Half-off games at Dave and Buster’s | Save up to 50% on Hawks, Thrashers | $15 All You Can Eat

Half-off games at Dave and Buster’s

Kids love video games, but they aren’t alone. Adults get into them as well, which is why this deal is attractive for a swath of people. Dave and Buster’s half-off promotion is back. Every Wednesday, all games are half-off, all day long. As the school holiday breaks approach, this could be a good way to spend a mid-week afternoon with the family.

Save up to 50% on Hawks, Thrashers tickets

There are several ways to save on tickets to see both the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers. Travelzoo has posted a 50% off deal for select games. For the Hawks, the Nov. 18 game against the Miami Heat and the Nov. 20 game against the Houston Rockets are discounted: $70 price-level tickets are $50. The $43 price-level tickets are $15 on Wednesday, Nov. 18, and $25 on Nov. 20.

The applicable Thrashers games are Nov. 19 against the Boston Bruins, Nov. 22 versus the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Nov. 30 against the Florida Panthers. The $78 price-level tickets are $50, and the $49 and $42 tickets are $25 with this deal.

You’ll need to click here for the Hawks special, and here for the Thrashers. Be sure to click on the box next to Travelzoo offer to get the deals.

Before you do, though, check Atlanta on the Cheap’s list of 50 percent off games. Both teams also have special promotional nights — Hawks and Thrashers — that may get you a better deal.

Loca Luna’s All You Can Eat

I don’t know if I can eat $15 worth of fish tacos, but as good as they are, it could be worth the effort. Loca Luna’s menu is $15 all you can eat on Tuesdays.

$5 Turkeys

Here’s another way to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table in an inexpensive way.  Walmart is selling 12-pound Grade A turkeys for $5. There is a limit of two turkeys per person if one isn’t big enough for your family. Plus, is there a rule that says you can only eat turkey on holidays? Of course not.

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November 17th, 2009
3:05 pm

Another great deal at Dave and Buster’s is their $10 “Power Hour” Sunday through Thursday, where you can play unlimited video games for an hour from 9 p.m. until closing.