Enjoy holidays by following a budget

By Rana Cash

The holiday sales have landed in your in box, mailbox and newspapers. Whether it’s holiday travel discounts or deals on the must-have toy, temptation lurks everywhere and it will only heighten as we get deeper into November.

Black Friday is no longer a post-turkey day highlight. It’s right there with the pumpkins and scarecrows. With so much pulling at you, it can be challenging to make it a festive rather than frustrating season.

To keep the stress level low and the smiles wide, adhere to some fast and true strategies this time of the year, said Patricia Stallworth of Johns Creek.

Stallworth is a certified financial planner and author of “Minding Your Money.” She also hosts the MsMoneyMatters.com blog.

She shared seven strategies to enjoying the holidays without blowing your budget:

1) Start with a clearly defined budget. The holidays can impact several parts of your budget, from food to gifts to possibly even travel, so come up with a total budget in each of the categories. If you are really concerned, set up envelopes for each category like food, gifts, etc. Put the allotted cash in each envelope and stop spending when it is empty.

2) Develop a plan. Keeping your budget in mind, plan your activities, gift lists and other forms of celebration — from menus for entertaining to stamps for cards. Use your plan to create shopping lists for each category.

3) Get creative. Ask your family to draw names so you can cut down on the number of gifts you need to buy. Make gifts like cookies or craft items, and give “your time” gifts, like washing the car, cleaning and baby-sitting.

4) Always shop with your list. The decorations and sale signs are tempting, so don’t let them distract you from your appointed mission. Also, consider layaway programs.

5) Get back to the real meaning of the holiday season. The holidays are all about families. Instead of spending all your time in the malls or online, plan low-cost activities that the whole family can participate in.

6) Give to charity. Giving to charity warms you twice. Once when you give it and again at tax time when you deduct it.

7)  Start a savings plan for next year. While it’s still fresh in your mind, add up all the extras you needed for the holidays, divide that amount by 12, and start a
12-month savings plan for next year so you can enjoy the holidays without worrying about busting your budget.

– by Rana Cash, Atlanta Bargain Hunter blog

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November 17th, 2010
9:45 am

All great advice. A budget is the only way to avoid overspending. Shopping with a list of things you plan to get each person helps you to stay focused as well.


November 19th, 2010
2:09 pm

It also helps for each member of the family to tell the others what the favorite part of the holidays are for him/her. That way, the family can ensure that the family’s favorite things are done – such as caroling, working at a food bank, going to see the lights, etc. Many times, what you think the family wants to do (shopping) is not one of their strongest urges.