Southwest Airlines Feels the LUV on Valentine’s Day, and So Do I

SW Vday TicketSW Vday hearts

They do!

They do!

As I enter Baltimore Airport’s Southwest Airlines Terminal, I saw that they had Valentine’s Day in full effect!  Check out the ticket counter and even in the airplane!  Again, it is another way in which Southwest is different from other airlines.  They also did some special stuff on the flight this time – more on that later.

Anyway, it is hard to not feel the love (or LUV) in this kind of atmosphere and it made me want to make sure that I also spread the love today.  So, here it goes:

Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend Elissa.  I am one lucky guy to be with a woman as amazing as you are.


Me :)

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February 15th, 2012
7:31 am

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