Are your seasonal allergies getting the best of you?

All of us are so excited that the temperatures are finally warming up from the dreadfully cold winter we all just went through. With the increasing temperatures, Mother Nature awakens and all of the beautiful flowers, grasses, plants and trees begin to bloom. It is truly lovely outside, but looking out my window I not only see brilliant colors of flowers, I see the haze of pollen everywhere. I have been experiencing sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, and some congestion for the past few weeks. I am not alone in these symptoms as most people in Atlanta and throughout the south are experiencing them currently.LizaChapman_Kroger_Pharmacy
So, what is the best way to treat these symptoms we are having? At your Kroger pharmacy, there are many over the counter items available to you that will help eliminate your seasonal allergies. The over the counter items range from antihistamines, decongestants, cough aids, and nasal sprays. Many of these products previously required a physician’s order and are now available without a prescription. Your Kroger pharmacist is available to help you with the product selection based on the symptoms. Make sure you notify the pharmacist of any health conditions or other medications you are taking. The pharmacist will insure there are no drug interactions or contraindications with your health conditions. If your symptoms aren’t resolved after using the over counter medications for a period of time then you will want to follow-up with your physician. Your Kroger pharmacist is here to help and not let allergies get the best of you this spring.

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