Day 2 of book review series: The good and bad of 10 personal finance books

This is the second in a series of 10 reviews of books about saving, spending and managing money.

A group of Atlanta Bargain Hunter readers agreed to help navigate the money stream by reviewing 10 books on a variety of topics — from couponing to budgeting to shopping. They will share what they found helpful, insightful and even a waste of time. The series continues today with “SHOO, Jimmy Choo,” reviewed by Maeling Tapp, a full-time graduate student pursuing a doctorate degree in engineering.

Jimmy Choo

Title: “SHOO, Jimmy Choo!” The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More

Author: Catey Hill

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Price: $14.95

Pages: 248

Summary: This book provides fundamental principles that help the average young woman plan for financial success. From analyzing your current financial status, to tackling those credit card debts and student loans to investing in retirement savings, author Catey Hill gives practical advice that will get you on your way to truly “spending less and saving more.”

Q & A:

  • How was this book helpful?

This book offered financial advice for various areas of one’s life in a way that was easy and enjoyable to follow.  I also appreciated that it laid the groundwork for most topics, including retirement savings and buying a home , introducing them in a way that didn’t assume the reader had any prior knowledge in these areas.

  • Who would benefit from reading this?

I believe that young women who are just starting out on their own would really benefit from the advice the author gives with such wit and enthusiasm. If you don’t have a strong understanding of how your credit score is compiled, the details behind an IRA and 401K, what’s really involved in buying a house, how to begin saving for retirement and so much more…this is a MUST read!

  • Don’t buy this book if….

…you don’t like the idea of humor being incorporated in a book that is giving financial advice. I personally don’t believe  humor took away from the vital advice shared, but I know that some may prefer straightforward, cut and dry guidance when it comes to money issues. Each chapter is interspersed with witty comments that relate different areas of financial planning to “little black dresses,” dieting, fitness and of course Jimmy Choos!

Maeling Tapp

Maeling Tapp

Who did this review?

Name: Maeling Tapp, 23

City: Atlanta

Profession: Full-time doctorate engineering student

Family: Single, no children

Bio: Tapp is a full-time graduate student and says she “enjoys living life to the fullest and most importantly, planning ahead.” She selected this particular book because of its target audience of young adult women. The first lines on the back of the book definitely caught her eye, Tapp said: “You’re a latte-in-the-morning, closet-stuffed-with-shoes, can’t-resist-a-sale kind of girl…” Tapp added: “Minus the latte-in-the-morning, that unfortunately is a pretty accurate description of me so I was definitely eager to read any advice that this book could provide!”

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