New Year’s Eve on a budget | Great deal at Agave | Any pizza for $10

Deal at Agave

So, you’re thinking you’ll just stay in on New Year’s Day and watch a boatload of college football bowl games? Well, yes, you could do that. Or, you could find a great restaurant running a great special, like Agave. For Friday only, any appetizer, any entree and your choice of two desserts is only $20. That’s a terrific deal. For reservations, call 404-588-0006.

Pizza Hut deal

It’s always refreshing to come across a deal with seemingly no strings attached — not even a coupon! Pizza Hut has just such a deal. For $10, you can buy any size pizza with any toppings for $10. Now, if you’re a personal pan pizza person, this won’t help you much. However, if you typically buy large or even medium pizzas, you can easily see the value in this deal. It starts this week, but there was no expiration date given to me. The stuffed crust pizza is an extra dollar.

Party on a budget

Looking for a New Year’s Eve bash that won’t break your budget? Check out this list of the hottest happenings, at cool prices. Of course, there’s still the cheapest way to go — crashing a house party. But if you’re looking to ring in 2010 on a different note, try these on for size.

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