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Enjoying wine at restaurants doesn’t have to cost a fortune: Find places with low to no corkage fees

Ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant can cost up to six times as much as the same bottle at home. It’s an unfortunate fact, but it doesn’t have to keep you from going out.

Saturday, Feb. 27, is Open That Bottle Night, a national campaign urging people to go ahead and enjoy the bottle they’ve saved for a special occasion.  In honor of the event, many restaurants throughout Atlanta will waive their corkage fees. When that day is over, there are still numerous restaurants where you’ll save a fortune by bringing your own bottle and paying either a small to moderate fee, or no fee at all.

At Woodfire Grill, patrons can pay $20 for a corkage fee. While that may sound steep, consider that they could bring a $40 bottle of wine that would cost $120 at the restaurant. There is no corkage fee for bottles bought at Woodfire.

“The vast majority of those who [pay the corkage fee] are collectors who bring their own bottles to celebrate a special occasion,” said Nicolas Quinones, …

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Huge savings: Aida, Mulan, Spring Awakening, A Catered Affair, Shooting Star, Aquarium, Puppetry Arts, Fernbank, Thrashers

$10 off “A Catered Affair”

Tickets for opening weekend of “A Catered Affair” at the Aurora Theatre are $10 off when you use promo code CPO310. “A Catered Affair” plays March 4-24, and tickets range from $16 to $30. This Tony Award nominee is set in the Bronx in 1953 and tells the story of a family trying to decide whether to spend their life savings on a taxicab business or on the wedding of their only daughter, Janey.

$5 off Disney’s Mulan

Mulan is playing at the Alliance Theatre and tickets for the Feb. 28 show are $5 off when you use promo code MOMSLM. Call 404-733-5000 to save a little on the show that runs through March 19. The exotic musical is based on the animated Disney film.

Save on “Aida”

The Atlanta Opera’s performance of “Aida” is already garnering positive reviews. Tickets are 20 percent off for the Tuesday, March 2 show at the Cobb Energy Centre. No promo code is necessary to secure this deal. Remember you can also save 25 percent on tickets by mentioning the …

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Almost free flicks: Discount movie theaters for around a $1

Going to the movies shouldn’t destroy your budget. These days, it’s not hard to spend $11 on a movie ticket, and goodness knows how much more for popcorn and other snacks. With that in mind, here are some pocket friendly theaters around the area. And yes, do they have many of the latest releases. Keep in mind that some discount theaters are cash only. If you know of others, please tell us about them in the comments below.

Cinemark Movies 10

157 Banks Station, Fayetteville


The deals: The Reel Family Time special is on Mondays when shows are 75 cents per person for parties of three or more. Monday is also Seniors Day (62 and older) and movies are 75 cents. Discount Tuesday movies are $1 each. The Early Bird first matinee of the day movie is 75 cents. Bargain matinees (before 6 p.m.)  are $1.25. On Fridays and Saturdays, movies are $1.75 after 6 p.m.

Town Center Value Cinemas 10

700 Gwinnett Drive, Lawrenceville


The deal: All tickets for all showtimes …

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Quizno’s coupon | Big magazine sale | $10 McCray’s certificate | plus more

Quizno’s coupon

Looking to save a few bucks on lunch. Here are two Quizno’s coupons — one for a free drink and chips with the purchase of a sub; the second is for $1 or $2 off a regular or large sub sandwich. The coupons expire March 7 and are good at participating locations.

Amazon’s magazine sale

One of the biggest ways to waste money is to pay for a monthly magazine subscription and never read the magazine. If you’re unlikely to actually read the magazines here, don’t bother. Otherwise, it’s a good deal. Many magazines are on sale right now on Glamour, for instance, is only $7 for a year; Oprah Magazine is $13; Town and Country is $5 for a year; Vegetarian Times is only $7; Smart Money, a fairly pricey magazine, is $13 for 24 issues. That barely scratches the surface in terms of options of available. It’s worth taking a look., as the sale ends on Feb. 28.

Save $100 on Pilates and Kettlebell classes and private sessions

This might be the hottest deal of the day, …

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Cheap date ideas: Wine tasting | Baseball | Art | Museum

Looking for free and cheap date ideas? We have you covered for inexpensive dates in Atlanta and surrounding cities. All dates are $40 or less — and many are absolutely free! Get off the couch and go have a blast.

Spring Fever

Baseball season is here. The Atlanta Braves tickets are on sale, but if you can’t wait around for the regular season to start and going to Florida for spring ball is out of the question, head on over to Georgia Tech for a game. The Yellow Jackets have a three-game series against Xavier this weekend, but plenty more games are on tap. Tickets are only $4 each.

