I have a Sweet Tooth. Ah Lawd… Save Me!

Do you have a sweet tooth like me?

Big Top Candy Shop

If so, then you should stay far away from the Big Top Candy Shop on S Congress.  That way I can have MORE to myself!  LOL!  Just like the Flash Mob from the SWA terminal yesterday, they almost had to call “security!” on me up in the place.

Big Top Candy Shop Row

HA!  Seriously, all jokes aside, you will see from the pics that this candy shop on S Congress is any sweet tooth’s dream.I saw all of the new and old candies there.  From Jelly Belly jellybeans to Maple Nut Goodies; from Laffy Taffy to Bitter Honey; from giant jawbreakers to Jonny Appleseed candy.

Big Top Candy Shop - Chocolate and more!

They also had fudge, chocolate and even turtles.  It was all there!

BT Candy Shop - Blue Bell StandTo add insult to injury, they actually included a Blue Bell ice cream counter with assorted flavors.

Can someone call SWA and tell them to send a plane for me?  I need the extra room for all the candy I’m bringing back to the A.  Good thing that bags fly free!  I’m loaded up!

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