Buy one, get one free Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s

If you like McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, you’ll love this deal.

The sandwiches are buy one, get one free during lunch and dinner hours on Friday, Feb. 19, at all participating McDonald’s restaurants. You may not find this deal on their Web site, but the McDonald’s Atlanta Twitter post did alert followers today.

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February 18th, 2010
5:22 pm

Lent special

Saul Good

February 18th, 2010
5:35 pm

Dontcha think it should be ILLEGAL to even call that crap “fish” in the first place?

bulldog bubba

February 18th, 2010
6:25 pm

Thank you for the info Rana!


February 18th, 2010
6:33 pm

Reminds me of Friday’s in elementary school when this same type of fish was served.
Square, thin, fish parts, breaded with tartar sauce.
I actually liked it then and still do today but just do not order it that much.
Will have to try it.

GA Girl

February 18th, 2010
6:44 pm

mmmm! Love that square fish!


February 18th, 2010
8:48 pm

Ever wonder why you do not see any stray animals around McDonalds????? Enjoy your meal…..B

Dr Deworse

February 18th, 2010
11:35 pm

This is what we need in the already obese South. Double your artery clogging cholesterol, double your weight gain.

BongWater Slurpee

February 19th, 2010
10:16 am

OH IM THRE!!! Hopefully the BK Lounge will follow suit with the BK Big Fish BOGO!!


February 19th, 2010
4:12 pm

I think Burger King still has their 2/$3 specials, though the posters aren’t up any more. Fri is the fish sandwich. Don’t remember what Mon and Wed were.


March 4th, 2010
3:57 pm

Saul Good, if you dont like it dont eat it, dic. My big problemb with the sandwich is they they only put a half slice of cheese on it! god knows why