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Printable coupons: Don’t leave home without them

I could have kicked myself the other night. I printed out coupons to one of my favorite stores, then left the coupons at home. First, it’s yet another reason why electronic coupons downloaded to mobile phones are a good idea. But if you can’t make that kind of adjustment this late in the game, let my mistake serve as an additional reminder for you to put those coupons in your purse before leaving home.

Luckily, the cashier, detecting my frustration, was kind enough to give me the discount anyway.

On, I found a number of printable coupons now available for shoppers who’d rather go out shopping than do it from a computer:

Radio Shack: $20 off an in-store purchase of $100 or more

Stein Mart: 60 percent off home items, and 20 percent other store items

Gap: 20 percent off all store items

Not what you need? Here are a slew more on Wow Coupons. It’s a comprehensive site of printable retail coupons for dozens of retailers.

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Save $100 at Aurora Theatre | Discount on “Young Frankenstein” | Hawks special

Free shipping on Hawks gear

Time is running out, but for Atlanta Hawks merchandise, shipping is free of charge when you use the promo code HOLIDAY. Keep in mind that you may be able to find NBA team merchandise cheaper at other outlets, but if pressed for time and not interested in paying for shipping, this could be a good option. The Hawks also have Chic-fil-A night on New Year’s Day. The package for the 7:30 p.m. game on Jan. 1 against the New York Knicks includes four tickets and four combo meals starting at $89.

Save on “Young Frankstein”

It’s not much of a discount, but it will still help. Save $5 on tickets to see “Young Frankstein” at the Fox Theatre Jan. 26-31 using special offer code FRANK. During the promotion, for every ticket purchased, an additional $5 will be donated to the American Red Cross. This production was the 2008 winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award.

A whopping $100 value on Aurora Theatre productions

Sometimes, season tickets to your favorite …

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Paying for college isn’t everything: Why it’s OK to have other priorities

Put yourself before your kids. Sounds like lunacy, right?

Well, it depends. When it comes to choosing between your own retirement and your child’s college education, the answer is simple, some say. Your child can get a student loan for college and various other forms of financial aid. There is no such loan for retirement. While at first blush it may appear that you’re minimizing the value of a college degree, the opposite could likely be true.

Forcing your young adult to contribute to financing his or her college education may actually result in better performance since the student will, literally, have more invested in the process.

MSN Money’s story, “6 reasons not save for kids’ college” is to some as shocking as it is thought-provoking. Rarely is the topic broached in such bold fashion: Your kid will be just fine, if he chooses to go to college at all.

Savings plans designed to help you get a jump-start on your child’s education have proven valuable to many. Truthfully, …

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All shopped out? Here are 24 gift cards with bonuses

I spent about four hours Christmas shopping last night. My, how much easier would it have been to rack up on gift cards. Seriously, I had fun while I was out and did indeed get a couple of gift cards. If you’ve had it with malls, lines, parking and all of the other trappings that go along with last-minute holiday shopping, you might consider gift cards.

Before you read on for the cards and their accompanying bonuses below, be sure you know what you’re getting into when you buy a gift card, like expiration dates and fees.

Here’s a handy round-up I found on the Hartford Courant:

Stores and restaurants looking to boost sales are offering what New Orleans residents call a “lagniappe” (a little something extra) to sweeten the deal.

Buy $50 worth of gift cards at any Applebee’s restaurant, and you’ll get a $10 bonus card free.

For every $25 worth of gift cards you purchase at TGI Friday’s, you’ll get a free $5 Bonus Bite gift card.

Spend $25 on gift cards at Friendly’s, and …

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BOGO free to Avenue X | Save on cultural attractions

BOGO Free to Avenue X

I took a few minutes to listen to music samples from Avenue X, the Doo Wop a cappella musical playing at the Alliance Theatre Jan. 13-22. The voices are so strong and beautiful, I couldn’t help but fall for this one right away. A ticket special is currently running for the show. Tickets are buy one, get one free now through Dec. 25, using promo code BOGOFREE. Call the ticket office at 404-733-5000 or order online. The special is limited to four tickets per person.

The Alliance also has a promotion that allows you to pick three shows from any of the remaining productions this season for $90. The package has a number of additional bonuses, as well, including show insurance, dining discounts and other discounts throughout the Woodruff Arts Center.

