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Come Blog With Us!

Southwest Airlines has built its reputation doing things differently from its competitors  — from waiving baggage fees to keeping passengers entertained once they’re buckled up. A few years back, a Southwest Airlines attendant became a YouTube sensation just before take-off by delivering the predictable flight instructions as rap lyrics, while the packed cabin clapped and stomped to the beat.

As the low-cost carrier launches at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Sunday 2/12, we’re sending a team of bloggers for a two-day getaway to four of its nonstop destinations: Denver, Austin, Chicago, and Baltimore. And you’re invited to tag along – virtually, at least!

Our bloggers will take you on their journey as they:

  • share the insider’s view of what it’s like to be a Southwest Airlines employee;
  • discover the fun and unique aspects of flying with Southwest Airlines
  • explore new cities and destinations during their weekend get away; and
  • capture crazy moments and new experiences …

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Meet the bloggers

susan-puckett-120Susan Puckett

Greetings! I’m an Atlanta-based freelance writer and editor who loves to dream about my next vacation. As monitor of this blog, I’m looking forward to collecting lots of new tips for navigating four great cities I’d love to visit. For many years, I oversaw the food and dining pages of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Nowadays I write cookbooks and contribute to a variety of publications.  Last year, I wrote about fun places to eat in the Mississippi Delta for National Geographic Traveler, and I’m wrapping up a book about those adventures that’s due out this fall. Besides exploring the back roads of my home state, I love seeking out authentic experiences wherever I travel, especially the ones that involve good eating!

Clint Boswell

Hi!  I’ve been a college English instructor for the past eight years and am now clint-120teaching in Atlanta.  One of my favorite things about this job is that it gives me the opportunity to explore my passions in life. I am a film school …

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