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It’s not good news for those of us planning a spring break or summer vacation: Gas prices could exceed $4.50 per gallon by the summer, according to a story by AJC reporter Katie Leslie.

There are also those who say gas prices will stay more moderate (read Wes Moss’ explanation of what’s causing the price fears), so who knows what the warmer months will bring?

Although I’m Bing Travel advocate, I’m always looking for new ways to save — whether gas prices increase or not. Here are a couple of new options to try when making vacation plans:

  • One new flight tool claiming to find you the best rates on plane tickets is FlightFox, which has an international focus. Pay a $29 finder’s fee to human “hackers” who compete to find you the cheapest price according to your specifications. Not satisfied with the results? The site says the fee is 100 percent refundable if you’re not happy, and that users typically save hundreds per flight.
  • Traveling within the states? Try taking Megabus. The express bus service charges based on when you book, so advance planners can snag rates as low as $1. The buses offer free wi-fi and at-seat plug ins. My friend tried Megabus and says the environment on the bus was more than comfortable and that he’ll take it again. Plus, you can’t beat a trip that costs you less than it would to drive yourself. A quick perusal of the site returned round-trips to Birmingham for $4 or to Orlando for $24 in March, but book even further out for better rates.

What are you doing to save money on travel this spring and summer?

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– By Lauren Davidson, Atlanta Bargain Hunter

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