The air up there

Southwest Airlines Atlanta Flight As a Southwest Airlines virgin, I was unaware of the boarding process, and like its employees is a bit off in a good way. Those that put an emphasis on the importance of status or achieving a certain level of miles, may need to seek a new clubhouse.

Because, I have never flown Southwest, I was accustomed to looking at my seat number and row assignment. Instead, my boarding pass read, 41. Yup, just 41. WTH does that mean?

It means that you line up in one of two lines: A 1-30 or A 31-60. If this still bothers some passengers, you can pop for the business select fare. Basically, you still get to cut in line, get a free cocktail, extra rapids rewards points, and avoid waiting in line with the masses. However, you will still not get a hot towel.

I am not one of those people, (not judging) so the strange and randomly assigned number did not bother me in the slightest. But hey, I get it..we all want to feel a bit more important, and waiting in a long line sucks.

However, the boarding process did seem to move along, but then again I am usually the one screaming for the flight to be held, food in one hand and a kid in the other.

The seats are coach seats, nothing spectacular, but ample and comfortable. Although, I must confess that I was not on a full flight, traveling sans kids, and got to put all my crap in empty seat next to me. Additionally, the guy sitting behind me had no decision-making issues about whether or not the tray table should be up or down.

One dissapointment is the lack of any onboard entertainment. This applies to in-flight movies or trivia. Which for some, may be a bit of a drawback. But, they DID have Wi-Fi available for $5, and I got to continue the fourteen Words with Friends games that I had going.

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