Is my pharmacist also a travel agent?


With summer fast approaching and your vacation of a lifetime in the near future, Kroger Pharmacy is a destination you should make sure to visit before getting on the boat, plane or packing up the car. The team of Kroger Pharmacists is a valuable resource to assist you with selecting the appropriate sunscreen and/or insect repellant you will need for your upcoming adventure. Pharmacists can also help with recommending over the counter medications which will treat nausea/vomiting and traveler’s diarrhea. Depending on where you are headed, you may also be in need of specific vaccinations that are recommended for the area of the globe you will be visiting. Pharmacists are able to work with your health care provider to determine the vaccines needed and can also administer the immunizations with a prescription from a physician. For great travel recommendations and tips, visit This website is an incredible tool to assist with planning and preparation for your summer holiday. Even though your Kroger Pharmacist isn’t booking your travel plans, they can assist with making sure you remain healthy and are prepared if medical emergencies occur during travel. Your Pharmacist can serve as your health travel agent. Safe travels during these summer months from Kroger Pharmacy!

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