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My Only Complaint About Denver

As you’ve probably guessed, my only complaint about Mile High City isn’t a real complaint at all:

There is just too much beauty and entertainment in Denver. Ugh!

Although I feel like I covered quite a bit of ground this time around, when I return in April, I will take at least four days to:

  • Tour a measly quarter billion dollars of new museums including the Clyfford Still Museum (opened Nov. 2011) and the interactive History Colorado Center (opening April, 2012)
  • Get a sneak preview of the world’s largest elephant habitat, opening in the Denver Zoo in June. Elephants hold a special place in my heart, so April can’t get here soon enough! My sorority sisters might be a little envious, but I’ll make sure to tell them all about it!
  • Be a very, very fancy person at the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit (direct from Paris and Madrid) in its only USA showing at the Denver Art Museum.
  • Hike the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre and bike on Denver’s B-cycle bike sharing program (the first …

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A Pleasant Flight Home

I truly enjoyed my return flight from Denver today. Although Southwest’s exceptional service and fun Valentine’s Day decorations contributed to my enjoyment, little Sarah Breeden and her mommy, Christina Breeden of San Diego, California, also put a smile on my face.

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 9.26.13 PM

Today was Sarah’s first flight, which she seemed to enjoy, at least until she dozed off about halfway through.

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 9.26.45 PM

While in Atlanta, Sarah will meet her cousin, who was born on the same day, for the first time. I wonder if Southwest can promise that all flights with infants and toddlers will be this pleasant. I don’t think that’s asking too much at all.

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 9.23.40 PM

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Farewell, Denver…Maybe

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 10.06.06 AMI knew the time would come when I would have to say goodbye to this amazing city. I just hate that it came so soon, especially because it actually felt colder in Atlanta when I left on Sunday than it feels here. I could devote an entire post to the weather alone. Sigh…

Sadly, I will likely make the local news later, since law enforcement will probably have to drag me out of The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa against my will.

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 10.22.35 AMI’ve fallen in love with the city so much that I might not even mind an extended stay in the Denver County Jail after resisting arrest. Hopefully, they’ll let me Tweet, Facebook, and blog from my cell, because I have so much to share from my adventure. Stay tuned. And cross your fingers that the warden allows me to use my computer from slammer.

Denver Jail Colorado

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Southwest-Denver Boasts The Most Adorable Giant Skating Peach in History (Video)

Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 7.28.44 PM

Think about the last time you saw a skating peach. Now, think about the last time you saw a giant skating peach. I’ll wait.

Then, think about the last time you saw a reeaaaally cute giant skating peach. I’ll wait again. Now, I shall give you an assignment:

Look at my video of the figure skating peach that I spotted today at Southwest Rink at Skyline Park while giving out discounts and a chance to win a free flight. After you waste 57 seconds of your life watching my video, I’d like you to compare your giant skating peach to Southwest-Denver’s giant skating peach. Go ahead, take your time.

All done? Good. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can profess to know a cuter peach! NO. WAY. However, if you are delusional enough to think your skating peach is more adorable, please upload a photo (of your peach, not you…unless you are the peach), along with your checking account and routing numbers, and I will deposit no less than one trillion dollars into your account within 7 business …

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Coo-Coo for Cupcakes in Denver

166991_10100219872690387_22610017_43436303_1020235253_nAfter I finish hanging out with a giant peach in an undisclosed location, I plan to head to the Denver Art Museum. Although I am excited about viewing the most comprehensive body of objects from the African continent in the Rocky mountain region, and Garry Winogrand’s Women are Beautiful exhibit, I can’t seem to suppress the urge to hunt down Denver’s best cupcake! Everyone who knows me knows that I think being blessed with the perfect cream cheese icing is just cause to Tebow (as you can see).

Locals are telling me to consider Bliss, Gigi’s, The Big Fat Cupcake, and The Denver Cupcake Truck. If you’re a fellow lover of fatty, sugary things, and you know where to go in Denver, please feel free to share your recommendations!

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10 Unique Facts About Denver


Thanks to Deborah Park, Associate Director of Communications at the Denver Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, I’m learning some interesting facts about what makes Denver unique. Keep reading to see why you must visit soon!

The weather is great! Denver has 300 days of annual sunshine and receives only 14 inches of precipitation a year—about the same as Los Angeles.

Metro Denver collects more for the arts on a per capita basis than any other city. The seven-county Denver metro area has a self-imposed 10th of a cent sales tax for the arts that raises more than $40 million a year, which is distributed to 300 arts organizations and facilities. Denver has currently added art museums including the Denver Art Museum’s astonishing new Hamilton Building, designed by world famous architect Daniel Libeskind, and the new Museum of Contemporary Art designed by David Adjaye.

The Denver Performing Arts Complex is huge! Literally. The complex, which is the second largest in the country, covers …

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Southwest Airlines Atlanta Flashmob: A Front Row Seat (Video)

Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 8.37.50 AMWhile some people like front row seats to fancy concerts, I prefer front row seats to street performances. So when the Southwest Airlines Employee Flash Mob busted a move in Terminal C of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport just before I boarded my plane to Denver, I made my way to the middle of the madness! Complete with disco lights and Jermaine Dupri’s Welcome to Atlanta, I had to remind myself that I was there to capture the moment and not to breakdance all over Terminal C. It was refreshing to see men and women from such a broad range of backgrounds come together for some light-hearted fun. If you’re wondering who choreographed these smooth moves, you should have already guessed by now —a Southwest employee! You’ll have a chance to meet master choreographer, Nikki when you watch the video.

WARNING: If you’re watching from your office, I suggest that you staple and tape yourself to your seat, because you WILL want to dance. I promise.

Join in on the fun and …

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Southwest Communications Specialist Talks About Today’s Press Conference

Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 8.12.28 AMBefore leaving for Denver yesterday, I had the opportunity to hangout with Olga Romero, a Southwest Airlines Communications Specialist. In addition to making sure yesterday’s inaugural events went smoothly, Olga also told me that she was responsible for planning today’s 1pm press conference during which the airline will officially announce its new service to Atlanta. The press conference will be held in the Atrium of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. According to Romero, Governor Nathan Deal, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, and Southwest Airlines President and CEO, Garry Kelly will attend the press conference.

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Hello from Denver! (Video)

I finally made it to Denver after an awesome flight on Southwest Airlines! Come hang out with me at The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa! Click to watch!

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Top 10 Things Southwest Customers Say (or at Least Stuff I Said this Morning)

Erin10. What do you mean no baggage fees? That’s insane!
9. This boarding process is waaaay too easy dude.
8. These people must really like their jobs. They’re like happy and stuff. Weird.
7. So I hear your flight attendants are better rappers than Drake.
6. This is the coolest “inauguration weekend” ever…well next to President Obama’s…his was really cold.
5. No change fees? Am I on candid camera? Get. Out. Of. Here. Seriously.
4. Did I just become royalty? Because somebody just handed me coffee and a bagel.
3. The lady at the ticket counter is secretly my Grandma Shirley. ONLY family treats you that nicely and doesn’t want anything in return.
2. Wait, so I get to fly straight to Denver for this price? I’m getting emotional.
1. I think Southwest Airlines just increased my quality of life.

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