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An Imagined Conversation Between Chazz Palminteri and Me about Chazz: A Bronx Original

ChazzMe:  Hi Chazz!  Thanks for having me at your restaurant here in Baltimore, Chazz: A Bronx Original.

Chazz:  You’re welcome.  You’re very welcome…

Me:  Chazz, I have to admit, what you’re saying is very nice, but for some reason, the way you are saying that makes me think you might want to beat me up.

Chazz:  No, I’m very sincere.  I just have a naturally intimidating voice.

Me: Oh!  My bad then!

Chazz:  That’s right, your bad…

Me: :/ (this is how my face looked at that imagined moment)

Chazz:  I KID!!!

Me: HAHAHAHA!… But seriously, what set’s Chazz: A Bronx Original apart from other Italian restaurants?  I mean, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this place when I first heard about it.

Chazz:  Skeptical, huh?  Well, we are one of the few coal-oven pizza restaurants around.  Our pizzas cook in around 90 seconds from the intense heat so that the flavors of the ingredients still have a freshness about them.  Also, this is no kitshy place.  We bring the …

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What Should I Do in Baltimore?

Here are the things I have planned.  Does anyone have any suggestions of things I should do near the harbor in Baltimore?  Am I missing anything?

Today I’m checking out:

  • Fort McHenry and the copy of the Star Spangled Banner
  • The AmericanVisionary Art Museum: a museum dedicated to unknown artists
  • Fell’s Point (any places I have to check out here?)
  • Federal Hill and Ryleigh’s Oyster Bar

Comment here with suggestions if there’s anything you think I’m missing.  Thanks ahead of time :)

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Baltimore’s Harbor East Delivers the Upscale Goods

Harbor East As I wandered South down President St. from Power Plant Live!, I found what I heard is the newer hotspot in Baltimore: Harbor East.  As you can see, this area of the city oozes modern-style.  The place is mostly made up of restaurants, but these range in cuisine and price range.  And, if you feel so inclined, you can swing by and pick up that new Audi that you forgot to grab when you last ran errands at the corner Audi dealership.

A cool little place for me was the James Joyce Irish Pub.  I fully admit this is my English Instructor side nerding out to an unbearable degree, but I thought it was cool that the city threw a shout out to ol’ Jimmy J.  I stopped in here for an obligatory Irish Whisky on the rocks to warm my frost-bitten soul.

My final destination was to my dinner spot for the evening, Chazz: A Bronx Original.  This is a coal-oven, Italian food restaurant co-founded by actor Chazz Palminteri.  I’ll have to say, I thought this place had all the makings of an …

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Power Plant Live! It’s not what it sounds like…

Power plant live 1Power plant live 2LeinehugelsBeer paddle Despite the name sounding like a warning, Power Plant Live! is a local hotspot in Baltimore that is right in between the Inner Harbor (site of my hotel, the InterContinental) and Harbor East.  It is a collection of bars and restaurants like J Squared, the Baltimore Comedy Factory, and Leinehugel’s Beer Garden.  I hear PP Live is a real hot spot, especially on weekends and especially when it is not 20 degrees outside!

The Comedy Factory was closed tonight and J Squared was a pizza joint (I was already heading to a pizza place later), so I plopped down at the bar in Leinehugel’s.  There the general manager, Jesse, took me on a tour of their beers.  Btw, I heart beer, so I was ready to put his knowledge to the test.  Jesse went above and beyond with his brew knowledge and made this paddle of beers for me.  In order from left to right I had the Big Eddy stout, New Belgium’s Snow Day winter seasonal, Maryland’s own Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch IPA (that’s its name, I swear!), …

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A visit to the National Pinball Museum in Baltimore

Baltimore has a gem in the National Pinball Museum, the love labor of curator and pinball enthusiast, David Silverman.  The concept is simple: have a museum for the history of the pinball machine.  However, the brilliance of the place is its floor of playable pinball machines from the 1950s to the present.  When you buy your pass to the museum, you actually buy a play card too, loaded with coinage to flipper some balls around to your hearts content.

First up is the History of Pinball exhibit.  I had no idea that pinball actually started with the French game Bagatelle, a version of billiards.  Then, at pinball’s height of popularity in the 30’s, there were such things as pinball arcades that were almost like a bar/casino.

