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Paul Tompkins BOGO free tix; Free jazz with Kathleen Bertrand

Shop ‘Til You Drop: There is no shortage of free activities and bargain shopping this weekend. Georgia’s sales tax holiday continues through Sunday, with many stores are extending their hours. Check around: lots are open late tonight, and very early Saturday morning. I plan to get out to do some back to school shopping and a little shopping for myself as well. Check back on Monday to see how I did. One thing is for sure: I’ll hop online to see which stores are having the best sales, to print out some coupons and to map out my shopping strategy for the weekend. It’s not Black Friday, but it’s close enough to get my adrenaline going.

NBAF: For those of you who’ll do the opposite — run for the hills, or any place that’s far away from frantic shoppers — there are an abundance of options. The National Black Arts Festival has a host of free events. Be sure to check out Jamie Gumbrecht’s Inside Access blog every day.

Jazz at Ebenezer: You might be interested in Jazz at Ebenezer …

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Dodging Debt Collectors? These 3 expert tips will help

Debt collectors are aggressive and relentless. If you’ve ever been on their radar, you know how uncomfortable the experience can be. Truth is, we’d rather not ever encounter a bill collector and the best strategy is to pay the bills when they come.

National Asset Recovery is a debt collection agency who's professional model is a far cry from the debt collection agencies who employ strong arm tactics. The company offers incentives to employees that are able to "sell" debtors on paying back their loans. Thursday, October 25, 2007. POUYA DIANAT / Staff

National Asset Recovery is a debt collection agency whose professional model is a far cry from the debt collection agencies who employ strong arm tactics. The company offers incentives to employees that are able to "sell" debtors on paying back their loans. Thursday, October 25, 2007. POUYA DIANAT / Staff

These days, however, more and more people are without the financial means to be as diligent and prompt as they would ordinarily be. Lost jobs and decreased wages have some beating back bill collectors for the first time. Gerri Detweiler, an advisor with and co-author of Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights, provides three tips to help you navigate the waters.

Three Fibs Debt …

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Freebies and Discounts: concert tix, movies, brunch, art and more

Free Concert at the Tabernacle: Country music singer Dierks Bentley will play a free concert Aug. 18 at the Tabernacle. It’s part of the 3rd annual Samsung AT&T Summer Krush series. All you have to do is go to the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush site to register for your tickets. Tickets to the show will also be given away on radio station Kicks 101.5.

Discount for Seniors: Senior discounts are available at the High Museum for a limited time, Aug. 10-14. Senior week applies to patrons 65 and over. Prices are $13, normally $18.

TGIF!: I love TGIF’s Jack Daniels chicken wings. That’s why I was excited to see this coupon: a free Jack Daniels sampler platter for parties of three or more for Friday’s Friends get together. I’ll have to gather up some of my friends before the coupon expires Aug. 15.

50 percent off brunch: I’ve never been to Radial Cafe, but a glance at the breakfast menu definitely piques my interest. So does this: a 50 percent off bargain I found with on …

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Are you financially fit? Take this quiz

How do you gauge your financial health?

For many, it’s determined by what’s left at the end of the month. But that may not be enough. Many factors can impact your wallet, and your ability to sustain during difficult periods. Take this quiz offered by Consumer Credit Counseling to determine how ‘financially fit’ you really are.

Are you financially fit?

  • Yes, my house is in order
  • No, I still have work to do

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Questions to ask yourself:

Are you delinquent on your mortgage or facing foreclosure?

Do you have a three-month emergency fund?

Have you been avoiding calls from bill collectors?

Is your car about to be repossessed?

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Frugal and fun: cheap date ideas

I don’t believe dates have to be expensive to be fun. Dates can be free, like walks in the park. They can also be full of interesting activities. Welcome to another installment of Frugal and Fun, where we are out and about finding interesting and exciting date ideas for around $40.


The Best of the Big A has closed nominations for the best place to bowl in metro Atlanta. Midtown Bowl did not crack the readers’ top 5, but it was the readers’ pick for the best bowling alley in Atlanta in Creative Loafing. Last week here commenter ‘E’ suggested Midtown be on the list of Frugal and Fun date ideas for its $11.75 all-inclusive weekday special. Great idea, but we don’t know many people who date Mondays through Thursdays, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., when that applies. So, we continued our hunt. I came across a summer special at Red Carpet Lanes in Duluth. Before 7 p.m. on weekends, games are $1.49 per person. Shoe rentals are $3.95 per person.

