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The 2012 Southwest Pie Eating Champion of The World (Video)

Somebody hand Mr. Clint Boswell a sash and a crown because we have officially named him the 2012 Southwest Airlines Peach Pie Eating Champion of the World! Watch for yourself!

Southwest Airlines Pie Eating Champion

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Earlier today…

Here’s what the scene was like at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as Southwest Airlines prepared for its first regular service flights that begin tomorrow.

AJC reporter Kelly Yamanouchi has been writing about the airline’s debut in Atlanta. Read her latest story, plus a Q&A for passengers

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A Note About the Peach Pie Eating Competition at Der Biergarten

I came.  I saw.  I ate a peach pie way too fast… (see posts above).

Recouping.  Be back in a few.

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Southwest Employees, New and Old, Bonding at Der Biergarten

The pub crawl continues!  I followed the Southwest party to Der Biergarten and got in line for beer and their entry to the food competition, the German Jambalaya.  It was very tasty, just like the Southwest egg roll at Stats.

Before this, though, my experience started with Lajuana Owens and Kevin Sullivan, the ringmasters of this stage of the party.  I chatted them up for a second and found that the Southwest’s employees love for their company continues and it runs deep.  Lajuana is also a 12-year AirTran veteran who is only a couple of months in to her Southwest employee status.  Kevin is a 10-year vet of the main office back in Dallas, but they are peas in a pod in more way than one.  Not only do they share the lead table in the line of goodies at Der Biergarten, they also are enthusiastic volunteers for this event.  When I asked them what they think is most unique about the Southwest employee experience, they both said that Southwest is all about giving back (hence …

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Southwest Block Party: Three Peaches to the Wind

Southwest Airline Block Party Fellow AJC blogger, Clint Boswell takes part in the peach pie eating contest during Southwest Airlines’ Block Party in Atlanta. Yeah, he won. That gal in the peach costume seems a bit too happy that someone is eating peaches next to her…

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Southwest Employees enjoying Stats Sports Bar

I’m here at the Southwest Block Party in downtown Atlanta starting at Stats sports bar talking with some new Southwest employees.  Overall, I am finding that Southwest seems to take care of not only their customers, but their employees too.  Antonio Blue, an employee with AirTran for 6 years, said that he loved the “employee first… family atmosphere” that Southwest brought to the workplace.  Lamoyne Hines got me interested in my flight to Baltimore tomorrow.  He said one noticeable change I should expect is the “top of the line” new gate entrances in Hartsfield.  I’m particularly excited about all the new outlets Lamoyne said the new gates will have (it’s the little things in life that make me happy).  Southwest apparently brought that “top of the line” flavor to the new break room for the employees as well.  Oh, they enjoy the parties that their new bosses throw too.

I also grabbed this picture of Brookes Thomas, a Southwest blogger who will be at …

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Southwest Block Party: The Boomerang Effect

It’s been a very fun and interesting evening hanging with Southwest’s finest. Tonight is the Block Party that kicks off Southwest’s service out of Atlanta starting bright and way too early tomorrow morning. And according to its employees, it wouldn’t be Southwest without a party to celebrate…well, anything.

Not being the shy type, I made a bee line for a group of gals enjoying the local brew, Sweetwater 420. In the background, live Jazz music is dancing around a familiar pop tune.

Jane Collette was more than happy to let me pick her brain about working at Southwest. Turns out, Jane is a twenty-four-year veteran. Interestingly, Jane enjoyed working at Southwest soo much that after reaching her 20-year milestone, she decided to retire only to return a couple of years later. “It’s the Southwest boomerang effect,” said Jane. HUH? Jane went on to explain that many Southwest employees are sucked back into working here after leaving. I tried very hard from that moment …

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Did someone see Tebow at the Block Party?

Fun is in the air at the Southwest Airlines block party!

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It’s Officially Going Down!

photoI’m hanging out at Stats Sports bar in downtown Atlanta where the block party for the launch of Southwest Airlines is officially going down! The Sweetwater is flowing and the smiles are growing as I’ve already begun to mix and mingle with some very cool Southwest employees and guests. I spoke with Renea Hendricks, a ramp agent, who was super excited about the launch, and about “working for a company that not only provides excellent customer service, but does a lot of community service and knows how to have fun.” From free flight giveaways to sounds of Etta James’s At Last in the background, the air is full of Atlanta’s magic. Now, on to the next spot—Der Biergarten!

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Signs of change


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