Tons of tips to help you find a job

The news this week was again, sobering. As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Michael Kanell, the state’s jobless rate increased slightly in October to 10.2 percent, according to the Labor Department. It was the fifth consecutive month that the jobless figure has been in double-digits, but the first time the rate was not higher than the national average.

Indeed, these are difficult times. Finding a job is incredibly tough. That’s why I thought this blog would be helpful. Blogger Jim Wang from Bargaineering ran a series of posts that he called Career Week 2009. It touched on everything from how to dress for an interview to preparing you for common interview questions. The series concludes today with readers submitting their best career tips.

There are also tips on how to use a headhunter, and the site points you to some of the most popular job search sites. Locally, this is also a good place to turn in your job search. Here on, you’ll also find a wealth of resources to help you navigate through career change and job loss.

If you’ve recently found work, how did you do it and what do you think was the key to your success? Are you looking for a job or a new career? What roadblocks have you faced?

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November 20th, 2009
4:13 pm

Thanks for the love!


November 20th, 2009
6:41 pm

Thanks for the article! I have even heard of job consultants/agents who help people seek out jobs for them.


November 21st, 2009
5:40 pm

I have a shaved head and got a huge spider tattoo on the back of it at Ink & Dagger in Decatur. It helped me get my new job! I recommend this procedure to anyone who is unemployed right now.


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March 2nd, 2010
7:18 pm

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