Free art gallery

Have you ever passed through an airport or other public venue and admired the art on display. In many instances, it was the work of high school students. I am always impressed by such talent and creativity and do not mind going to see the work of young emerging artists. The Fayette Art Center will host Brilliance In Charcoal and Graphite, featuring and middle and high school artists. …

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How to lower your water bill

A leaky faucet isn’t just a nuisance. It is also expensive, draining cash from your pocket one drip at a time.

“You could lose more water than you actually use,” said Chris Tyson, a master trade specialist at Home Depot.

A faucet that leaks an average of 30 drips per minute adds up to two gallons of water a day. By the end of the year, that amounts to 1,040 gallons. And that’s just one household faucet. Paying attention to issues like these and others can drastically reduce a consumer’s water bill each month.

The average city of Atlanta family uses 6,000 gallons of water a month and has an average water and sewer bill of $120.82. While there is no way to eliminate the bill all together, you can take steps – like fixing a faucet leak – to simultaneously conserve water and lower your bill.

- Shorter showers: “When we get home, we may take a shower to relax,” said Jim Harrington of Rainwater Collections Solutions. “Relax before you shower so you won’t stay in as long.”

You can …

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Free $10 Bahama Breeze gift card | Save 40% on Spring Awakening | Me and Mommy reminder

Free $10 Bahama Breeze gift card

This couldn’t be much easier. Zip through this form to get a free $10 Bahama Breeze gift card mailed to you within seven to 10 days. Thanks to Living as Mom for the tip. I’m told you can also use the gift card at the Olive Garden and Red Lobster, but I do not see that indicated anywhere on the post. Be sure to read your gift card for restrictions once it arrives in your mailbox.

Save 40% on Spring Awakening

The Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening is coming to the Fox Theatre and tickets to select performances are 40 percent off. I found this discount on The rock musical celebrates the journey from teenage years to adulthood. A pair of the best seats are $60 with this discount, regularly price at $100 to $110. To make the purchase, click here and use promo code LOVE in the Date Night Offer box. fees are not included in the $60 offer price.

The eligible performances include:

  • Thursday, March 11 at 8 …

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Saving to spend: 5 ways to prepare for major expenses

Talking about saving money is an every day occurrence here at Atlanta Bargain Hunter. We find ways to save on entertainment. We save for college, find ways to save by spending less and we save for rainy days.

How often, though, do we talk about saving money with the intent to spend it?

It’s an important part of savings strategy. Every year, you likely have major expenses that you pay only once or twice a year. Car registration, taxes, insurance, vacation and holiday shopping are classic examples. Let’s say you had an annual expense of $500. You likely don’t think about it until the bill comes. However, if you’d saved a little each month, you could easily make the payment without sweating it.

I’m reminded of those commercials: “This can be yours with three easy payments of $39.95.”

This is saving money that is meant to be spent, rather than retirement money or even an emergency fund. How do you do it? offered some fantastic steps to making this happen.

1. Identify …

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Paper and plastic grocery bags could soon cost you

Paper or plastic? No problem, as long as you have a nickel or so to pay for it.

According to an Associated Press article, grocery stores in various parts of the country are beginning to charge for the bags you use to carry your groceries home. San Francisco has even banned plastic bags. In Washington, D.C., shoppers are charged 5 cents at the checkout counter for a bag.

Other states could follow suit in efforts to eliminate wastes and be environmentally friendly.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 3.96 million tons of plastic waste, including bags, sack and wraps, was generated in 2008, said the AP. Of that, barely 1 percent was recycled.

Will metro Atlanta cities turn to this approach? And will our grocery shoppers go for it or balk? How much would you pay for a plastic bag? Are you already using reusable bags instead of plastic?

Follow me on Twitter @atlbargains or on Facebook at AJC Atlanta Bargain Hunter.

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BOGO Fernbank tickets | Free screening of “Double Take” | 50% off Southern Belles and Whistle Tour

BOGO Fernbank Value Pass

The Fernbank Museum has a great offer right now on its Value Pass. It’s buy one get one free for the pass that includes museum admission and an IMAX ticket. It’s regularly priced at $23 for adults, $21 for students and seniors and $19 for children 12 and under. Mention the ‘BOGO Value Pass’ at the Fernbank box office to get the discount, which is valid through April 4.

Free screening of “Double Take”

There will be a free special screening for John Grimonprez’s film “Double Take” tonight, Feb. 23. The screening begins at 7 p.m. at Hill Auditorium at the High and is presented by the High Museum and Art Papers Live.

50% off Southern Belles and Whistles Tour

Visit the official home of Gone With The Wind and see the Road to Tara Museum when you purchase the Southern Belles and Whistles Tour and the 1839 Stately Oaks Plantation ticket for half the price — only $18 — on The tours run Monday through Saturday, and this deal is valid only for the …

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