Flu shots with shopping perks

Sooooooo — as you probably know by now, Georgia has been hit hard with the flu this year.

Emergency rooms are filled with patients experiencing advanced cases of the flu (which can include pneumonia), doctors are calling it the worst flu season in decades and experts say it’s only likely to get worse.

Their advice? Get a flu shot!

My advice? Do it now!

I haven’t had the flu in six years, mainly because the last time I found myself flat on my back, starting at the ceiling and unable to move I swore that if I lived through it, I would get a flu shot every year — which I did until this year.

I usually get one right here at the AJC where it is free and convenient, but this year I missed it and with holiday preparations, travel and moving taking up all the space in my brain,  I forgot.

Now I’m paying the price.

For eight days, I’ve been an achy, stuffy, head-spinning wreck.

I thought I would do a bit of research on flu shots, so that when I do recover, I can go get one. Turns out, getting a flu shot can have perks beyond keeping you healthy. Here’s a rundown:

CVS: Get a 20 percent off shopping pass when you get a flu shot for $31.99 at a CVS pharmacy.

Publix: Visit your local Publix and get a flu shot for $30. (Publix stores in some states gave free 16 pound turkeys with flu shots in Nov. and Dec.)

Walgreens: A flu shot will cost you $31.99, but it also comes with 500 Balance Reward points.

Target: Get a flu shot for $28 and it counts towards your Pharmacy Rewards. When you fill five prescriptions, you get five percent off a day of shopping.

Many of these locations accept insurance, if you have it — or you could just visit your doctor and avoid the temptation to shop.

Has this year’s early, severe flu season encouraged you to get the flu vaccine? Why or why not? Where did you get it?

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– Nedra Rhone, for the Atlanta Bargain Hunter blog

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For your health

January 7th, 2013
12:41 pm

Instead of just being a sheep and running with the crowd:


Plenty of people get very sick FROM the flu vaccine.


January 7th, 2013
1:38 pm

“(Publix stores in some states gave free 16 pound turkeys with flu shots in Nov. and Dec.)”

A little late for that, don’t you think.

Nedra Rhone

January 7th, 2013
1:42 pm

@sage Just wanted to give them credit for their deal. Don’t think GA stores did it anyway — could only find stores in Ala. or Fla. so we didn’t miss anything!

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January 7th, 2013
9:13 pm

The flu vaccine saves many many lives every year. It sickens a very few people. Vaccines are wonderful, amazing things that have benefited humanity greatly. The idiots that feel otherwise unfortunately are putting us all at risk by not getting vaccines or vaccinating their kids.