Cultural Attraction Memberships

There are numerous cultural attractions around town that offer family memberships. One of the better deals right now might be at Zoo Atlanta, where $99 a year covers two adults and …

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Cheap date ideas: Games we play — board games, trivia, darts, rock climbing and racquetball

I’m ready to take part in at least one, if not all, of these cheap date ideas. All these inexpensive dates are under $40. Just as important, they are all a blast! Here are the Games We Play:


Amoa Tank plays a game of giant Jenga at a 2008 Atlanta Play Date gathering. Photo credit: Alison Church, Special

Amoa Tank plays a game of giant Jenga at a 2008 Atlanta Play Date gathering. Photo credit: Alison Church, Special

Musical chairs. Pictionary. Monopoly. Twister. Poker. Pac-Man. Galaga. Sound familiar? Yep, these are the games of your youth, back when life was a breeze and fun was the order of the day. Well, the games are back, only this time there is a room full of like-minded adults looking to have a good time without the club scene. Play Date Atlanta is one of the hottest scenes in the metro area, and also happens to be an affordable way to have a blast on a late-night date. Admission is $10 per person, plus $5 for parking. The next gathering is Dec. 19 from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Select in Decatur.

Trivia Night

My friends are better at trivia games than I am. That …

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Kroger will no longer accept P&G digital coupons

In a battle over who needs whom the most, Kroger and manufacturer Procter & Gamble have come to an impasse and will part ways — in an Internet sense — at the end of the year, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

For consumers, it means that will no longer host the P&G eSavers electronic coupons on the grocery chain’s Web site and P&G digital coupons will no longer be valid on the Kroger Plus loyalty card.  Makers of everything from Pampers to Pringles, P&G is a major player in the world of grocer goods. But Kroger, with 132 grocery stores in Atlanta and surrounding areas, was unable to persuade P&G to keep its coupons on the Kroger site without redirecting shoppers directly to the P&G site. So P&G will discontinue its eSaver program with Kroger after Dec. 31.

Kroger and metro Atlanta rival Publix will still accept paper coupons for the P&G products they carry.

The Kroger-P&G spat is a development about convenience — and control.

“Kroger is really focused …

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Walmart, Toys “R” Us, stock up for Zhu Zhu pet hamsters blitz

Updated: 5:00 p.m. December 18, 2009

If you haven’t found in Zhu Zhu pet hamsters and you’re getting antsy, get in line. The holiday season’s hottest toy has been as elusive as it is cute.

There’s relief on the way, though. Walmart announced today that starting Monday, it will stock up on the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters and sell them for $8, starting at 7 a.m. Dec. 21-23. Customers will be assigned numbers as lines build. There is a limit of one robotic toy per person, and Walmart said there will be a minimum of 20 sold per day at smaller stores and more than a 60 day in its largest retail outlets.

Additionally, a number of other toys marked for $8, will be further discounted by 20 to 50 percent on Sunday, Dec. 20. Included on the list are Nerf-n-Force Sword and Barbie Fashonista dolls, among others. On Saturday, Dec. 19, the store will have an 8GB iPod nano for $145 that comes with a free $50 iTunes gift card.

Toys “R” Us announced this week that it will have “more than one million” …

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Send in photos of your D.I.Y. projects

Are you into Do It Yourself projects? Whether it’s on a small scale — planting a flower bed, for instance — or a larger scale, like installing insulation in the attic or building a deck out back, there is a tremendous satisfaction that comes along with taking on a task around the house and completing it.

I would not in any circles consider myself handy. Still, when I repaired my garbage disposal and later filled in the hole in the wall with a little spackling paste, I was proud of myself. There are other projects on my list: painting the living room, redecorating, installing a ceiling fan…and I’ll take them on, one by one.

If you’ve completed a D.I.Y. project you’re proud of, email me the photos and I’ll post the very best, most creative and most interesting here on the blog for all to see your handy work. Please be sure to include your contact information in the email so I can reach you with any questions, and give a very brief description of the project. In the spirit of the …

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Free cooking and wine class to prepare for a budget-friendly holiday party

It’s never too late to get some handy money-saving holiday tips. Food 101 in Sandy Springs is hosting an event on Sunday, Dec. 20 — Tricks of Hosting an Incredible Party Without Breaking The Bank. Learn how to make wonderful appetizers on a budget from Food 101 Executive sous chef Jordan Wakefield, and get suggestions on making inexpensive wine pairings from James Doyle. The wine at Food 101 is also half-price all day on Sundays. This sounds like a wonderful idea if you’re hosting a holiday party, or any other event in the near future. Jennifer from Atlanta on the Cheap found this gem. The restaurant is located at 4969 Roswell Rd., in Sandy Springs. Call 404-497-9700 for reservations.

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