Laugh out Loud

There’s nothing like a …

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Twitter, Facebook push coupons and deals


Taco Mac in Midtown uses Twitter for promotions, including Pint Night, when customers get a free glass with a beer of the month purchase. Credit: Elissa Eubanks

I’m on a lot of email lists. So are a lot of the people I know. My favorites are buy one, get one free entree’ offers. Or freebies, like appetizers and desserts. Email alerts about discounted tickets and coupons for a variety of clothing shops and goodies land in my inbox.

Companies are reaching out to customers — potential and current — in a variety of ways, including social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. If you’re a friend of Spaghetti Warehouse on Facebook, you probably got a coupon for free lasagna today. If you’re following Taco Mac, you likely got a tweet about free glasses with beer purchases. Or maybe you got the email alert about the free comedy shows at Punchline tonight, Thursday and Sunday.

Merchants are eager to extend their brand, and that often means passing on discounts to you. Atlanta …

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Paul McCartney tickets 1/2 off today only | $6 Falcons tickets | Free museum tix

It’s Not Too Late: Half-price Live Nation tickets today

Get half-off pairs of tickets from to some pretty hot shows: Paul McCartney, Rascal Flatts, Lil Wayne and the Flasback Festival all on the list. Grab ‘em now. It’s a 24-hour deal.

High times: Three budget-friendly options

* Fulton County residents have a perk this weekend: free admission to the High Museum every first Saturday of the month. It’s a good time to visit the museum as well. Both the Richard Misrach On the Beach and Monet Water Lilies exhibitions run through Aug. 23.

* Don’t live in Fulton? No worries. It’s half-off museum admission on Thursday nights between 4-8 p.m. at the High. Tickets are $9.

* I told you about the Bank of America partnership with local museums. This gives you yet another option for free admission to the High, as well as the Atlanta History Museum, Fernbank, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Atlanta Zoo and Millennium Gate. The first full weekend of every month — the Saturday …

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5 steps on the path to saving

Saving, like exercise, is all about the first step. Getting started can be the hardest part. Once you get going, though, you do it without a second thought.

That’s what happened to me when I began adding to the amount from my check that was automatically devoted to savings. We can come up with reasons every day for not saving, but rarely are they good reasons.

Consider this a nudge, the little push you may need to start putting a dollar or two away. Every little bit counts.

A penny a day...start saving now. Credit:

A penny a day…start saving now. Credit:

The Frugal Living blog suggests these tips:

1. Set up Auto draft: Relying on your good intention alone to set aside the funds may not be enough. Use an auto draft to take your temptation out of the equation.

2. Hang on to your change: I’ll admit I don’t keep my change in a piggy bank. I have change in a wooden shoe (souvenir present from my parents that I didn’t know exactly what to do with). I have change in a plastic cup. I have quarters, dimes, …

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Half-price show tickets

Discounts at the Fox

Tickets to see 42nd Street at the Fox Theatre today and Wednesday are 50 percent off when purchased at Publix Ticketmaster locations. If you can’t make it those two days, you can still save $10 on Thursday night’s show with a coupon on The same $10 off deal applies to Opening Night of Grease on Aug. 7. There’s a $10 coupon in Valpak, or you can get 50 percent off the ticket price for the Aug. 11 and Aug. 12 shows with tickets purchased at Publix. blogger Rodney Ho reports that Jerry Springer will star in Chicago, and the opening Tuesday-Wednesday night shows Sept. 8-9 are half-off at Publix.

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Cheap Tickets: $1 movies| $5 Braves| $10 America I AM

Two More Days of $1 Movie Tickets

There are still a couple days remaining to take advantage of the $1 movie tickets during the AMC Summer MovieCamp promotion. Tickets are just a $1 on Wednesday mornings for kids and adults. The two movies left on the lineup are Nim’s Island tomorrow and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, on Aug. 5. Participating area theatres are:

AMC Avenue Forsyth 12

AMC Discover Mills 18

AMC Southlake Pavillion 24

AMC Stonecrest Mall 16

America I AM

Find tickets to the America I AM: The African American Imprint at Wal-Mart stores for the discounted price of $10 for adults and $4 for children. The exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center runs through September 6. Just note that you cannot purchase the tickets through Wal-Mart online. You’ll need to go to the site and then find a store near you. Here’s another tip: If you visit the America I AM site directly, you’ll find a coupon for two free kids’ admissions.

“Ultimate Kids Night”

The Atlanta Braves are closing summer …

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