes: December, not spring or summer months, is actually the best time to find these deals, says Lindsay Sakraida, features director at More discounts become available this month from such stores as J.C. Penney and Walmart than the rest of the year combined. And sometimes the coupons even apply to outlet stores.

“We saw some really good sales” from performance bike companies last year, Sakraida says. “Ourdoorsy retailers like [Bike] Nashbar and REI had some good sales on bikes in December as well.”

Blu-ray movies: If you shopped Black Friday, you saw selections for as low as $4.99, and Sakraida says you’ll continue to see “just crazy good deals on those. It’s such an easy thing to get for people or to have on hand. It’s one of those good things to stock up on.”

Dan Butler, vice president of merchandising and retail operations for the …

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Best products to buy in November

Take advantage of free shipping, price matching and super sales this month to maximize your savings.

Kitchenware: “Something people might not think to buy this month is cookware,” says Lindsay Sakraida, features director at consumer website “[There are] 25 percent more cookware deals in November above average, which is useful if you’re preparing for the big Thanksgiving meal.”

Tablets: Tablets will continue to reduce in price as competitors attempt to create inexpensive alternatives to Apple’s iPad, says Fiona Dias, chief strategy officer at ShopRunner. The newest, and what will possibly be the most successful attempt, is Amzon’s Kindle Fire.

“The Kindle Fire is on fire, and they’re having to make millions more than they anticipated,” Dias says. “Without a doubt, it’s going to be the number one item this season. For consumers, you can get a tablet for a couple hundred dollars. It’s practically a stocking stuffer.”

TVs: “There are going to be great values on …

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Outdoor, fall items October’s best buys

The last full month before Black Friday poses a shopping dilemma: Buy now and maybe miss out on rock-bottom prices in just a few weeks, or wait and hope inventories — especially of popular items — don’t shrink to nada.

Instead of playing shopping roulette, simply focus on this month’s best buys (and stay away from the worst) to stretch your holiday dollar:

Halloween and fall: The savviest shoppers know the day after a holiday is the best time to buy decorations. But if you didn’t plan ahead last year, you can still hit a pre-Halloween sale.

“We see a lot of pretty big discounts the week before,” says Lindsay Sakraida, DealNews features director. “It’s one of the few cases where putting it off until the last minute might be a good idea.”

Also look for discounts on haunted houses and corn mazes from deal websites like Groupon, SweetJack and HalfOffDepot.

“You can usually find those in the first week or two if you want to try to get some sort of discount …

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Cars, TVs, home goods among best buys for September

Flat Screen TVKeep your eyes peeled in September for seasonal sales as well as unusual clearances.

New cars: Conventional wisdom has been that the end of the model year is the best time to buy, as dealers try to sell off old merchandise to make room for the new.

“If you are in love with a particular model, you can find it in the color and with the equipment you want,” says Jack Nerad, executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s “There are probably great Labor Day specials all over the place.”

You’ve probably been advised to consider depreciation in value when buying a car that’s already nearly a year old. But Nerad says depreciation isn’t as important “if you’re going to keep it forever.” Plus, with low interest rates, you’ll be able to pay less over the life of a car loan than in previous years.

Car accessories: Looking to pimp that ride, whether it’s new or used?

“There’s an increase in deals on auto goods in September, particularly in the first …

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The best things to buy in August

As summer starts winding down, you’ll see sales from old favorites as well as clearance items in unexpected places:

Best things to buy

School, college supplies: “One of the top things is back to school,” says Lindsay Sakraida, features director at “Especially if you are looking for a backpack, we saw a ton of those sales this time last year.” She says JCPenney featured backpacks for as low as $2 with a $10-off coupon last year, and other retailers including Kohl’s, Sears, Land’s End and Kmart offered book bags for up to 50 percent off. “It’s certainly something that stands out among the back-to-school items.” (Read “The best and worst things to buy in August” here from DealNews.)

But compare prices — and bide your time if necessary. “Don’t get lured in just because it’s a sale,” Sakraida says. Old Navy ran a kids’ sale at 25 percent off last year, only to follow up with an Internet sale of 30 percent off.

August can be the cheapest …

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The best things to buy right now

Anyone who knows his way around a clearance rack knows the best time to buy shorts is in December. And that heavy sweaters can cost you a mere $9 in June. In fact, many of us prey on that seasonal rotation to purchase our wardrobes at rock-bottom prices.

But it goes beyond apparel, and beyond our traditional grasp of seasonality. Many retailers have their own timetable for moving merchandise, either to make room for more goods or for other reasons. Sometimes previous sales have even conditioned consumers to expect discounts at certain times of the year. And the introduction of group-buying sites into the market has made sale cycles even more unpredictable.

So what are some of the best –- and worst — things to buy right now? Let’s take a look:

TVs: It might be tempting to buy one this month — in June, 55-inch LED LCD HDTVs were as low as $1,048, reports –- but prices on electronics typically trend downward as newer technology emerges. You’ll still get the …

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