Then I took the elevator to the second floor.  Here was the heart of the museum, the arcade.  I played a pinball machine from every decade starting at the 50’s.  First, I …

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A Southwest Employee in his own words (VIDEO)

Alex Scott, Ramp Supervisor transferred to Atlanta from Baltimore with Southwest Airlines.  He’s been with SWA for 8 years.  He didn’t join SWA because of the company culture but he quickly became one of the airlines biggest proponents of the culture that Gary Kelly has created.  “We want to greet every customer with a smile, and treat them like royalty.”  This isn’t just for today, or the fact that we are launching in Atlanta.  This is how we are all the time and in every city.

Fun loving attitude, showing the “Warrior” spirit (and no… I didn’t make this up I promise!), and a servicing heart!  This is Alex’s mantra and what he brings to work everyday… in his own words.

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The InterContinental Harbor Court Baltimore Makes Me Feel Fancy


The first thing I saw

When I told my cab driver to take me to the InterContinental, he said that Baltimore’s Visitor’s Bureau really must like me to put me up here.  No kidding.  I was in a hooded sweatshirt, a cheap beanie, and clearly sleep-deprived when I walked into this lobby.  One look at this staircase and I knew I had to clean up fast.

The woman up front and the man who helped me with my bag where completely nice about my homliness and made me feel more than welcome.  Honestly, I will say that so far I don’t feel out of place here, even though I clearly have never stayed in a 5 star hotel before.  Everything from the marble in the lobby to the furniture in my room is without a doubt fancy, but is also not pretentious in a way that makes me feel like I can’t touch anything.

For example, check out the bed in my room.  It definitely is giving off the come-sleep-on-me-you-have-never-been-in-a-bed-this-nice-ever kind of vibe.  However, beyond this comfy look, it …

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Now Arriving in Baltimore: Top 5 Cool Things I Noticed on My Flight

I arrived smoothly at Baltimore/Washington International Airport right on time.  What else could you ask for from a flight?  Well, I’ll tell you… in a top 5 list just like you wanted!

5.  The Southwest Airlines Employees cheered the arrivals in Atlanta.  There were hugs, high fives, a crowd… got to love that celebrity treatment.

4.  No assigned seating.  I know all us bloggers are mentioning this, but it is a really cool thing.  Gone is the First Class walk of shame, and in place is seat selection.  I got a window seat next to a really nice lady and it was just an unspoken rule to have a buffer seat between us.  No more knocking knees in the middle seat!

3.  LIFT Coffee.  Southwest’s online coffee is called LIFT coffee, and before you skip over this one, the coffee is at #3 for a reason.  In the Inflight Menu, it explains that Southwest Airlines donates money to the Guatemala Light …

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Southwest Employees enjoying Stats Sports Bar

I’m here at the Southwest Block Party in downtown Atlanta starting at Stats sports bar talking with some new Southwest employees.  Overall, I am finding that Southwest seems to take care of not only their customers, but their employees too.  Antonio Blue, an employee with AirTran for 6 years, said that he loved the “employee first… family atmosphere” that Southwest brought to the workplace.  Lamoyne Hines got me interested in my flight to Baltimore tomorrow.  He said one noticeable change I should expect is the “top of the line” new gate entrances in Hartsfield.  I’m particularly excited about all the new outlets Lamoyne said the new gates will have (it’s the little things in life that make me happy).  Southwest apparently brought that “top of the line” flavor to the new break room for the employees as well.  Oh, they enjoy the parties that their new bosses throw too.

I also grabbed this picture of Brookes Thomas, a Southwest blogger who will be at …

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Come Blog With Us!

Southwest Airlines has built its reputation doing things differently from its competitors  — from waiving baggage fees to keeping passengers entertained once they’re buckled up. A few years back, a Southwest Airlines attendant became a YouTube sensation just before take-off by delivering the predictable flight instructions as rap lyrics, while the packed cabin clapped and stomped to the beat.

As the low-cost carrier launches at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Sunday 2/12, we’re sending a team of bloggers for a two-day getaway to four of its nonstop destinations: Denver, Austin, Chicago, and Baltimore. And you’re invited to tag along – virtually, at least!

Our bloggers will take you on their journey as they:

  • share the insider’s view of what it’s like to be a Southwest Airlines employee;
  • discover the fun and unique aspects of flying with Southwest Airlines
  • explore new cities and destinations during their weekend get away; and
  • capture crazy moments and new …

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