Love was in the air today (and everyday) at Southwest Airlines

Happy Vday y’all.  I recently landed in Atlanta from my worldwind Southwest Airlines adventure to Austin, TX with the AJC.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts.  I’m glad that SWA flies to Austin from Atlanta now so that I can spend more time there.  Too much to do, see, and EAT in about 36 hours.

Luv at the Gate in Austin, TX

To sum up my thoughts on Southwest Airlines’ arrival in Atlanta… “Luv”. At least during this experience, “The Luv Airline” lived up to its name.  Now… I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t travel in time so I don’t know whether the love will continue.  I can’t predict whether all of the smiles and laughter that I experienced from all the employees of SWA will last.  What I can tell you is that , in the words of James Brown, they’ve started off on “the Good Foot”!

Overhead Bin Luv Flight from Austin, TX

I, and all of the passengers traveling from Austin today on SWA were greeted by a gate of hearts.  Hearts greeted us on the overhead bins (maybe because they are stuffed to the brim).  I also received a heart from …

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My celebrity encounter at Chicago Midway airport

Thanks to the speedy self check-in process at the Southwest Airlines counter, I was (quickly) on my way to go through the security line.  But this TSA experience would differ from the one I had in Atlanta.

I was struggling to keep up the screening pace, and not doing the greatest job.  I heard someone say behind me, “let me help you with that.”  I turned around to see a very attractive, and charismatic man standing behind me.  Not only did help me push my containers of electronics, outerwear, shoes, and a handbag onto the moving ramp, but he shared his recent “randomly selected” experience while flying out of New York last week.

Thankfully, I was not one of the “randomly selected” to get extra screening.  While hopping on one foot trying to put my shoes on and taking inventory of my electronics, a TSA agent asked him for an autograph.  Autograph?  The agent then informed me that this nice guy standing behind me was, Yankees baseball player, Curtis Granderson. And …

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Farewell, Denver…Maybe

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 10.06.06 AMI knew the time would come when I would have to say goodbye to this amazing city. I just hate that it came so soon, especially because it actually felt colder in Atlanta when I left on Sunday than it feels here. I could devote an entire post to the weather alone. Sigh…

Sadly, I will likely make the local news later, since law enforcement will probably have to drag me out of The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa against my will.

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 10.22.35 AMI’ve fallen in love with the city so much that I might not even mind an extended stay in the Denver County Jail after resisting arrest. Hopefully, they’ll let me Tweet, Facebook, and blog from my cell, because I have so much to share from my adventure. Stay tuned. And cross your fingers that the warden allows me to use my computer from slammer.

Denver Jail Colorado

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Too Much Baltimore to Talk About and Too Little Time

Hi everyone!  I’m packing up and about the head to the Airport.  I have so much to talk about from the second half of my day about Baltimore yesterday and not enough time to post it all before packing my stuff up.  Look for the continued adventures later today.

Here’s a preview of some of what is to come:

  • I’ll tell you about Max’s in Fell’s Point which is one of the best beer bars in the country.
  • There a whole bit about Federal Hill and finally eating some crab cakes!
  • The story of hanging out with my friends from Baltimore, Jordan and Christine, and their insider info on the city and some places to check out that I would not really call “touristy” ;)
  • Some wrap ups about Baltimore and the Southwest Experience.

See you then!

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Finally… some BBQ! Austin, TX signature food from Stubb’s

Stubb'sAs my trip comes to an end, it seems that I saved the best for last.  One thing that I wanted to experience was Austin’s good BBQ.  My dinner at Stubb’s was the perfect capstone.  Even though they were out of their Monday special, BBQ Beef Ribs (I was dissappointed about that), I did order the pork ribs with mac n cheese, and mashed sweet potatoes.  And I can’t forget the sweet tea.  SMH… talk about good.  I was in hog heaven.  Special thanks to Amanda Garcia, the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau for hanging out with me.

Stubb's BBQ Rib plate

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Austin TX is picture perfect

Austin TX_Picture Perfect 1Austin TX Picture Perfect 2Part of Austin’s appeal to me (other than the food of course – ha) is the kindness of its residents and the beauty of the city.  These are some shots I took today… just because.  Enjoy!

