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Top 5 Cool Things about the Southwest Airlines Experience

5. Passengers not crowding the gateway to jock for position.  Less tension is apparent.

4. Everyone is treated like a VIP.

3. Fun with a touch of “swag-goo”.  The laid-back attitude takes the edge off

2. Ticket Agents with a SMILE

1. No more overstuffed overhead bins.  I can keep a few dollars to spend!

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A Southwest Employee in his own words (VIDEO)

Alex Scott, Ramp Supervisor transferred to Atlanta from Baltimore with Southwest Airlines.  He’s been with SWA for 8 years.  He didn’t join SWA because of the company culture but he quickly became one of the airlines biggest proponents of the culture that Gary Kelly has created.  “We want to greet every customer with a smile, and treat them like royalty.”  This isn’t just for today, or the fact that we are launching in Atlanta.  This is how we are all the time and in every city.

Fun loving attitude, showing the “Warrior” spirit (and no… I didn’t make this up I promise!), and a servicing heart!  This is Alex’s mantra and what he brings to work everyday… in his own words.

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Hello from Denver! (Video)

I finally made it to Denver after an awesome flight on Southwest Airlines! Come hang out with me at The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa! Click to watch!

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An Ode to Southwest

Screen Shot 2012-02-12 at 3.51.20 PM

An Ode to Southwest

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
Well, I don’t feel like counting,
but I WILL tell you why I’m so amazed.

Your flight attendants are as sweet
as peach sorbet on a summer’s day.
And your bathrooms smell like a spring garden,
instead of a stall in a public place.

What IS that? AirWick, Febreeze, Arm & Hammer, or Glade?
Or do you just bottle your staff’s personalities, shake ‘em around, and spray?

I swear I’ve never known a love like this before.
I hate to leave the airlines I once loved,
but you offer so much more.

My tummy has a funny feeling-
Some call it butterflies.
Well, it must be love
because there was zero turbulence
when I rode you in the skies.

Clearly, I don’t mind wearing my emotions on my sleeve.
I just hope that I can be as good to you
as you have been to me.
Forever yours,

Screen Shot 2012-02-12 at 3.51.40 PM

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The InterContinental Harbor Court Baltimore Makes Me Feel Fancy


The first thing I saw

When I told my cab driver to take me to the InterContinental, he said that Baltimore’s Visitor’s Bureau really must like me to put me up here.  No kidding.  I was in a hooded sweatshirt, a cheap beanie, and clearly sleep-deprived when I walked into this lobby.  One look at this staircase and I knew I had to clean up fast.

The woman up front and the man who helped me with my bag where completely nice about my homliness and made me feel more than welcome.  Honestly, I will say that so far I don’t feel out of place here, even though I clearly have never stayed in a 5 star hotel before.  Everything from the marble in the lobby to the furniture in my room is without a doubt fancy, but is also not pretentious in a way that makes me feel like I can’t touch anything.

For example, check out the bed in my room.  It definitely is giving off the come-sleep-on-me-you-have-never-been-in-a-bed-this-nice-ever kind of vibe.  However, beyond this comfy look, it …

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Exclusive Access to Southwest Airlines’ during ATL Launch (VIDEO)

Check out this video of me with my Southwest Airlines escort Alex Scott, and AJC folks as I venture where no blogger has gone before.  It’s real and exclusive.  Ready to see “where the magic goes down”?  Let’s go…

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Clark Howard sighting…

A Southwest tweeter shared a photo of Atlanta consumer guru Clark Howard arriving on Southwest’s first flight into Atlanta.

Note to folks who are on Twitter and riding Southwest today:  use the #AtlantaAtLast hash tag.

Update: Clark Howard was featured in one of our videos posted this evening.

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Safety 1st at Southwest Airlines

Safety Banner in the SWA Atlanta locationJust like the banner says, safety is truly 1st with the 80-90 employees who have all signed the banner that hangs in the hallway of the hub of the Atlanta based operations for Southwest Airlines.  According to my SWA partner today, Ramp Supervisor Alex Scott, the 1st signature on the banner started with the sig of their beloved SWA CEO Gary Kelly’s.  BTW… everyone I speak to refer to him as “Gary”.  This says a lot about their relaxed and friendly culture.  I’m starting to learn that the tone of the company and it’s “Luv” culture is set by him. Safety is the 1st priority!  Alex and the rest of the employees plan to bring that spirit to Atlanta.

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An Exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes view of the Ramp and Operations

Alex Scott and Winston Warrior - Behind the ScenesSo, part of this blog gig came with being paired up with a SWA employee responsible for providing me with a behind-the-scenes view of the brand new operation.  I’m not sure about my other blogger fam, but I KNOW that I got the ultimate hook-up by being paired with Southwest Airlines’ Ramp Supervisor, Alex Scott.  Despite all the chaos and craziness of opening a new hub, my man Alex was mad cool, calm, and collected.  He didn’t make me feel like the “VIP that corporate said act nice to”.  On the contrary, he was really down to earth.  I felt like one of the fellas, and almost like I could be a SWA employee.  It didn’t feel like a “put-on” which I respected.

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Now Arriving in Baltimore: Top 5 Cool Things I Noticed on My Flight

I arrived smoothly at Baltimore/Washington International Airport right on time.  What else could you ask for from a flight?  Well, I’ll tell you… in a top 5 list just like you wanted!

5.  The Southwest Airlines Employees cheered the arrivals in Atlanta.  There were hugs, high fives, a crowd… got to love that celebrity treatment.

4.  No assigned seating.  I know all us bloggers are mentioning this, but it is a really cool thing.  Gone is the First Class walk of shame, and in place is seat selection.  I got a window seat next to a really nice lady and it was just an unspoken rule to have a buffer seat between us.  No more knocking knees in the middle seat!

3.  LIFT Coffee.  Southwest’s online coffee is called LIFT coffee, and before you skip over this one, the coffee is at #3 for a reason.  In the Inflight Menu, it explains that Southwest Airlines donates money to the Guatemala Light …

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