Five ways to make more money now

Certified financial planner Ted Jenkin is the Co-CEO and Founder oXYGen Financial, Inc. and occasionally guest blogs for Atlanta Bargain Hunter.

Ted Jenkin of oXYGen Financial

Ted Jenkin of oXYGen Financial

If you can’t decrease your overall expenses, then maybe it’s time to start making more money.

You could change careers. You could pick up a second job. Or you could dig into the many different sites on the internet to pick up some spare change.

Many people I know give away junk drawer items thinking there’s no value to them. Perhaps you have books, CDs or other items sitting in your basement. Here are five ideas to pick up money to pay those late bills or stash some cash for the holiday season.

1. DVDs and CDs. When DVDs first came out, everyone was collecting their favorites. Now, almost everyone I know has a cabinet full of movies including Scarface, Caddyshack, and whatever else came in that six-DVDs-for-a-penny deal. Now that almost everything can be seen on demand from your cable or dish company, you can make a few bucks on those DVDs or CDs. and are two sites where you can unload your goods. If you sell enough DVDs, might even pick up the shipping.

2. Jewelry. They say you should buy low and sell high, right? If you have gold jewelry or diamonds, now is that time. There are lots of different sites to sell your stuff, but if you have something from a relationship that ended, try

3. Electronics. Think you’re the only one who got a power cord and a car charger for your last three mobile phones only to amass a drawer full of what you now consider junk? Remember, every time you upgrade, there might be someone else who can use your chargers. Consider to sell some of your used gadgets or accessories.

4. Books. One of the subsidiaries of EBay is, where you can sell used books and textbooks. Another great resource is You might only make 50 cents or $1 per book, but it can all add up.

5. Take A Survey. You can make some good cash by taking surveys online — but make sure the rules are in writing to avoid scams. might be one of the quickest ways to earn rewards quickly. Another neat site to earn reward cards is

With a little bit of elbow grease and drawer cleaning, you might just earn enough extra money to get started on your financial goals.

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