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Come Blog With Us!

Southwest Airlines has built its reputation doing things differently from its competitors  — from waiving baggage fees to keeping passengers entertained once they’re buckled up. A few years back, a Southwest Airlines attendant became a YouTube sensation just before take-off by delivering the predictable flight instructions as rap lyrics, while the packed cabin clapped and stomped to the beat.

As the low-cost carrier launches at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Sunday 2/12, we’re sending a team of bloggers for a two-day getaway to four of its nonstop destinations: Denver, Austin, Chicago, and Baltimore. And you’re invited to tag along – virtually, at least!

Our bloggers will take you on their journey as they:

  • share the insider’s view of what it’s like to be a Southwest Airlines employee;
  • discover the fun and unique aspects of flying with Southwest Airlines
  • explore new cities and destinations during their weekend get away; and
  • capture crazy moments and new experiences …

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