Save on holiday lights: $11 off at Lake Lanier | Callaway Gardens special | $5 off “A Christmas Carol”

Save on viewing holiday lights at Lake Lanier

For seven miles, holiday lights turn Lake Lanier into a magical place. The Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier is understandably a popular holiday activity. You can save $11 on tickets by using this coupon from 11 Alive. Tickets are regularly $40 for cars with one to nine passengers on Mondays through Thursdays, and $60 Fridays through Sundays, holidays and Dec. 21-24. The coupon is only valid Nov. 21-30, from 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

Save on holiday lights at Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens has a beautiful trail of holiday lights as well. It’s just a short drive away and well worth the trip. The Fantasy In Lights run Nov. 20-Dec. 30, with Nov. 22 reserved for walkers. The 5-mile display of lights can be enjoyed by car or trolley. To get $3 off on adult Value Night tickets, become a fan of Callaway on Facebook and use the promo code you’ll find there. Adult Value nights are Nov. 23, 24, 29 and 30, and Dec. 1-3, 6-10, 13-17 and 27-30.

‘A Christmas Carol’

I’ve shared with you a couple of specials to save on seeing “A Christmas Carol” at The Alliance Theatre. Here’s one more. Use the promo code 11 Alive and save $5 on admission to performances Nov. 27-29.

Coupon for skate rental

Ice Skating at Centennial Olympic Park runs Nov. 14 through Jan. 31. Admission is $7, plus a $2 fee for skate rental. Use this 11 Alive coupon to get free skate rental Mondays through Wednesdays, Nov. 16-Dec. 11, and Jan. 11-Jan. 27.

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Uncle Tom

November 13th, 2009
4:15 pm

$11 is a much better bargain for Lake Lanier, because when I went in December of 2007 and paid full price, the light show was the pits.

David S

November 13th, 2009
4:46 pm

The light show at my own house will be sufficient for me this year.


November 14th, 2009
6:28 pm

I “wish” the deal for Lake Lanier was only $11 but sadly it’s $11-off an overly inflated entrance fee. Our family has made Lanier’s light display part of our holiday tradition for years but not any more. They have priced themselves too high.


November 23rd, 2009
3:57 pm

I am with SMH728 here – My husband and I have no children and last year we decided to begin taking the neices and nephew to Lanier – a total of 8 of us went and by the time the night was over we had spent $200.00 from admission to entertainment at the Lodge area. This was getting each child one ornament with their name/year added – 6 (4×6) photos for the kids parents/grandparents and then the outdoor pony rides/amusements.

We were thinking of making this a yearly thing until I noticed this year would cost $53.00 to get in the gate with the online pass only good for Fri-Sat, where as last year it was 35.00 and valid anytime if you purchased online.

HOW STUPID in such economy to raise the rates and limitations. I probably will not ever go back at this rate.


November 24th, 2009
9:17 pm

Callaway Gardens has a much better light show. However, since this show is more conveinent for my family I thought we would go this year. Then I saw the price….$60 a car for weekends and holidays??? Just to drive through the show and not including any of the activities at Santa’s Workshop. This is way over priced. And on the same note Callaway Gardens is charging $25 per person…not per car. Outrageous!


November 26th, 2009
7:56 pm

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November 26th, 2009
8:05 pm

Lake Lanier Lights is a RIPOFF…

Hall county resident here – we are INVOLUNTARILY CHARGED by our electric company (GEORGIA POWER) to fund the energy costs to keep that lame light display on. When I ask my electric company if they offer any special discount by Lake Lanier Islands, I’m practically laughed off the phone. So, I contact Lake Lanier Islands directly and I’m directed to the 11 Alive coupon.

You’d think that an organization that is regionally supported would return the kindness to those who are FORCED TO PAYING FOR THEIR LIGHT BILL…..I guess NOT!

My children are still young enough to not notice such a RIPOFF practice. When they are older and able to understand the ramifications of experiencing such a RIPOFF of a local business biting the hand that feeds it.


December 5th, 2009
5:21 pm

Unbelievable. $60 to get in. We are never coming back. What a complete ripoff.


December 6th, 2009
9:03 am

Wow…what an inflated price! And, I did not realize that Hall county residents were helping to support this via their electric bill! In past years, it seemed fairly busy, but I wonder if they are noticing a drop in attendance with this new price plan this year. Will be interesting to see what they do next year.


December 8th, 2009
12:11 am

I am with those who have enjoyed Nights of Lights in the past but will have to take a pass this year. My husband is only off work on weekend evenings, and it is beyond outrageous for them to jack-up the price by $20 on the weekends especially since there is nothing to indicate that you get any extra enjoyment for that extra money. It is sad to break with a tradition you’ve held since your child’s first Christmas, but this is one we’re going to have to give up.

Rob S

December 21st, 2009
3:26 pm

We have spoken so highly of this event to our family that is coming in from Fla but they will never see it at this price.

Mark P

December 21st, 2009
4:54 pm

$60 is a complete rip off. The Night of Lights have not had any signficant changes in years. I made it a tradition for our family to go right before Christmas. I suspect the crowds will be alot smaller this year.. Lake Lanier is the Grinch this year.. Shame on them..

Teresa B

December 23rd, 2009
10:56 am

I have also made Lake Lanier a tradition, but at this price we will not go back….EVER!