Black Friday: Higher median prices this year

According to the folks at NerdWallet, the Black Friday jig is up.

While everyone (including me) is yapping about doorbusters, most items are priced the same or even slightly more than they were during Black Friday 2011. So as you prepare to head out to tomorrow or Friday, take this as a warning:

In the NerdWallet analysis of 22 Black Friday ad scans, 20 listed at least one product at the same exact price in 2012 as in the retailer’s 2011 Black Friday ad.

Here are some of those items:

Ace Hardware: Stanley Sawhorse 2/Pk. $9.99

Costco: Aria Ladies 2-Piece Sueded Microfleece PJ Set, Item No. 576077, $13.99

Ikea:  7 piece cookware set, $19.99

OfficeMax: Brother HL-2240 Laser Printer Item No. 2238-1879, $49.99

Sports Authority: ProForm 18.0 RE Elliptical, $799

Not that you’re looking for any of these items (I’m not), but still. More interesting is that three major retailers Walmart, Target and Best Buy have higher median prices than last year:

Walmart : $12.73 in 2011 vs $15.00 in 2012

Target :$12.99  in 2011 vs.  $14.99 in 2012

Best Buy: $29.99 in 2011 vs. $35.00 in 2012

Nerd Wallet attributes the rise to retailer confidence. Less desperation to get merchandise off the shelves means higher prices for consumers, they say.

So mostly this is interesting, but not likely to change your shopping experience. I’m not even sure it’s a cause for concern.

How do you feel about stores charging the same or more for certain items this year as they did last year? Would it change your purchase decision?

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– Nedra Rhone, for the Atlanta Bargain Hunter blog

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November 22nd, 2012
2:59 am

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