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Fell’s Point is Olde Towne with Hip Spots

Fell's PtFell’s Point is one of the older areas of Baltimore’s harbor area.  I spent a lot of my afternoon walking around there because I heard so many locals talking about it when I asked them about places to go in Baltimore.  I also had some of you guys suggest the area in the Comments earlier, so I decided to take you up on it!

This is a really cool part of town.  Note the cobblestone roads.  It is the first thing you’ll notice about the area., but this is in no way a mainly historic area.  Instead, you’ll see it is a popular hang out point for Baltimore’s, for lack of a better word, hipster crowd.  Don’t let that turn you off, though.  Baltimore’s hipsters are way more down to earth than what you normally think of when you hear that term.

Sal's counterI first stopped in the Broadway Market.  It is an old-style market that now host a series of restaurants in an open space.  Mostly, there is just bar seating.  It’s like you are in the kitchen with the restaurants.  There is a Korean …

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Southwest-Denver Boasts The Most Adorable Giant Skating Peach in History (Video)

Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 7.28.44 PM

Think about the last time you saw a skating peach. Now, think about the last time you saw a giant skating peach. I’ll wait.

Then, think about the last time you saw a reeaaaally cute giant skating peach. I’ll wait again. Now, I shall give you an assignment:

Look at my video of the figure skating peach that I spotted today at Southwest Rink at Skyline Park while giving out discounts and a chance to win a free flight. After you waste 57 seconds of your life watching my video, I’d like you to compare your giant skating peach to Southwest-Denver’s giant skating peach. Go ahead, take your time.

All done? Good. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can profess to know a cuter peach! NO. WAY. However, if you are delusional enough to think your skating peach is more adorable, please upload a photo (of your peach, not you…unless you are the peach), along with your checking account and routing numbers, and I will deposit no less than one trillion dollars into your account within 7 business …

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My Tragic Mistimed Visit to the American Visionary Art Museum and the Edgar Allan Poe Fiasco

AVAM ext This afternoon’s experience was weird to say the least.  It began as I went to visit the American Visionary Art Museum, a museum dedicated solely to the art of undiscovered artists.  I heard it was a real treasure of Baltimore and I was stoked to see it.  It was way more than I expected it to be.  Click on this thumbnail to the left to see the entryway in its full glory.  It is made entirely of broken mirrors, and, yes, the bus is too, and also yes, that is a motorcycle statue above the doorway.  On top of that, there is a tree made of mirror shards out front .  How freakin’ cool is this place?!  I walked up to the door filled with anticipation…

And, of course, it was closed on Mondays…  Fail on my part.

Here’s where my day took an interesting turn.  Baltimore is known as Edgar Allan Poe’s hangout back in the 1800’s.  I didn’t think I had time to visit any of the Poe stuff here because it is kind of off the beaten path, but now I had the time.  For a literature …

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I have a Sweet Tooth. Ah Lawd… Save Me!

Do you have a sweet tooth like me?

Big Top Candy Shop

If so, then you should stay far away from the Big Top Candy Shop on S Congress.  That way I can have MORE to myself!  LOL!  Just like the Flash Mob from the SWA terminal yesterday, they almost had to call “security!” on me up in the place.

Big Top Candy Shop Row

HA!  Seriously, all jokes aside, you will see from the pics that this candy shop on S Congress is any sweet tooth’s dream.I saw all of the new and old candies there.  From Jelly Belly jellybeans to Maple Nut Goodies; from Laffy Taffy to Bitter Honey; from giant jawbreakers to Jonny Appleseed candy.

Big Top Candy Shop - Chocolate and more!

They also had fudge, chocolate and even turtles.  It was all there!

BT Candy Shop - Blue Bell StandTo add insult to injury, they actually included a Blue Bell ice cream counter with assorted flavors.

Can someone call SWA and tell them to send a plane for me?  I need the extra room for all the candy I’m bringing back to the A.  Good thing that bags fly free!  I’m loaded up!

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