50% off “Annie” at the Fox | Free Fernbank movie offer | Taco Bell freebie

50% off Annie The Musical

Some of the best deals for musicals at the Fox Theatre fall during the early days of the show. That’s not a problem for me, especially when it means paying only half-price. The theatre had several shows over the summer for 50 percent off. The pattern continues for Annie The Musical, which comes to the Fox Jan. 13-17. In this case, if you buy tickets from a Ticketmaster outlet inside a Publix grocery store, you get 50 percent off the Jan. 13 and Jan. 14 performances. This discount is not valid online, so you must go to a Publix with a Ticketmaster outlet.

Recycle for a free Fernbank IMAX Movie Ticket

Did you get a new cellphone for Christmas? If you haven’t discarded of your old one, here’s an idea: Take it to the Fernbank Museum in exchange for a free IMAX movie ticket to see “Wild Ocean” between Jan. 15-Jan. 24. First, the film sounds truly amazing. Secondly, you’ll help the environment. This is a win-win. Personally, I love IMAX films at the Fernbank and if I had a phone to exchange, I certainly would. Regular admission is $13.

Free Taco Bell offer

The not-so-fine print probably says it all. First, “Drive-thru diet is not a weight loss program,” followed by, “Not a low calorie food.” Nevertheless, Taco Bell is touting its Drive-Thru diet items with less fat and calories than the regular menu items. Instead of Jared and Subway, we have Christine and Taco Bell. Whether you believe a low-fat taco from the fast food chain can help you in your weight loss goals, or you just happen to like Taco Bell, you might as well print out this coupon and use it within seven days of printing it out. It’s good for a free Fresco Taco.

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BongWater Slurpee

January 4th, 2010
2:58 pm

Fresco Taco…? BAH, *TEWY*. Gimme the Nachos Bell Grande, A Taco Grande, Mexi-Melt, Chili Cheese Burrito, 2 Ice Cold Beers and a jar of jalapeno’s!!


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February 16th, 2010
8:17 am

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