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Congratulations to Chris Gwinner, whose D.I.Y. project topped the list of contest entries. Gwinner is a 29-year-old self-professed project lover who’ll receive the new book, “One Year To An Organized Financial Life” by Regina Leeds.

It was no surprise that Gwinner was drawn to the challenge of making a shadow box for a beautiful sword he received as a gift from his host in Japan.

“I wanted a good way to display it, but was not finding answers around town,” Gwinner said.

For about $10 and and two hours of labor, Gwinner constructed the piece with material he picked up from Home Depot.

His material: four pieces of 1-foot by 4-foot wood, two more that were about eight inches long and two more approximately 36 inches long.

He used two pieces of thin plywood, four generic coat hooks, four small triangles to fit in the corners cut from the scrap of 1 x 4, and small wood nails.

box 1

box 2rGwinner said he painted all of the pieces first, using black interior paint. He laid out the rectangle shape with four pieces of 1 x 4.

He next nailed the short ends onto each end to form the rectangle. He nailed the plywood to the back of the rectangle to firm up the shape, added the triangles with small nails to each corner and installed four coat hooks to hold the sword and sheath. Finally, Gwinner added mounting hardware to the back.

What DIY project have you worked on? Were you pleased with the results? How much did it cost you, and how much did you save by doing it yourself? Submit your own DIY idea or project and be our next winner.

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box 5

All photos provided by Chris Gwinner

All photos provided by Chris Gwinner.

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Regina Leeds

December 30th, 2009
10:47 am

I am so honored that my new book was the giveaway prize.
thank you!

Regina Leeds


December 30th, 2009
1:22 pm

“For about $10 and and two hours of labor, Gwinner constructed the piece with material he picked up from Home Depot.”

Yourwah sword box…it SUCK. Wat a shameful dispway for and ewigant japanese sword. Commit HARI-KARI Fool!