Max’s Taphouse and Ryleigh’s Oyster in Baltimore Bring the Goods

Max's ext

Max’s Taphouse in Fell’s Point is beer snob heaven sans the snobbery.  This place is arguably the go-to beer destination for any beer lover visiting Baltimore.  It was recommended to me by some of the commenters here as well as by a number of locals (including bartenders at other pubs!).  And despite its reputation as a beer connoisseur paradise, Max’s has a very laid back feel.

The core of this place is its 102 beers on tap and the longest bottle list I have ever seen.  The bartender, Mike, a living beer encyclopedia, could tell me anything I needed to know about all the choices.  And for all you beer snobs out there, every President’s Day Weekend, Max’s hold a Belgian Beerfest that they take weeks to prep and stock for.  They have 100 Belgians on tap and over 200 bottles.  It is no joke.  Oh if I could stay for 5 more days!

Federal Hill is one of the older neighborhoods of Baltimore and is a food and nightlife hotspot.  It is undeniably Baltimorian.  Once I got there, I headed  to Ryleigh’s Oysters for some of that famous Maryland seafood.  Obviously, I had to get some oysters, so I started with grilled oysters in tomato butter.  I’ve never had a grilled oyster before, and I am sold on it now.

raw oysters

I also had to have a round of raw oysters, which were cold, briny oyster goodness.  After the oyster preface, I dove into the pride of Baltimore, crab.  Unfortunately, it is not crab season, but that didn’t stop Me.  I had two Baltimore favorites, crab cakes and crab pretzels (yep, that’s no typo).  They were both crab-tastic and must-gets when you visit the city.

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Alexander D. Mitchell IV

February 14th, 2012
10:12 pm

Welcome to Bawlamer, Hon! Glad you found your way to Max’s. If you seek out more info, try my blog, (shameless plug). Right now, Max’s is selling some world-class bottled beers CHEAP to make room for the upcoming Belgians (well, relatively cheap–$3.50 a 12-ounce bottle and $5-10 a big bottle)….

Angela Walker

February 14th, 2012
4:06 pm

Lucky….I love good craft beers, and this place sounds awesome. Thanks for article, I will bookmark this article and make sure I hit this place the next time I am there.