D.I.Y.: Turn closet chaos into office space

Don’t worry. There’s nothing really scary or dangerous in my closet. It just looks that way.

Photo credit: Rana L. Cash, AJC

Photo credit: Rana L. Cash, AJC

Almost everyone I know has that dump space, someplace in their home where all of the things that really have no home find one in a closet or under a bed or on top of a shelf. The picture you see here is mine. What’s in it? A basketball, Christmas decorations, a microwave that was replaced two years ago, the cooler for picnics. You get the idea.

Someone suggested I turn it into a small office space. I’m thinking about it, but first have to move beyond the dread of cleaning the closet out. I do not think I’m alone. That’s why I’ve found this short D.I.Y. video on small tips to help you better organize your closet.

How to Clear Up Office Clutter

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