Cars, costumes among October deals

October is sandwiched between two big shopping events: back-to-school sales in August and Black Friday in November. But don’t underestimate the deals to be had this month.

“You would think there is kind of a lull because everyone is sitting back and waiting for the holiday shopping season which starts with Black Friday,” says DeAnna Lucas, management consultant for the Parker Avery Group, an Atlanta-based boutique strategy management and consulting firm specializing in retail. But even October has its deals.

Toys:  One big-deal item is toys, says Lucas. Toys from last season are marked as low as 50 percent off to make way for the hottest new items, she says.

Denim:  “They started discounting last season’s denim in September,” Lucas says. In October, those styles go to clearance. Lindsey Sakraida, features editor at consumer website, has spotted deep discounts on denim from Levi’s, Lee, Target Mossimo and Armani Exchange.

Halloween: October concludes with Halloween, and the best discounts — as high as 70 percent — typically happen the next day, after all the trick-or-treating’s done. But you can also find discounts in the week leading up to Halloween on candy, costumes and more, says Lucas.

Seasonal items: Camping equipment and other seasonal items such as outdoor furniture, grills and trees, shrubs and flowers may be discounted at least 30 percent this month, she says. “Camping season is officially over. You can find great deals on tents, sleeping bags, chairs and camping apparel.”

Cars: Car dealers, hoping to clear previous-year models from their lots, will offer some discounts and be more willing to negotiate, Lucas says.

Wait to buy:

Large appliances, cookware and electronics which typically carry the highest discounts in November. One exception may be laptops and HDTVs, according to Louis Ramirez, senior features writer at High-end, 55-inch 3D LCD models have been spied for between $949 and $999, while off-brand 42-inch sets have come in under $300. As for laptops, 15-inch mainstream models with Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor hit a low of $400 in September, Ramirez reports. Look for similar deals this month.

I’m looking for great denim (for me) and a Halloween costume for a toddler who has already developed a sense of personal style <sigh>.

What are you buying this month? Or are you holding off on making purchases until Black Friday?

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– Nedra Rhone, for the Atlanta Bargain Hunter blog

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October 2nd, 2012
7:59 am

You’re not sharing any real deals. Be more specific about who is having a sale and what type of items are on sale. Tell us about little specials that are happening at restaurants and stores around the Atlanta area.

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October 2nd, 2012
9:17 am

@ no. You can do that ya dayum self! Get off the internet, get up off your az and YOU go inform people about specials, sales, etc.

Always mad ATL Love for you Nedra! ;)

Nedra Rhone

October 2nd, 2012
9:26 am

@no This particular post is intended to let you know the general merchandise categories for which there are deals this month. It goes up each month at the beginning of the month. Check back regularly for specials and specific deals at local restaurants, stores, etc. and when you see deals, let me know!
@ Acequeryda Thanks for the love!


October 2nd, 2012
10:14 am

@ No I agree, this site has gotten to be worthless. The bargain information posted on here are just general common sense. Do not write or post information if it cannot be applied.
@ Acequeryda and Nedra- we are off our “az” looking at on the internet and I rate this site a “F”. At one time this site was very good, but when you are writing a column you need to investigate and be able to apply your findings.


October 2nd, 2012
5:45 pm

Nedra, Thank you for your work on this article. You raise a good point about October appearing to be a low-activity month for deals since it competes with the hype of both back-to-school and Black Friday. Knowing about the discounted Toy trend is specially helpful since my nephew’s birthday is in 4 weeks! I won’t even pretend, the denim might also get some of my wallet’s lovin’

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