Even though it is February, is it too late for me to receive a flu shot?

One might think that it is too late to receive a flu shot this year since doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have been administering vaccineLizaChapman_Kroger since the end of this past summer. To get to the point, it is not too late to receive your flu shot. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends anyone 6 months and over wishing to receive flu vaccine should do so until the supply of vaccine has been depleted. Flu vaccination is available most commonly as an injection, but there is also a nasal spray presentation for children and adults who meet the specific indications.
Anyone needing a flu vaccine should seek vaccination from their health care provider of choice. Vaccine is still available; it just may not be as easy to locate a dose as it was during the fall months. The best way to protect yourself and loved ones is to receive a flu vaccine. Remember, it takes about 2 weeks for the vaccine to provide benefits and protection. So the take home message is there is no time like the present to get your dose. The peak of flu season is just around the corner and you do not want to be caught off guard!

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