Coffee, Peanuts, Water, or Tea? All with no need to watch your Knees

Even the plane seats have "Luv"

Here’s just a small tidbit that I noticed during my flight that made a big impression on me.  While I didn’t have a flight attendant rap or sing the safety features, I did have a flight crew that was just as cool.  They had a levity about them that can be hit or miss on other flights I’ve been on.  After we reached our cruising altitude, the flight attendants took our drink order.  Once they took the orders, they came back with the drinks in trays.  So guess what that meant?  You got it.  No busted knees or elbows from the dreaded cart coming down the aisle, or being interrupting from your power nap by the usually, “Watch your knees and elbows please”.  It’s a small pleasure but one I appreciated!  It won’t be physically possible for the flight attendants to do this once SWA incorporates larger planes into their flight; but for now, and on the smaller planes, you can look forward to one less knee brace to buy.  Ha!

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