Fell’s Point is Olde Towne with Hip Spots

Fell's PtFell’s Point is one of the older areas of Baltimore’s harbor area.  I spent a lot of my afternoon walking around there because I heard so many locals talking about it when I asked them about places to go in Baltimore.  I also had some of you guys suggest the area in the Comments earlier, so I decided to take you up on it!

This is a really cool part of town.  Note the cobblestone roads.  It is the first thing you’ll notice about the area., but this is in no way a mainly historic area.  Instead, you’ll see it is a popular hang out point for Baltimore’s, for lack of a better word, hipster crowd.  Don’t let that turn you off, though.  Baltimore’s hipsters are way more down to earth than what you normally think of when you hear that term.

Sal's counterI first stopped in the Broadway Market.  It is an old-style market that now host a series of restaurants in an open space.  Mostly, there is just bar seating.  It’s like you are in the kitchen with the restaurants.  There is a Korean Fusion Place, a European Deli, a Burger Joint, and Sal’s Seafood.  Since we don’t have a whole lot of seafood in the ATL, I went up to Sal’s “counter.”  Well, it’s less of a counter and more a display of fresh fish on ice.  See for yourself in the pic.  I had a Fish Taco Wrap and fried smelt, which is basically the fish equivalent of french fries.  It was all pretty tasty.

Another place of note was the Sound Garden.  This was a huge new and used music store.  I could be consider a bit snobbish when it comes to music, so I went inside and saw if they had 4 rare albums I would want.  They had 3, which is actually pretty impressive.Sound Garden ext

Right outside of Sound Garden, I ran into a guy who asked me outright if I like Spoken Word poetry and hip hop.  Don’t laugh, but I actually wrote my thesis on it.  Needless to say, we talked for a while on the street.  He really represented the friendly nature of the people I’m running into here in Baltimore.  Also, he had a small part in The Wire, which is cool cuz I love that show.  Anyway, check out Urn-Raunchi, he’s a cool guy trying to show the intellectual side of Baltimore hip hop.

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